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Apple could finally fix iPhone’s longstanding camera flare problem


iPhone 14 Pro's camera module
Could Apple finally solve the flaring issue on iPhone photos and videos?
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple could finally eliminate lens flare, a longtime problem with the iPhone camera, with a new lens coating technology on the iPhone 16 Pro.

It’s common for lens flares to show up in photos or videos taken with an iPhone’s camera, but Apple has made little improvement in this area over generations.

5 essential Mac settings you should change


Change these settings on your Mac now
Change these settings on your Mac now
Photo/Graphics: Apple/Rajesh

Setting up a new Mac is an experience in itself. But once you finish your initial setup, you should change these Mac system settings for a better experience. These five easy tweaks to default Mac system preferences will speed up your workflow and save you time.

Irrespective of whether you are a new or long-time Mac user, below are five settings to change on your Mac. Keep reading or watch our latest video.

M3 iMac drops to lifetime low after $149 discount


2023 iMac M3
Don't miss this deal on the 2023 iMac with M3 chip.
Photo: Apple

There’s no better all-in-one desktop PC than Apple’s M3 iMac. And if you have been holding out on buying one, Amazon has a deal you should not miss.

The fantastic deal drops the entry-level 24-inch M3 iMac to $1,149, making it $149 cheaper than its MSRP.

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Apple provides temporary solution for Apple Watch ghost touch issues


deep discount on Apple Watch 9
Apple Watch ghost touch issues are more widespread than initially believed.
Photo: D. Griffith Jones/Cult of Mac

Experiencing “ghost touch” problems on your Apple Watch, where the device responds to finger taps that never happened? You are not alone. Although the bug was initially limited to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, it appears to affect some older models, too.

Apple informed its service providers not to replace Apple Watch models plagued by the ghost touch bug. Instead, it has provided a temporary solution while the company works on a permanent software fix.

iPadOS 17.5 beta confirms next-gen iPad Pro’s OLED display


OLED iPad mockup
The OLED iPad Pro should ship with slimmer bezels.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s new iPad Pro could launch in early May with updated internals and a refreshed design. All rumors surrounding Apple’s next premium tablet indicate it will feature OLED displays.

The first iPadOS 17.5 beta seems to confirm this, as it contains four new display firmware for unreleased iPad models.

15-inch MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 15: Which laptop should you buy?


Dell XPS 15 vs. 15-inch MacBook Air comparison
It's the battle of the 15-inch laptops.
Photo/Graphics: Dell/Apple/Rajesh

If you are in the market for a slim laptop, there are few options better than the 15-inch MacBook Air. But if you look beyond Apple’s ecosystem, there’s the Dell XPS 15. It packs a slim and lightweight design and offers more value for money than the MacBook. So, which 15-inch laptop wins the MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 15 smackdown?

Find out in this buying guide, which compares the two laptops on their designs, displays, performance, ports, battery lives and prices.

Microsoft’s new Arm laptops might surpass M3 MacBook Air performance


Apple's M3 chip
Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon X Elite CPU might be faster than Apple's M3 chip.
Photo: Apple

Microsoft’s upcoming “AI PCs” might finally rival the performance of Apple’s latest MacBook Air. The new Arm-based Windows laptops, due for unveiling at a special event on May 20, will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite processors.

Reportedly, the new Qualcomm CPU is faster than the M3 MacBook Air in CPU tasks, AI acceleration and app emulation.

OLED iPad Pro and new iPad Air on track for early May launch


Wait for OLED iPad Pro might stretch into April
New iPads could finally debut next month.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple’s long-rumored (and apparently delayed) OLED iPad Pro with M3 chip could launch in early May. Alongside the Pro iPads, Apple reportedly will unveil a new iPad Air, a third-gen Apple Pencil and a redesigned Magic Keyboard.

To prepare for the impending launch of the new iPads, Apple’s retail stores will receive new product marketing materials soon, according to the latest report.

Apple licenses Shutterstock’s massive image library for AI model training


Apple has paid Shutterstock millions of dollars for access to its copyrighted photos and videos.
Photo: Josh Davidson/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly struck a deal with Shutterstock to license its massive library of images and videos to train its AI models. The precise deal value remains unclear, but estimates suggest a range of $25 million-$50 million.

As a part of the licensing, Apple will gain access to millions of images and videos in Shutterstock’s library.

Apple opens the iPhone App Store to retro game emulators


Apple Store Awards 2023
The App Store will soon list game emulators for download.
Photo: Apple

Apple is opening its walled garden to game emulators. The company has updated the App Store guidelines to reflect that developers can now list retro game emulators for download worldwide.

Additionally, the updated guidelines make it easier for music streaming apps to redirect users to an external website. However, this change is only applicable to the EU.

Apple lays off 600+ employees after canceling Apple Car project


Some Apple employees who worked on Apple Car and micro LED projects are being laid off.
Photo: Laurenz Heymann/Unsplash

Following the shutdown of the Apple Car project, the Cupertino giant is laying off more than 600 employees. Many other affected employees worked on developing micro LED displays for the Apple Watch and future products.

The laid-off employees worked in and around Santa Clara, near Apple’s California headquarters.

iOS 17.5 beta 1: All the new features and changes


iOS 17.5 beta
iOS 17.5 beta 1 is light on changes.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Following a lull of a few weeks, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 17.5 to developers Tuesday. While iOS 17.4 was a big release, iOS 17.5 beta 1 packs relatively minor (albeit important) changes.

Below are all the changes we have spotted in the first iOS 17.5 beta.

Act fast to save $50 on 15-inch MacBook Air with M3 chip


2024 MacBook Air
Save $50 on various configurations of 15-inch MacBook Air, or $100 on some 13-inch models.
Photo: Apple

Within weeks of going on sale, Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air is available with a sweet $50 discount. The deal knocks the price of the entry-level configuration down to $1,249.

You can score a similar $50 discount on the 15-inch Air with M3 chip in 512GB and 16GB configurations. And, if you don’t need that massive 15-inch screen, you can get the 13-inch MacBook Air at an even bigger discount.

How to tweak your iPhone’s Home Screen


Edit Your Home Screen
It's easy to customize your iPhone's look by adding widgets and removing app icons you don’t want to see.
Image: Kristin Hardwick/Wikimedia Commons/D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Your iPhone doesn’t need to look like it came from 2012. You can easily swap out wallpapers and/or customize iPhone Home Screen layouts by adding widgets and folders (and by hiding unwanted apps from your view).

This guide will help set up your iPhone screen so it looks exactly how you want it to.

iOS 18 could introduce more customizable iPhone Home Screen


iOS 18 concept video
iOS 18 could finally let you create a blank Home Screen row.
Concept: Kevin Kall

Apple will allow for greater iPhone Home Screen customization in iOS 18, including the ability to place app icons anywhere on the screen, according to a new report.

iPhone owners also supposedly will gain the flexibility to create blank rows and columns, though the icons will still snap to a grid.

Tim Cook confirms Vision Pro’s China launch later this year


Vision Pro on table
Customers in China should be able to get their hands on the Vision Pro later in 2024.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed during his visit to China that Vision Pro will launch later this year in the country. Currently, the company’s $3500 mixed reality headset is only available in the US.

Apple opened preorders for the Vision Pro in mid-January 2024, following its announcement at WWDC 2023. The headset went on sale in the US in the first week of February.

AirPods Pro 2 price drops to new low at just $179.99


AirPods Pro in an open case.
With this sale, you can get AirPods Pro with the coveted USB-C case for just $179.99!
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

AirPods Pro are the best pair of wireless earbuds you can buy for your iPhone. And a fantastic new deal knocks the AirPods Pro 2 price down to a new low of just $179.99, making them an even better buy.

With that hefty 28% discount off Apple’s retail price of $249, it’s hard to recommend any other earbuds for your iPhone, Mac or iPad. And yes, this is for the latest model with the USB-C charging case.

iPad Air hits all-time low price


iPad Air 5
Forget the M2 iPad Air and get the iPad Air 5 for $150 off.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s iPad Air lineup could get a refresh soon. But if you cannot wait for the new tablet’s imminent announcement and want an iPad Air, you can score a hefty $150 off on it right now.

This fantastic deal drops the price of the M1 iPad Air to $449, making it insanely affordable.

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iPhone 17’s display could get a big anti-reflective upgrade


iPhone 15 in hand
You might be able to ditch the screen protector with the iPhone 17 in 2025.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple could give the iPhone 17’s display a big anti-reflective update. A new rumor says the 2025 iPhone might feature a “super-hard anti-reflective layer,” which is also more scratch-resistant.

Seemingly, Apple will use a new layer of coating on the glass to reduce the reflection and increase scratch resistance.

M1 MacBook Air drops to all-time low price of $649


MacBook Air M1 2020
2020 MacBook Air drops to $649 after a massive discount.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple discontinued the M1 MacBook Air following the debut of the M3 Airs earlier this month. But you can still get your hands on the first Apple silicon laptop for as low as $649.

Right now, Best Buy’s deal makes this very capable laptop insanely more affordable.

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iOS 18’s generative AI features might use Google Gemini


iOS 18 with Gemini logo
Google could power many of iOS 18's AI features.
Concept logo/Graphics: Kevin Kall/Google

Apple could use Google Gemini to power the generative AI features reportedly coming this year in iOS 18. Apple and Google are reportedly in “active negotiations” about the possibility, but have not yet finalized a deal. If it happens, it would be the first time in years that the two tech giants have collaborated so closely.

Apple also held talks with OpenAI and considered using ChatGPT, according to Bloomberg’s report.

HomePod mini scores a big 20% discount


HomePod mini is one of the devices that can be a Thread 1.3.0 border router.
HomePod mini is tiny but will impress you with its sound quality.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If you’ve been looking to buy a HomePod mini for a while, Best Buy’s latest deal makes the small smart speaker much more affordable. The HomePod mini discount slashes $20 off the price, dropping it to just $79.99.

If you do the math, you’ll see that’s 20%.

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Apple Pencil (2nd gen) gets a sweet 11% discount


Apple Pencil 2 in Hand
Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is a handy iPad accessory to have.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

If you take notes or draw on your iPad, consider investing in an Apple Pencil. It will greatly enhance your experience your note-taking and doodling experience.

While the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is expensive at $129, Amazon is discounting it by 11% to $115. This makes the useful iPad stylus a bit more affordable.

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Apple’s most powerful laptop gets $250 off


Best-selling Macs - MacBook-Pro-M3-trio
M3 Max MacBooks are rarely on discount.
Photo: Apple

Want a laptop that can easily handle your demanding video editing or data processing workflow? The 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max should be your top choice.

Find the laptop’s $3,499 price tag steep? Amazon is knocking $250 off the M3 Max MacBook Pro, making it a little more affordable.