Manage Parental Controls For Your Kids’ Mac Remotely [OS X Tips]


Remote Parental Controls

Parental controls are a wonderful thing, letting you filter internet content, restrict your kids to certain apps, and even keep them from accessing the Mac during times they should be sleeping or doing homework.

Did you know, then, that you can manage the Parental Controls in OS X from another Mac on your network? This means that you can make changes and add or remove restrictions on the fly from your own Mac, rather than having to brave the bedroom of, say, a grumpy and smelly pre-teen daughter who might not be overjoyed to see you messing about on “her” computer. I mean, hypothetically.

Here’s how to set up your child’s Mac to be able to do this.

You’ll need to create an admin account on the remote Mac. You can use the same account you’re logged into your local Mac or not; it doesn’t matter. Just be sure you use an admin account with a password your kid doesn’t know.

Next, launch System Preferences on the remote Mac. This is the only part you’ll have to sit in front your child’s Mac for. Click on the Parental Controls icon, and then click the little lock in the lower left hand corner of the Parental Controls screen.

If you haven’t set up restrictions for your child’s Mac or OS X account, you can do so now.

Next, click on the little gear icon, located at the bottom of the User list. Then, select Allow Remote Setup. Click the lock to secure it all again.

Now, when you launch Parental Controls from your Mac on the same network, you’ll see your kiddo’s Mac, ready to go.

Via: For Dummies