MacBook case helps USB-C users adapt with style


for MacBook
DockCase makes plugging into USB-C future more stylish.
Photo: DockCase

If you suffer from dock or dongle despair, one company has an elegant solution for MacBooks that only feature USB-C ports.

The DockCase is a leather case with a built-in aluminum alloy dock with nine ports, including Ethernet, HDMI, SD and MicroSD card readers, and three for USB 3.0.

Innovative photo backpack is two bags in one


camera backpacks
The Roamer, the Scout and the Runner make up the Hadley Series by Brevitē.
Photo: Brevitē

Photographers gripe about the ugliness of camera backpacks and a number of startups have cropped up on Kickstarter with designs that remove the bulk, improve functionality and give the genre a much-needed facelift.

Brevitē, pronounced like the word that means concession, had such a successful run with its first camera backpack in 2015, it immediately designed two more.

Now the Boston-based company started by three brothers is crowd funding to bring its most recent line to market. The Hadley Series appears to refine the minimalist design philosophy that motivates Brevitē.

This solar backpack is a godsend for digital nomads


It's surprising how much technology gets crammed into the super-slim Moovy Bag.
It's surprising how much technology gets crammed into the super-slim Moovy Bag.
Photo: Moovy Bag

Clever iPhone battery case charges AirPods, too


Worried about losing your AirPods? Here, just in case.
Photo: Nova Technology

Where do you put your AirPods when they’re not in your ears? Eric Migicovsky kept forgetting and when he did find them, he sometimes realized he had forgotten to charge them.

So he and a couple of friends came up with the PodCase, a relatively slim iPhone battery case that holds a set of AirPods and keeps them charged. The case can do away with the need to carry the AirPods charging case since the PodCase allows for one-cord charging for both phone and ear buds.

Skateboard scooters, smart wallets, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


The skateboard that's also a scooter.
Photo: Scooterboard

Crowdfund Roundup bugThe skateboarding experience doesn’t have to come with grazed knees and broken teeth. With Scooterboard, you get the same ride with the stability of a scooter — and a built-in motor that means you don’t have to do all the work.

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Clever origami stand won’t fold under weight of your devices


This origami-inspired stand will prop up your tech life.
Photo: FODI

There are people in the world with the title professional origami artist. Just the thought puts a crease in your forehead.

To answer your question, Yes, there is value in people knowing the art of folding paper. Let a product called FODI convince you by being one of the most indispensable tech accessories you could carry.

Super-smart rings, secure GPS trackers and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


ORII smart ring
ORII is a smart ring that's actually smart.
Photo: ORII

Crowdfund Roundup bugMaybe smartwatches aren’t your thing, but what about an impressive smart ring that lets you take calls, interact with virtual assistants, and more without being too intrusive?

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Budget smartwatches, smart nightlights and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


Edge case for iPhone
Edge case adds light to your iPhone alerts.
Photo: Edge

Crowdfund Roundup bugiPhone cases don’t have to be boring and unpractical. With Edge, you get cool LEDs that notify you of incoming alerts for any app, let you keep an eye on battery levels at a glance, and more.

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Why Apple Watch should be worried about its latest rival


Express Time
The new Ticwatch starts at just $99 if you act fast.
Photo: Mobvoi

Apple Watch has a new rival, and it’s one that Apple should be worried about. That’s not because the new Ticwatch is better, but because it’s ultra-affordable at under $100.

For that, you get a simple and colorful design, GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and Android Wear 2.0.

This backpack makes lugging life light work [Review]


Shift Pack
The Shift Pack by Alpaka.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

My closet floor resembles a bullpen. But instead of pitchers, it houses a rotation of backpacks and bags ready to be activated for work, day-long excursions or extended travel. Depending on the week, I could shift between four or five bags.

But when Shift Pack recently arrived for a tryout, it threatened to retire a couple of my veterans. It is a single backpack that aims to cover all the bases, work, play and travel or all at once if necessary.