How to restart your Apple TV without leaving the couch


Oh man, who wants to walk all the way over there? Reset Apple TV
Oh man, who wants to walk all the way over there?
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Maybe you need to restart your Apple TV. Perhaps something didn’t load right, or the whole thing is acting screwy. It happens. The Apple TV is just another iOS computer after all. And while unplugging your Apple TV is one valid option, that means getting off your couch. And what do TV lovers hate more than unnecessary exercise? Nothing, that’s what. Happily for you, my lazy friend, you can restart the AppleTV using the remote. If you can find it.

How to use AirPods with Apple TV


Apple TV airpods
You kids don’t know how good you have it.
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Are you a late-night movie watcher with sensitive neighbors? Do you hate watching your Apple TV with the volume set too low? Then you might love today’s tip. Did you know that you can use your AirPods with your Apple TV? Sure you did. But did you also know that you don’t need to dig around in your Apple TV’s menus to hook them up? There’s a Siri Remote shortcut that makes switching ultra-convenient.

tvOS 12 brilliantly fixes the biggest password pain on Apple TV


Apple TV
Apple TV uses Siri remote to prompt nearby iPhones for passwords.
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Apple TV is about to get a lot more friendly when it comes to inputting passwords and PINs.

Entering passwords on Apple TV has been one of the biggest pain-points on its entire existence. But starting with tvOS 12, Apple is giving its box the ability to prompt all nearby iPhones to enter a password, even if you’ve never connected to that Apple TV.

Here’s how it works:

Roku’s new 4K streamer kills Apple TV on price


Roku is dominating the streaming wars.
Photo: Roku

Apple’s plan to dominate the 4K TV streaming market is up against some tough competition from the top company in the game.

Fresh off its IPO, Roku revealed its brand new lineup of streaming dongles today and while they may not pack as much processing power as the new Apple TV 4K, they have one killer feature that will lure in tons of buyers: a cheap price tag.

New remote for Apple TV will pack haptic feedback


Apple TV remote
The Apple TV remote is getting a big upgrade.
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The Apple TV is set to get some big upgrades during Apple’s huge keynote tomorrow, but one unexpected surprise could bring some big changes to the Siri remote.

After doing some digging into the code from the leaked iOS 11 GM, developer Guilherme Rambo found new references indicate the Siri remote will be upgraded as well. This time it could gain haptic feedback.

Developers get fourth beta of tvOS 10.2


apple tv and siri remote
New beta software is out for Apple TV.
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Apple seeded a new beta build of tvOS 10.2 to developers today, bringing a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to the Apple TV.

The new tvOS beta update comes just over a week after Apple released the last beta for tvOS 10.2. Because of the tricky installations requirements the beta is not available to public testers.

New Remote app for Apple TV is now available to the public


Remote app for Apple TV on iPhone
Say hello to the new Remote app.
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Controlling the new Apple TV just got a lot easier today now that Apple has finally released a brand-new version of its Remote app for iOS.

The all new Remote app can completely replace the Siri Remote that comes with Apple TV, allowing watchers to take full control of their viewing experience, without having to put down their iPhone.

Quick tip lets you take control of Apple TV video


tvOS changes the default scrubbing behavior of your Siri Remote, and we couldn't be more glad.
tvOS changes the default scrubbing behavior of your Siri Remote, and we couldn't be more glad.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

There’s a new Apple TV update in town, and it adds a few obvious features, like Bluetooth keyboard support and Siri Dictation in search and user name/password fields.

tvOS 9.2 also has some less-obvious improvements, though. For instance, it’s easy to locate the exact spot you want to find in any video. Here’s how to scrub through video on Apple TV with your Siri Remote in tvOS 9.2.