Point is a home security system that can’t spy on you


Point home security
Point couldn't be easier to set up.
Photo: Minut

A home security system gives you complete peace of mind when you’re away, but at what cost? If your system relies on cameras, there’s always a worry that someone else could be watching. Not with Point.

Point is a complete home security system that doesn’t require cameras. It’s a single device that can alert you to anything unexpected using clever sensors and machine learning.

You can buy great home security systems from reputable companies that use cameras. They might be as strong as can be, and you’ll probably never have to worry about being spied on. But it’s a possibility if your cameras get hacked — and you might never know.

Point doesn’t carry cameras

You won’t have to worry about that with Point, because it doesn’t have the power to spy on you. It protects your home using environmental sensors and machine learning. It can alert you to breaks-ins, smoke, sudden changes in temperature, and more.

Point knows when you leave your home and automatically activates its burglar alarm. If it detects an intruder, it alerts you, your neighbors, and your friends so that you can act on the alert as a community. The same happens when Point detects smoke.

Point can also alert you to sudden changes in temperature, unexpected events like loud music late at night, and even hard-to-discover environmental issues like high and persistent levels of humidity. And it does all this without invading your privacy.

Point talks to your phone

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, Point can communicate with your smartphone. Its companion app delivers a 24-hour overview of your home, and allows you to specify which contacts should be informed when issues are detected.

Because cameras and external sensors aren’t required, Point is incredibly easy to setup. Simply stick it on a wall and you’re good to go. Its internal battery lasts six to 12 months in between charges, which means you don’t even have to connect it to mains power.

Point arrives in 2018

Point hasn’t just surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $25,000; it has completely smashed it, raising $159,000. There’s still 18 days before the project ends, which means there’s still time to claim yours before Point begins shipping next May.

A pledge of $79 will do it, with a lifetime subscription included.