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iOS 16 betas hint at new Siri Remote for Apple TV


The current Siri Remote was an improvement on its predecessor.
The current Siri Remote was an improvement on its predecessor.
Photo: Apple

Watchful eyes have spotted code in the first two iOS 16 beta versions that appears to refer to an unreleased Siri Remote for Apple TV.

Information is scant, but chances are this is the new remote for a 4K Apple TV system with a updated price structure that could come out this year.

How to master the Siri Remote scroll wheel


Does the Siri Remote have you going around in circles?
Does the Siri Remote have you going around in circles?
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

When Apple TV 4K launched last year, it had fans salivating. But not for the sharper picture or faster processor. It was the new Siri Remote that caught everyone’s eye. Had Cupertino finally made a TV remote control that didn’t suck?

With its iPod-style scroll wheel, the second-generation Siri Remote promised to make scrolling through content effortless. In reality, the scroll wheel turned out to be hard to use, and lacked support from third-party apps like YouTube.

But don’t throw your remote at the TV just yet. When you get the hang of its quirks, the Siri Remote scroll wheel works surprisingly well. And you can use it with loads of essential apps, including Netflix, HBO Max and, of course, Apple TV+.

Apple TV 4K drops to new low of just $129.99


Apple's new Apple TV 4K with redesigned Siri Remote
Apple TV 4K is a real steal after a massive 27% discount
Photo: Apple

Looking to buy the Apple TV 4K? Amazon currently has an irresistible deal that drops the streaming box to its lowest-ever price of $129.99. That’s a massive $49.01 discount off its MSRP.

The deal is unlikely to last for long, so pull the trigger on it as soon as possible.

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Protective case pairs 2021 Siri Remote with an AirTag so you can’t lose it


Pair your Siri Remote with an AirTag
Before your Siri Remote goes missing, make sure you can track it.
Photo: Elago

Forever losing your new Siri Remote for Apple TV? You should probably do something about that — like wrapping yours in this protective silicone case from Elago that also has room for an AirTag.

Priced at under $15, the R5 case keeps your sleek and slender remote in tip-top condition, and allows it to be easily tracked when it goes missing. It also makes your remote more comfortable to hold onto.

Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Grab an Apple TV 4K for the lowest price we’ve seen


Apple TV Siri Remote
Bag yours before they're all gone!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Update your home entertainment experience with an Apple TV 4K at its lowest-ever price. OWC is offering brand-new previous-generation units for just $109 for a limited time only.

That price is a whopping $70 off the hardware’s original price, and well below the previous low of $119. Act fast — you can buy up to three while inventory lasts.

A cheap, reliable remote for Apple TV [Review]


Function 101 Apple TV button remote
This Apple TV remote has what others lack -- buttons!
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If, like me, you hate the fiddly Apple TV Siri Remote like the pox, Function 101’s Button Remote for Apple TV might be your perfect choice.

It’s a traditional infrared remote control with 18 buttons, hence the name.

Thanks to its familiar design, it’s perhaps the easiest way to use your Apple TV. It works with most TVs and home theater components out of the box, and it costs just $29.95.

Get $9 off Apple’s seriously upgraded Siri Remote — the first discount we’ve seen


Apple TV Siri Remote sale: You don't need to buy the cow to get the milk. Or something.
You don't need to buy the cow to enjoy the sweet cream. Or something.
Photo: Jeremy Zero/Unsplash CC

You can get the best part of this year’s Apple TV update — the totally redesigned Siri Remote — at a healthy $9 off from Verizon Wireless right now. It’s the first discount we’ve seen on the new Apple TV remote, and it drops the price to just $49.99 with free shipping.

By buying the remote separately, current Apple TV owners gain major benefits while avoiding the big (and mostly pointless) investment in the pricey new set-top box. And you don’t need to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber to jump on this hot deal, either.

You won’t be repairing the Apple TV 4K Siri Remote in a hurry


The new Siri Remote comes with exciting new input options, like a jog wheel.
It's a big improvement from its predecessor. But not easy to open up.
Photo: Apple

Most people haven’t gotten their hands on the 2021 Apple TV 4K yet. The good folks at iFixit have not only picked one up, but they’ve also stripped it down to peer inside.

A new teardown video suggests that the next-gen set-top box could be fairly straightforward to fix. However, don’t expect that same repair ease to apply to the upgraded Siri Remote.

The flimsy reason Apple TV Siri Remote doesn’t feature AirTag tracking tech


Apple's new Apple TV 4K with redesigned Siri Remote
Wouldn't it have been great if the Siri Remote featured some of Apple's smart AirTag tracking tech?
Photo: Apple

Of all the items that get misplaced regularly in my home, the TV remote has got to rank up there as number one. Other items, such as keys and wallet, may have a smaller footprint, but for whatever reason it’s the TV remote which constantly winds up going MIA.

With Apple redesigning the hated Siri Remote for its 2021 Apple TV 4K, you’d think it would be the perfect time to add some kind of tracking functionality to the device. After all, Apple’s just introduced AirTag, its location-tracking smart tech which promises to help you locate those hard-to-find with impressive accuracy.

Surely Apple could have squeezed its U1 Precision Tracking tech into the revamped Siri Remote? Apparently not. And according to a somewhat cryptic comment by Tim Twerdahl, Apple’s vice president of product marketing for home and audio, it’s to do with it being too thick. Or something.