High-end mousepad makes your Magic Mouse even more magical


This add-on promises to make the Magic Mouse better than ever.
Photo: Moonimal

The Magic Mouse is one of the best mice Apple has ever built, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Some users complain that it has a high level of friction on certain surfaces, while also making an annoying scratching noise when it moves.

If you’re one of those folks, you may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign — offering a new mousepad and simple add-on for the Magic Mouse which promises to make it glide across your desk as though it’s floating.

A two-part solution

The solution is made of two separate parts. One is a special refined mouse mat, consisting of a gliding surface and anti-slip base, ensuring the slickest, most even movement for your mouse. This mouse mat comes in white, with metal edging to fit in with the Dieter Rams-inspired Mac.

According to its creators, design studio Moonimal, “it’s resistant to abrasion and UV radiation, which guarantees the clarity of the brilliant white colouring for a very long time. To obtain a uniform texture, the steel sheet was coated with nano ceramic conversion layer. Then the sputtering method was used, along with heating to a high temperature. The bottom layer of the pad is a beautiful grey foam with anti-slip properties, or optional bamboo plywood, that perfectly matches the metal top.”

The second part of the puzzle is an attachable mouse add-on, made of PTFE polymer. This adheres to the bottom of your mouse to ensure that, when used in association with the mousepad, it easily maneuvers.

There are versions made for both the first and second-gen Magic Mouse, so you should be able to use it regardless of which Magic Mouse you use for your Mac.

The results should be a mouse that more intuitively moves with your hand.

While we’d offer all the usual warnings about getting involved with crowdfunding campaigns, if you want to pledge support you can place a pre-order over on Kickstarter. Prices start at $49 for a mousepad, SmartSlider base, mouse protector, and a PDF poster showing the evolution of Mac products over the years.

“PureShape is not just a prototype, but a fully functional product tested for a year thanks to a group of targeted users and fans,” Jaroslaw Szaran, one of the project creators told Cult of Mac. “We are ready for production that will be located in Europe. Soon after the end of the campaign, we start production.”