Gorgeous concept video shows off beautiful iPhone XC colors


iPhone XR concept video
This might be the most colorful iPhone lineup ever.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

There’s less than 24 hours to go until Apple’s official trailers for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC are available for the masses to view. Until then, this concept trailer is the next best thing.

Showcasing the five gorgeous color options the iPhone XC is expected to come in, the concept ad created by Gunho Lee will have you salivating with lust for the 2018 iPhone lineup. The only hard decision to make will be which color do you want?


Instagram tests user tagging feature in videos


Hopefully it won't be long before it rolls out for all users.
Photo: Pixabay

Instagram is testing a new feature which lets users tag their friends in video posts, instead of simply still photos. The feature is currently being trialled with a small number of users, although hopefully it won’t be too long before it rolls out to everyone.

The feature works in a similar way to tagging photos, only that instead of overlaying tags on top of the content, there is a page titled “People in this Video” that shows everyone in a video.

Apple’s video empire could rival Netflix by 2025


apple tv
Apple might combine video and music into one subscription.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s video offerings could soon rival the biggest streaming service in the game, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley.

Katy Huberty, who has a reputation as one of the best Apple analysts in the industry, thinks video services will be a huge driver of growth for Apple over the next few years. The company’s potential is so huge that Huberty predicts it will rival Netflix by 2025.

Verizon 5G package will include 4K Apple TV and YouTube TV


Apple TV 4K sale. Get yourself a good deal on the latest Apple TV 4K.
Get yourself a good deal on the latest Apple TV 4K.
Photo: Apple

As part of its effort to get a jump on the competition when it comes to 5G networks, Verizon reportedly plans to offer a free 4K Apple TV to customers.

Verizon will be the first mobile carrier to offer 5G residential broadband service in the U.S. later this year, and it’s trying to lure subscribers in with a deal on Apple TV 4k plus discounted YouTube TV, which usually costs $40 per month.

How to rip and save audio from YouTube videos with your iPhone


rip youtube audio
This screen represents YouTube, and the telephone represents audio. Or something.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

YouTube isn’t just for video. Lots of folks use it to post audio files, only they gum up the songs with slideshows so they can upload them to the video-publishing service. There are all kinds of apps that let you convert a YouTube video back into an MP3, but today we’re going to see how to convert a video to an MP3 right in Safari, using Apple’a own Workflow/Shortcuts app.

WhatsApp brings group video calling to Android and iOS


WhatsApp group calls
Enjoy group calls on WhatsApp today.
Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new group video calling feature is now available to users on Android and iOS.

Users can chat with up to three others simultaneously, regardless of their location. WhatsApp says the feature has been designed to work even over unreliable network connections, so you have no excuse not to stay in touch.

How to make your iPhone videos sound as good as they look


The quickest and easiest way to improve iPhone audio is with a Lightning mic.
The quickest and easiest way to improve iPhone audio is with a Lightning mic.
Photo: Zoom

Your iPhone camera is amazing. Especially for video. Modern iPhones capture 4K video, and pretty much any iPhone from the past few years can easily do high-definition 1080p. It’s also likely that your videos will be stabilized, so they look smooth, like they were shot with a Steadicam, not a shaky human hand.

The sound, though, isn’t as good as the image. The iPhone’s microphones are good, but not nearly as high-end as its camera. Also, the best place for a microphone often isn’t right next to the lens. It’s better to put it as close to the sound source — usually a person speaking — as possible. The good news is that it’s easy to get much better sound on your iPhone videos. Here’s how.

Gorgeous concept shows off Apple Watch Series 4’s big display


Apple Watch Series 4’s display will be bigger.
Photo: Concept Creator

The grand unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 4 could be just a couple weeks away and based on a new mock-up, you’re going to love the way it looks.

Based on leaked info of Apple’s upcoming wearable, the gorgeous concept shows what the device will look like with its bigger, bezel-free display and rounded corners.

Take a look:

Ed Sheeran’s creative process is on full display in new Apple documentary


Ed Sheeran shows viewers how to write a song in his new movie.
Photo: Apple Music

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and his creative process will be on full display in Apple’s newest documentary movie, Songwriter.

Filming on the documentary began in 2008, giving fans an unprecedented look at how Sheeran’s songs are created. From the spark of an idea for a song to seeing it sung by thousands of fans at concerts, Songwriter paints an intimate portrait of one of the most popular artists of the last decade. The movie was filmed by Ed’s cousin Murray Cummings and focuses on the making of his third album “÷” that came out last year.

Take a look at the teaser: