This MacBook case is strong enough to stop bullets


C6SHELL case for MacBook
This case will protect your MacBook from almost anything.
Photo: C6SHELL

Who says a MacBook isn’t fit for the battlefield? The C6SHELL case made from real carbon fiber is all you need to keep your beloved notebook protected in a war zone.

It’s strong enough to stop bullets, but light enough to carry anywhere.

You can buy lots of laptop sleeves and cases that look good. They’ll keep your MacBook free from scuffs and scratches, but the vast majority don’t provide enough protection. If you drop your machine onto a hard surface, there’s a good chance it’s going to get broken.

C6SHELL is the ultimate MacBook case

Not if you’re using the C6SHELL. Made from real carbon fiber and aluminum, it’s ten times stronger and five times lighter than steel. That means you can stand on it, drive over it, and even shoot at it and your MacBook inside will remain in pristine condition.

A soft interior lining protects your machine from scratches while it’s inside the case. A magnetic closure makes it easy to access and stow away. 13- and 15-inch models are available, making the C6SHELL ideal for any MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

C6SHELL needs your support!

To support the C6SHELL’s development, and to secure yours at early bird pricing, make a pledge through Kickstarter today. $269 is enough to get you your very own — in any size and color of your choosing — when they start shipping next April.