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New Cascade customizable mechanical keyboard goes big


You can get the Azio Cascade 98 mechanical keyboard in standard or slim profiles.
You can get the Azio Cascade 98 mechanical keyboard in standard or slim profiles (slim shown).
Photo: Azio

The Los Angeles-based company Azio successfully crowd-funded its Cascade 75 mechanical keyboard on Kickstarter last year. Now it’s back with the Cascade 98, a 98% layout keyboard with a full-sized number pad that comes in slim or regular profiles. It has surpassed its funding goal.

Keychron and others have led the way with low-profile mechanical keyboards that don’t stand as tall as the classics. Azio said their new version is the first one with a full-sized number pad.

Get an unbeatable deal on first 4-port 140W wall charger with PD3.1 and GaN


Aergiatech calls it the
Aergiatech calls it the "world's first four-port 140W wall charger with PD3.1 and GaN."
Image: Aergiatech

This GaN charger post is brought to you by Aergiatech.

Are you tired of carrying two or more chargers for work or when you travel? Does it take too long to charge your 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro? Consider the Aergiatech P1114 140W Wall Charger. If you have this gallium nitride charger, you may not need another one.

As Aergiatech put it, it’s the “world’s first four-port 140W wall charger with PD3.1 and GaN.” That means it’s compact, fast and can charge four devices simultaneously. It’s not only smaller and more capable than Apple’s 140W USB-C Power Adapter, it’s much less expensive.

And during the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign going on now, you can get a super-early-bird price on it. See below.

Help bring this splendid Pocket Watch to new Apple Watch models


Bucardo Pocket Watch for Apple Watch
Pledge your support today!
Photo: Bucardo

Bucardo’s brilliant Pocket Watch accessory for Apple Watch could be coming to the latest models — with your help. The company just kicked off a new Kickstarter campaign that will support the development and production of the Pocket Watch for Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

Pledge your support today to help get the project off the ground.

6-in-1 charger rolls out the welcome mat for all your Apple devices


Air Omni 6-in-1 charger
The charger for the Apple fan who carries everything.
Photo: Pitaka

If you live in an older house where places to plug in are few in number, you begin to appreciate the idea of a charging station for multiple devices.

Pitaka’s Air Omni is a wireless charger for up to six devices that does away with multiple chargers and cords. And it will prevent you from having to cut additional sockets into the walls of your vintage digs.

Add this cute U2-inspired iPod toy to your play list


iBoy stretch goal looks like U2 special edition iPod
This iBoy is red and black to look like the U2 special edition iPod.
Photo: Philip Lee

Of all of Apple’s creations, the iPod is a sentimental favorite. For many, it was their first Apple device.

An iPod-inspired action figure called iBoy could be your gateway to other Apple-inspired toys from Hong Kong toymaker Philip Lee.

Souped-up selfie stick wants you to look good


selfie stick with light
This little light shines.
Photo: Pictar

Tel Aviv-based Pictar wants to shine a light on your obsession for the perfect selfie.

Its new Smart-Light Selfie Stick comes with a detachable light plus a control panel in the handle to control camera functions and adjust the tilt of your iPhone.

Keyhub keyboard does double duty as 9-port USB-C hub


Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub is both keyboard and hub.
The Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub combines two important accessories into one, saving on clutter.
Photo: Kolude

The Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub merges keyboard and multiport hub into one accessory — it’s right there in the name. The designers included scissor-switch keys in an aluminum casing, as well as nine ports, including USB-A and HDMI.

It extends the connectivity of Macs and iPad Pro, and all the ports are easily accessible.

Now you can shower like Tim Cook without getting soaked


Nebia is bringing Apple-like innovation to the shower.
Photo: Nebia

Nebia, the eco-friendly shower head company adored by Apple CEO Tim Cook, unveiled a new version of its shower system today. Unlike the previous two generations, this one is priced to sell.

The new Nebia shower head is smaller and cheaper than previous models. Nebia launched a Kickstarter for it today, revealing the price has dropped from $499 to just $160. Now almost every home can get a Silicon Valley-style shower.

Check out the new shower head in action:

iPhone photographers get more than a button with ShutterGrip2


ShutterGrip2 for smartphone photography
Get a better grip on your iPhone photography.
Photo: Just Mobile

CES 2020The iPhone is the best camera because it is already with you – that is until it slips out of your hands while taking a picture and it is damaged on impact.

Just Mobile solved this ergonomic shortcoming last year with a Bluetooth grip topped with a proper shutter button right where the index finger naturally rests on a camera.

But Just Mobile decided to attack additional mobile photography challenges with ShutterGrip2, which is currently being demoed at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Stunning Apple II Kickstarter case gives you a new look at a classic machine


Apple II transparent case Kickstarter 1
What a gorgeous Apple II case.
Photo: MacEffects/Kickstarter

The Apple II may be more than 40 years old, but Apple’s first mass market personal computer still has plenty of fans. Now those fans can get hold of a brand new injection-molded case for the iconic Steve Wozniak-designed computer. All thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign.

Boasting a transparent design, the case will let you get a closer look at this legendary computer than ever!