Get a huge discount on a tiny Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker [Deals & Steals]


UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker
The tiny UE Wonderboom packs quite a sonic wallop.
Photo: Ultimate Ears

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, we’ll show you where to snag a UE Wonderboom speaker for half off. These cute little Bluetooth speakers work great with iPhones, iPads and even Macs when you’re ready to rock out to some Apple Music.

In other deal news, you can get a pair of noise-canceling headphones, a Chromecast media streamer, some rechargeable batteries and a wireless iPhone charging pack — all at great discounts.

Leather case gives iPhone X a racing stripe and a vintage vibe [Review]


Sena Racer review: An iPhone X case with a vintage rock 'n' roll and hot rod vibe.
If you want to give your iPhone X a vintage vibe strap it into a Sena Racer case.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Best List: Racer iPhone X case by Sena

Even someone who doesn’t suffer from a Jony Ive-style obsession with slimness wants an iPhone case with style. The Sena Racer — a leather iPhone X case with a rad racing stripe running up its back — adds bulk for sure. But its pleasantly puffy profile throws off a vintage ’70s vibe that looks killer and feels good in your hand.

It offers protection, sure. But, more importantly, it makes your iPhone stand out in a sea of svelte sameness.

Amp up your Apple Watch with these tire-tread silicone bands


Tire tracks all across your band mean all kinds of fun.
Photo: Carterjett

Best List: Tire Tread Sport band by Carterjett

Apple’s Sport band is the basic bro of Apple Watch straps. If you want something a little more rugged — and a lot less forgettable — strap on a Tire Tread Sport band from Carterjett. These sturdy silicone bands come in brilliant colors, with extra-large sizes and surprisingly small price tags.

They’re a perfect option for revving up your Apple Watch collection.

E3’s leather Apple Watch bands are made the old-fashioned way  


E3 supply co.
E3 Supply Co. Apple Watch bands come in a variety of finishes and colors. Made by hand in America.variety of finishes and colors. Made by hand in America.
Photo: E3 Supply Co.

Whether they are rebuilding vintage motorcycles or crafting Apple Watch bands, the folks at E3 Supply Co. do everything by hand. It’s not that they can’t afford fancy robots to get the job done — the small team of three prefers to do things this way.

Whether working from their shop in Brooklyn, New York, or from the mini leather workshop in the back of their customized 1977 Toyota Chinook, they do things the old-fashioned way. And now Cult of Mac is thrilled to offer E3 Supply’s handcrafted leather Apple Watch bands in our Watch Store.

PicoBrew’s beer robot now brews kombucha, coffee and more


PicoBrew Pico U brewing appliance is smaller, cheaper and far more capable than its predecessors.
Pico U is smaller, cheaper and far more capable than its predecessors.
Photo: PicoBrew

PicoBrew’s new Pico U, which the company calls “the world’s first universal craft beverage brewing appliance,” does more than brew great beer. The “U” stands for “universal,” because the Pico U also makes kombucha, horchata and milk-based drinks, as well as tea and single-serving coffee.

It’s also small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop — and costs far less than its predecessors. Pico U offers so many brewing options, at a price that’s so attainable, that Donald Brewer, PicoBrew’s VP of sales, calls it the “Instant Pot for brewed beverages.”

Buttery-smooth Barenia leather makes this Series 3 band soft yet strong [Review]


The delicate accent stitching looks great, but there's more to this Apple Watch band than meets the eye. Clessant uses prized Barenia leather from the Haas Tannery in France.
Photo: Clessant

Best List: Clessant Gold Barenia Apple Watch Band

When it comes to fashion, it’s hard to beat basic black. However, sometimes you want a little something extra — a color and design that adds subtle interest without going over the top. The Clessant Gold Barenia Apple Watch band joins its black counterpart and does the trick, thanks to fine off-white stitching that looks almost like racing stripes.

PodPocket is the rare AirPods accessory you’ll actually love [Review]


PodPockets review: A great AirPods accessory.
PodPockets review: A great AirPods accessory.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

The AirPods case is a tiny miracle that looks like a dental floss container. Maybe you like that white plastic design, but to me it looks a little clinical. Not to mention the fact that when my wife inevitably gets a pair of AirPods, we’re going to be constantly confused about which little white charging case is hers and which is mine.

Who needs the bickering? For just under $20, you can wrap your lily-white case in a colorful silicone shell called a PodPocket that will eliminate all confusion in multi-AirPods abodes. That’s exactly what PodPockets do, but that’s not all they do. They also help keep your AirPods safe and sound.

New Logitech gaming speaker brings light show to your desktop


Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker
The Logitech G560 speaker adds a new dimension to audio for gamers: color.
Photo: Logitech

Logitech’s new speaker system adds a new dimension to gaming: color. LEDs hidden in the front and back of the speaker bathe your desktop and the wall behind your computer in light.

That’s fine for making your room look like a disco palace while listening to music. But it’s really designed to make video games more immersive.