Handheld flash gives iPhone photos studio pop


Xenon Flash
The Xenon Flash will bring studio control to mobile photography.
Photo: LIT Vision

Smartphone camera advances have been jaw-dropping. Engineers continue to advance low-light performance, while adding computational effects like bokeh and embedding additional cameras with telephoto and ultra-wide lenses.

However, with all the challenges the camera teams solved, one feature lags behind – the flash. But the smartphone photographer who wants to add a hint of studio-quality light, and control in shaping it, will soon have a wireless Bluetooth flash. It should add the pop to their pictures that they desire.

Clear case lets you marvel at classic Mac’s insides


Macintosh SE clear case
Beautiful inside and out.
Photo: MacEffects

No one uses a 30-year-old Mac anymore. But plenty of Apple fans still own classic computers as a reminder of where the world’s most beloved technology company came from. Now marveling at those machines just got even better.

A new clear case designed for the Macintosh SE/30 lets you enjoy its insides as well as its iconic all-in-one form factor. Help it become a reality by pledging your support on Kickstarter today.

Is the first decent Apple Watch battery band finally here?


Apple Watch battery band
Apple Watch charging is finally all in the wrist.
Photo: Togvu

There are reasons why we haven’t seen many attempts at an Apple Watch band that discreetly houses a battery for on-the-wrist charging.

For one, Apple discourages them in its “Made for Apple Watch” program guidelines. Chargers can get hot and burn the skin, or worse, cause fire or electric shock if water is present. Such a band could also interfere with the watch’s sensors.

A company called Togvu believes it has solved those problems with a band that debuted on Kickstarter today called the Batfree Power Strap.

Side Kick cable manager eliminates usual tangled mess


Side Kick cable manager
If you miss the pop out tabs, Side Kick will bring order to your MacBook cord.
Photo: Fuse Reel

Logan Bailey will not rest until he has tamed every last tangled MacBook charging cord.

He made inroads in 2017 with the Side Winder, a reel that mounts the charging brick in the middle and pulls in both ends of the cord with a few twists.

Now, Bailey returns with the Side Kick, a square-shaped collapsible cable winder that sticks to the side of the charging brick. It comes to the rescue of new MacBook Pro users who are discovering Apple made changes to the charging cord.

5-in-1 cable gives you one dongle to rule them all


High Five
High Five packs all the ports you need.
Photo: Vonmählen

The dark days of dongle hell might finally be over thanks to a brilliant new accessory that packs five different ports in one cable.

Vonmählen, a smartphone accessory maker based in Germany, revealed its new creation called the High Five. The company claims it’s the first ever 5-in-1 cable that’s so small it fits on your keychain. Best of all, it’s super cheap too.

Brass grip gives iPhone camera feel and control of a DSLR


Pictar Pro
Get a grip on your iPhone when shooting pictures or video with the Pictar Pro
Photo: miggö

Each new iPhone and its ever-improving camera tends to stir up talk about the demise of the DSLR.

Yet, there are just some key features of a conventional camera’s form factor that relegates the iPhone to the casual camera category.

But the photography accessories company miggö has developed – and now improved – a nifty attachment dubbed Pictar tp bring DSLR-like speed and ergonomics to the iPhone.

These pillows will help the Apple geek dream different


Apple pillows
This Iconic hardware will make your Apple dreams soft and sweet.
Photo: Throwboy

Five of the most historic pieces of hardware are back as soft plush pillows cuddle-ready for all Apple geeks.

The Iconic Pillow Collection, designed to resemble the Apple II, Apple Macintosh, the Bondi Blue iMac, the iPod and the first iPhone, is the latest line of plush pillows from digital lifestyle company Throwboy.

AirPlus case adds wireless charging to your AirPods


AirPlus. If you can live with the thick rubber, they're a great idea.
AirPlus. If you can live with the thick rubber, they're a great idea.
Photo: HiQ

AirPlus is a silicone case for your AirPods’ case, which adds one great feature, as well as several not-so-great ones. With your AirPods inside the case, you can drop it onto any Qi-compatible charging mat and have the AirPods and their battery case charge wirelessly. That’s pretty sweet, but there are downsides too.

Gloo is half wireless charger, half quirky ambient smart light


Looking for an unusual charger? Gloo is your hookup!
Photo: Gloo

Apple’s AirPower charging pad is still M.I.A., but if you’re looking for an innovative and awe-inspiring wireless charging option, look no further than a new Kickstarter campaign.

Called Gloo, it’s a sleek bottle-shaped wireless charging station that doubles up as a multicolored ambient light source you control with your iPhone.