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How to rid your Mac of adware in a flash

How to rid your Mac of adware in a flash

As OS X becomes increasingly popular, it’s only natural that it becomes a bigger target for hackers, scammers and advertisers. We’re seeing a rise in complaints about adware programs built for OS X, which can take over your computer and prevent you from doing things like open up your browser. But don’t worry — it can be really easy to get rid of.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to remove all traces of adware from your Mac in less than two minutes using an excellent tool called AdwareMedic.

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Jurassic Parks and Recreation has Chris Pratt-falling with dinos

Please forgive the awful pun in the headline. Photo: Parks and Recreation

Please forgive the awful pun in the headline. Photo: NBC Universal

When we first saw the new Jurassic World trailers, we were stunned and excited. Then, after it sunk in that the actor that plays doofus Andy Dwyer on NBC’s hilarious Parks and Recreation would be fighting dinosaurs, we sort of imagined a mashup of the two.

Apparently, Thanks Mom Productions had a similar thought, as they’ve taken footage of Chris Pratt from both the movie trailers and the TV show and edited them together for a funny video that’s all kinds of awesome.

Check it out.

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Daredevil climbs 1,500 feet to change a light bulb

I can't even. Photo: PrairieAerial

I can’t even. Photo: PrairieAerial

Imagine walking five street blocks in a city like, say, New York. Then think about climbing that distance straight up.

That’s what Kevin Schmidt does for a living: changing the airplane warning lights at the top of super tall TV towers.

This drone from PrairieAerial caught the guy in action as he climed the now-defunct analog KDLT antenna in Salem, SD. Watch the whole thing as he grabs a vertigo-inducing selfie at the top.

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Granny mistakes piece of Christmas chocolate for an iPhone

Granny mistakes piece of Christmas chocolate for an iPhone

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had that experience of giving an older relative a gift of tech for the holidays, only for it to go unappreciated. In this absolutely priceless video, though, one family turns that situation on its head, tricking their very sweet grandmother into thinking she’s been given an iPhone she has absolutely no use for… until she discovers it’s made of chocolate!

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Video goes for lowbrow parody with ‘2014, You Are History!’

Shiny butts are super funny, right? Photo: Jib Jab

Shiny butts are super-funny, right? Photo: Jib Jab

If your idea of high comedy is waggling your hind parts at people with a smarmy smirk, Jib Jab’s new funny video is right up your, well, alley.

“2014, You Are History” is a celebrity character-filled musical video in which the biggest names of the year sing a parody song set to the melody of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Watch the video below and remind yourself of this silly year, including ice bucket challenges, hacked celebrity nudes and Kim Kardashian’s shiny hindquarters.

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Holiday cheer as hipsters get hit in face with snowballs

Wow, that looks cold. Photo: Exit 10

Wow, that looks cold. Photo: Exit 10

There’s nothing better than a snowball fight, unless its a snowball fight you can watch from the comfort of your couch and Macbook Pro.

Even better is a snowball (or two!) in the face of a bunch of adorable hipsters from Exit 10, a design studio in Baltimore that put together this ultra-slow-mo snowball massacre for you to enjoy.

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The world goes mad in new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer


Warner Bros. released the first theatrical trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road today, and while Mel Gibson is nowhere to be seen, George Miller’s post- apocalyptic world has only gotten more insane now that Tom Hardy has stepped into the role of Max.

I never saw the first movie and have no clue what’s going on in the trailer, but that’s not stopping me for getting ridiculously amped for this quasi-sequel that takes place in a world that’s run out of water, so the only sensible thing to do is worship steering wheels and smash weaponized-hotrods to bits while speeding through fire tornados.

The special effects and cinematography look absolutely insane and the supporting cast make us believe that watching the world of fire and blood destroy itself might be come with decent acting mixed in.

Watch the world go mad in the trailer below:

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This bacon looks so delicious you won’t believe it’s not real

Bacon is delicious, even if it's fake. Photo: Side Effects Software

Bacon is delicious, even if it’s fake. Photo: Side Effects Software

What does the bacon above have in common with The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Both were created with 3D animation software called Houdini by Toronto-based Side Effects Software.

The newest release is coming next month, and, as you can see in the stunning video below, it’s going to further revolutionize the world of 3D animation in movies, TV and video games.

Check the video out below, and try not to lick your screen when the bacon shows up.

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Role-reversing comic book video shows the truth about geeks

"Who got you into comics? Was it your mom, you sister? " Photo: Buzzfeed

“Who got you into comics? Was it your mom, you sister? ” Photo: Buzzfeed

“So, what do you cosplay as?” asks this geek girl in the comic book shop. “Slutty Hawkeye? Slutty Thor? Slutty Iron Man?”

The video below is one of those “funny because it’s true” situations, as many women who love superheroes and comics hear the same kinds of questions and face the same sort of dismissive candor from geeky men who can’t seem to realize that everyone loves comics and superhero movies.

Check it out and see how annoying it would be to face this kind of discrimination.

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Love is all you (and penguins) need, says John Lewis Christmas ad

All you need is love. Photo: John Lewis

All you need is love. Photo: John Lewis

Sometimes all a penguin needs is love, says the new Christmas ad from British department store John Lewis.

There’s a young boy with a real penguin. The penguin, named Monty, loves playing with the boy: swimming, sledding, building with Legos. but there’s one thing the boy cannot provide for poor Monty, and that’s a life mate.

Watch the full ad below and be sure to stick around for a delightful Calvin & Hobbesian moment at the end.

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