Pocket iPhone dolly lets you capture cinematic shots


The MUWI dolly adds a steadying motion to your iPhone videos.
Photo: MUWI

Few if any dollies – the wheeled rigging filmmakers use to capture smooth horizontal camera shots – fit in a back pocket. A cute little cart called MUWI does and is ready to roll on the set of your next iPhone flick.

Four rotary legs with tiny wheels fold out from its oval-shaped dolly base and a retractable holder unfurls from the top to cradle your iPhone. It can also hold other small cameras, including GoPros, point-and-shooters and some of the lighter DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

This wireless iPhone charger can stand up to splashing water


ONYXX charger
Not even water can stand between an iPhone and this charger.
Photo: CheeNYC

Our iPhone charging cables will soon disappear thanks to the promise of wireless chargers. CheeNYC, a relatively new Qi tech company, has a beauty aptly named ONYXX.

It is smooth black and shiny, looking very much like the gemstone with the same name, especially when it is wet. The ONYXX is made for the outdoors with components that are resistant to dust and “splashing” water.

New lenses will make your iPhone photos even sharper


A twist will bring German precision optics to your iPhone.
Photo: Lemuro

Some of the best photographic lenses originate from Germany. Think Zeiss or Leica. Now, a Stuttgart startup named Lemuro hopes to earn that same respect with lens attachments for the iPhone.

And if looks, a swell of support on Kickstarter and that whole assumption about German precision engineering are indicators, Lemuro may get there.

Build your own phone, make any game VR-ready and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


Kite kit Crowdfund Roundup
Kite kit lets you build your own phone from scratch.
Photo: iSquare Mobility

Crowdfund Roundup bugIf you need an ultra-affordable smartphone that features everything you need, why not build it yourself? The Kite kit lets you create your own Android-powered smartphone from scratch, just as you want it — and it won’t break the bank.

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High-end mousepad makes your Magic Mouse even more magical


This add-on promises to make the Magic Mouse better than ever.
Photo: Moonimal

The Magic Mouse is one of the best mice Apple has ever built, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Some users complain that it has a high level of friction on certain surfaces, while also making an annoying scratching noise when it moves.

If you’re one of those folks, you may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign — offering a new mousepad and simple add-on for the Magic Mouse which promises to make it glide across your desk as though it’s floating.

Awesome wireless earbuds, Qi charging mousepads, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


TicPods Free
TicPods Free are the affordable alternative to AirPods.
Photo: Mobvoi

Crowdfund Roundup bugYou no longer have an excuse to keep using wired headphones with your iPhone. TicPods Free are the affordable wireless earbuds that combine awesome audio with noise cancellation and intuitive touch controls.

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OnePack backpack lives up to its roomy name [Review]


OnePack backpack
A discreet backpack that holds more than you think.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Marketing language often invites a reviewer to find the flaw in the claim. So skepticism was in order when the OnePack arrived with the declaration of being the “Most Functional Backpack.”

I have a backpack for every time I heard that one. But of all the backpacks I’ve shouldered for reviews, OnePack at least comes close to keeping its word.

Stellar speakers, smart doorbells, and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


UPstage 360 Crowdfund Roundup
Unlike HomePod, UPstage 360 supports all your favorite services.
Photo: UPstage 360

Crowdfund Roundup bugIf HomePod just doesn’t do it for you, you need the immersive sound of the UPstage 360. This incredible speaker uses patented technology to deliver high-quality sound that fills almost any room, and it connects to all your favorite services.

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Cinematic lens brings Hollywood look to iPhone video


Moment is bringing the silver screen to your tiny screen.
Photo: Moment

Moment, the maker of premium smartphone lens attachments, unveiled a filmmaker bundle Tuesday that includes an anamorphic lens.

The square lens will give iPhone video a similar look to the wide, letterbox view created with the large, expensive cameras used in the motion picture industry.