Tim Cook to talk iPhone 7 tomorrow on Good Morning America


"Yes, we got you by the balls."
Photo: Good Morning America

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to reassure Americans that the death of the headphone is a good thing for everyone, during an appearance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

Cook’s exclusive interview with Robin Roberts at a school in Harlem promises to be “wide-ranging,” covering everything from the iPhone 7 that will launch on Friday, as well as how Apple’s new AirPods fit in your ear.

“I have never personally had one fall out since I’ve been using it,” Tim said, revealing he runs on a treadmill with them. “They’re absolutely magical.”

Watch Tim gush about AirPods in the first teaser:

New Apple videos reveal the glories of iPhone 7, Apple Watch and more


iOS 10 camera iPhone 7 Plus
The iPhone 7 looks absolutely amazing.
Photo: Apple

Apple has posted the video of today’s surprising iPhone 7 keynote on its website, but if you’d rather just hit the highlights, you can now watch the ten new short videos and ads the company created.

The iPhone 7, AirPods, Apple Watch 2 and Apple Health all get serious screen time in Apple’s latest videos. The company even made a 107-second recap video summing up all the new features:

Watch them all below:

Apple’s spaceship campus is looking almost ready for liftoff


Apple's spaceship campus as it will eventually appear.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s still-unnamed “spaceship” campus won’t be completed until the end of this year, but it’s looking less and less like Tim Cook’s beautiful pile of dirt and more like a finished HQ every single day — as drone operator Matthew Roberts’ latest flyover video makes abundantly clear.

Check out the action below: