Hissgate: iPhone 7 Plus emits strange noise when under heavy load


Does your iPhone 7 Plus hiss?
Does your iPhone 7 Plus hiss?
Photo: Apple

The first crisis to hit the iPhone 7 Plus is already here, and this time it could be a lot more annoying than Bendgate and Antennagate.

Some iPhone 7 Plus owners are reporting that Apple’s new devices emit a strange hissing noise when performing processor-intensive tasks. And no one is sure what’s causing it.

Hear it for yourself:

iPhone 7 faces Aussie surf test at Bondi Beach


iphone 7 surfing in australia
Is iPhone 7 the ultimate action cam?
Photo: SoBadSoGood.

Apple’s waterproofing on the iPhone 7 is looking worthy of the price to upgrade alone.

I can’t count how many iPhones I’ve destroyed over the last nine years during water accidents. But after watching the iPhone 7 take a surfing lesson at Australia’s beautiful Bondi Beach, it looks like Apple totally undersold just how water-resistant the new smartphone truly is.

Watch the iPhone 7 catch waves:

Tim Cook to talk iPhone 7 tomorrow on Good Morning America


"Yes, we got you by the balls."
Photo: Good Morning America

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to reassure Americans that the death of the headphone is a good thing for everyone, during an appearance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

Cook’s exclusive interview with Robin Roberts at a school in Harlem promises to be “wide-ranging,” covering everything from the iPhone 7 that will launch on Friday, as well as how Apple’s new AirPods fit in your ear.

“I have never personally had one fall out since I’ve been using it,” Tim said, revealing he runs on a treadmill with them. “They’re absolutely magical.”

Watch Tim gush about AirPods in the first teaser: