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How to track your kids’ live location with Wondershare FamiSafe


Wondershare FamiSafe helps you keep track of your kids.
Wondershare FamiSafe helps you keep track of your kids.
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This parental control app post is presented by Wondershare.

Do you know what your kids are doing right now? These days, parents typically keep a pretty close eye on their children’s whereabouts and activities. And technology can help you do an even better job of it, thanks to apps like Wondershare FamiSafe.

FamiSafe lets you control kids’ screen time, detect inappropriate content on their devices, and track their locations in real time. In this article, we’ll cover FamiSafe’s benefits with a focus on live location tracking. Because if you don’t know where they are, you can’t keep them safe.

AdGuard is an ad blocker, a VPN and a security app in one — and this deal makes it a steal!


Make your internet a safe place for $30.
This unbeatable deal gets you a lifetime subscription to AdGuard for just $30 -- with a bonus!
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AdGuard combines a potent ad blocker with the best privacy and security features of a virtual private network and a parental-control app. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the AdGuard Family Plan for only $30. Plus, to make this deal even sweeter, it comes with $20 in store credit to spend on other Cult of Mac Deals!

So, basically, 10 bucks for a lifetime of ad-free web browsing with additional privacy and security benefits (and $20 to spend on something else to make your life more joyful and carefree).

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9’s powerful solutions secure your Mac


Mac Premium Bundle X9 protects your computer from online threats with five apps.
Mac Premium Bundle X9 safeguards your precious computer.
Image: Intego

This Mac security post is presented by Intego.

Macs have a reputation for being less vulnerable than PCs to online threats like malware and viruses, but your machine is certainly not invulnerable. Far from it, actually. It can pay to invest in a suite of security apps like those in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 to protect your Mac from a variety of online threats.

How to lock your Netflix profile with a PIN


Netflix just added a bunch of new profile and parental controls.
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Netflix finally made it possible to keep your personal profile private from other people using your account with a new update today that lets users create individual pins.

The new feature is part of a larger update that improves on parental controls, allowing content to be filtered based on age and other criteria. If you have kids and don’t want them to have access to your profile and the content on it, or you just got a roommate who always messes up your “Continue Watching” queue, you’ll find the new pin feature to be extra useful.

Peek-a-View lets you safely limit the photos someone can see [Review]


Peek-a-View lets you limit a photo album to be view-only.
Peek-a-View lets you limit a photo album to be view-only.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

If you’ve ever found yourself showing other people pictures on your phone, you’ve probably also been trying to micromanage what they can and can’t see. And, if you’re a parent of a young kid, it’s likely that you’ve let your child look through a photo album on your device. In that case, you’ve certainly been worried about their ability to delete or accidentally modify an image.

There are ways to limit what a person — or child — can or can’t get to on your device through the Guided Access settings in iOS. But nothing is as simple as using a new iOS app called Peek-a-View to lock down your photos.

Feds quiz parental control app maker in Apple antitrust investigation


Mobicip created screen time limits before Apple did.
Photo: Mobicip

The U.S. Justice Department is reaching out to parental app control companies that may have been affected by Apple’s allegedly anti-competitive App Store practices.

Reuters reported this morning that Suren Ramasubbu, the chief executive developer of Mobicip, was interviewed by US investigators. Mobicip, which allows parents to control what kids access on their iPhones, was kicked out of the App Store last year because it failed to meet new app requirements.

Apple promises to fix big bug in iOS 13’s new parental controls feature


Communication Limits doesn't work as intended.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

iOS 13.3 dropped this week, bringing a brand-new parental controls feature called Communication Limits. But it comes with a serious flaw that allows kids to bypass any rules set by adults.

Apple says a workaround is available, and it is working on a fix that will be included in a future software update.

iOS 13.3 inches closer to launch with new beta


screen time management
iOS 13.3 brings new features to Screentime.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple developers received a fresh batch of new betas for the first time in over two weeks today with new builds of iOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3 and watchOS 6.1.1.

The new iOS 13.3 beta adds a bunch of new bug fixes and performance improvements to go with a couple new feature additions in Screentime for parents.

iOS 13.3 finally lets parents set limits on texting, FaceTime and more


Screen Time Communication Limits
Screen Time Communication Limits is a boon to digital parenting.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Parents will soon be able to limit when their children use an iPhone or iPad to talk to their friends, thanks to a long-awaited new Screen Time feature. Communication Limits were supposed to come earlier, they debuted in the first iOS 13.3 beta that launched today.