Malicious ‘Apple Care’ phishing scam targets iCloud users


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Have you had this email yet?
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The latest phishing scam targets iCloud users, trying to scare them into installing malicious software on their iOS devices.

Some users have received emails recently that push them to fake Apple Support websites. Once there, the sites prompt them to call “Apple Care” because their devices are supposedly “locked for illegal activity.” Here’s how to avoid the scam.

Apple will answer HomePod owners’ burning questions during live Q&A


Apple will provide HomePod tech support at a special online event in a few days. Get your questions ready.
Apple will provide HomePod tech support at a special online event in a few days. Get your questions ready.
Photo: Apple

The HomePod is a new product and Apple wants to be sure owners of this smartspeaker are getting all the benefits. That’s why the company scheduled a live chat with HomePod specialists for later this week. It’s open to anyone with questions.

A lot of people get tech support on their electronics from friends, but the $349 HomePod is struggling to compete against the much cheaper Amazon Echo, so many users probably don’t know someone else with this device.

Apple Support app for iOS hits 20 new countries


Apple Support
The Apple Support app makes it easy to get help on iOS.
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The official Apple Support app for iOS has expanded its reach to 20 new countries and regions.

Free to download, the app provides users with technical support for Mac, iOS, and other Apple devices. It also provides the option to call, chat, or email an Apple Support representative.

Apple targets Android switchers in latest series of simple ads


iPhone has better support.
Photo: Apple

Apple is hoping to convince Android users to switch to iPhone with its latest set of short ads that highlight some the iPhone’s best features.

Five new ads were published by Apple this afternoon covering everyone from ease-of-use to customer support. Most of the ads are less than 15 seconds long and similar in style to the simple campaign Apple launched last year.

Watch all five ads right here:

Super Mario Run and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy holidays. Almost.
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It’s the week before Christmas and, if you’re tired of buying gifts, decorating trees, or complaining about the weather, why not download some of the week’s hottest App Store titles?

Check out our picks below. From the long-awaited Super Mario Run and beyond, these are the most notable app launches of the past seven days.