Lego mechanical keyboard is an awesome way to brick your Mac


Lego keyboard
Yes, it actually works.
Photo: JK Brickworks

If you love Legos and the clicky feeling of using a mechanical keyboard then prepare to meet the keyboard of your dreams.

Lego master builder Jason Allemann revealed his latest creation today that transforms an old school mechanical keyboard into a fully customizable Lego creation. The Lego keyboard uses a Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid keyboard as a base and replaces the frame and keys using 3D printed Cherry MX Lego compatible keycaps.

Take a closer look:

DropStream: Drag-and-drop movie streaming for Apple TV


Apple TV Siri Remote
DropStream streams any video or audio straight to Apple TV.
Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

You can snap photos of your iPhone, edit them on your iPad, and view them on your giant-screen iMac, with everything almost instantaneously in sync. But what if you have a video clip that you want to watch on your Apple TV? Oh man, maybe it’s best not to even ask. Now, though, there’s an app that lets you do just that: DropStream.

DropStream’s function is right there in its name. You drop a movie onto its Mac window, and the movie starts playing on your Apple TV (or Chromecast). You don’t have to convert it to the right format, or add it to iTunes, or anything like that. It just, as they say, works.

YouTube is adding Snapchat-like stories for creators


Softorino YouTube Converter 3 makes quick work of videos.
Some big changes are coming to YouTube.
Photo: CC

Stories, the short-video format popularized by Snapchat, is making its way to YouTube.

Everyone from Instagram to Facebook Messenger has already copied Snapchat’s popular, so it should be little surprise that YouTube has decided to get in on the action too. The video platform revealed to creators today that it’s working on a new feature called “Reels” that is a lot like Stores. Only it comes with some major differences.

Today in Apple history: QuickTime 5 takes the world by storm


QuickTime 5 was being downloaded 1 million times every three days.
QuickTime 5 was being downloaded 1 million times every three days.
Photo: Apple

Nov. 28: Today in Apple history: QuickTime 5November 28, 2001: Apple says QuickTime 5 is being downloaded for Mac and PC a million times every three days, putting the software on track to exceed 100 million downloads in its first year of distribution.

The announcement comes as more and more websites adopt the MPEG-4 format for streaming videos, which is just starting to take off in a big way. In a pre-YouTube world, Apple has everything to gain!

AirPods are the key to romance in Apple’s holiday ad


Apple wants you to give the gift of music this holiday season.
Photo: Apple

The first big Apple ad of the holiday season is here just in time for Thanksgiving.

Apple published its holiday ad “Sway” to Youtube today. The whimsical ad features a winter holiday cityscape that transforms into something magical as a couple dance through it. Of course, they’re rocking AirPods and the iPhone X the entire time.

Check it out:

Why the iPhone X needs its notch


iPhone X notch
The "notch" is not a problem.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Ever since Apple unveiled the iPhone X, naysayers have been complaining about “the notch.” But in today’s video, I’m going to do my best to convince you that the controversial cutout at the top of the iPhone X screen is totally not an issue.

Here’s why I think the iPhone X actually needs the notch.

iPhone X goes super-tiny in new concept designs


iPhone XS
Which iPhone would you choose?
Photo: Curved

Tiny iPhones could make a big comeback in the near future if Apple ever decides to bring the iPhone X display to an iPhone SE-sized device.

It’s only a matter of time before the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X makes its way to all of Apple’s other iPhones and based on some new concept mockups, we can’t wait to see it on the smaller iPhone SE body.

Prepare to drool: