Desk clutter finds new home with this iMac caddy


Maqe Mac Caddy iMac accessories
Mac Caddy can help declutter your desk.
Photo: Maqe

iMac desktop storage solutions usually involve folders and hard drives. But what about tidying and organizing the desktop on which your iMac is perched?

The Mac Caddy, produced by Maqe, is a cubby that hangs off the back of any slim-edge iMac monitor to stow your analog pens, pencils, notesbooks and all the small items that tend to clutter your desk or workspace.

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AmpliFi lets you access your home network from anywhere.
Photo: AmpliFi

Crowdfund Roundup bugIf you need to access your home network from anywhere in the world, you need the incredible AmpliFi Kit. It provides fast and stable Wi-Fi all around your home, and provides an encrypted gateway to your network from anywhere.

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Simple tool brings cinematic polish to iPhone video


iPhone video
A motorized camera slider by InMotion brings iPhone video closer to a cinematic level.
Photo: InMotion

Great smartphone video is all about capturing movement. But the majority of smartphone videos aren’t so great, especially when the recorded movement is from the shaky hands of the filmmaker.

The startup company InMotion has come up with a motorized slider to give your iPhone, GoPro or mirrorless camera videos smooth, fluid captures of moving subjects.

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Freecube Crowdfund Roundup
The modular command center.
Photo: Freecube

Crowdfund Roundup bugBuild your ultimate command center and have easy access to power outlets, USB ports, Bluetooth audio, and more at any time with Freecube.

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AI powers this bike light to make cycling safer


See.Sense Ace bike light
Ace is the ultimate bike light.
Photo: See.Sense

When you’re out on your bike, you need to be as visible as possible — especially at night. See.Sense ACE is a bike light that uses artificial intelligence that reacts to every moment of your journey, making cycling safer and simpler.

The light improves visibility when you need it most, and ensures you’re seen on the road. It also connects to your smartphone to provide things like theft alerts and cycling stats.

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The Model A
The ultimate universal VR headset.
Photo: The Model A

Crowdfund Roundup bugThe Model A is the first universal virtual reality headset for your smartphone that you won’t want to ditch within hours of buying it. It’s designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, and has a high-fidelity audio system built right in.

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Dynamic Defender
A protective bumper that's actually protective.
Photo: Telephant Labs

Crowdfund Roundup bugBuying a bumper case is a great way to protect your iPhone while showcasing its good looks. But did you know that most bumper cases on the market have poor impact protection? The Dynamic Defender changes that with its unique shock-absorbing mechanism.

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MacBook case helps USB-C users adapt with style


for MacBook
DockCase makes plugging into USB-C future more stylish.
Photo: DockCase

If you suffer from dock or dongle despair, one company has an elegant solution for MacBooks that only feature USB-C ports.

The DockCase is a leather case with a built-in aluminum alloy dock with nine ports, including Ethernet, HDMI, SD and MicroSD card readers, and three for USB 3.0.

Innovative photo backpack is two bags in one


camera backpacks
The Roamer, the Scout and the Runner make up the Hadley Series by Brevitē.
Photo: Brevitē

Photographers gripe about the ugliness of camera backpacks and a number of startups have cropped up on Kickstarter with designs that remove the bulk, improve functionality and give the genre a much-needed facelift.

Brevitē, pronounced like the word that means concession, had such a successful run with its first camera backpack in 2015, it immediately designed two more.

Now the Boston-based company started by three brothers is crowd funding to bring its most recent line to market. The Hadley Series appears to refine the minimalist design philosophy that motivates Brevitē.

This solar backpack is a godsend for digital nomads


It's surprising how much technology gets crammed into the super-slim Moovy Bag.
It's surprising how much technology gets crammed into the super-slim Moovy Bag.
Photo: Moovy Bag