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Create any type of digital person with AI-powered Human Generator


Human Generator lets you quickly create a custom digital
Human Generator lets you quickly create a custom digital "person."
Images: Generated Media

The Human Generator, even among the myriad AI tools available in recent months, stands out as a beacon of innovation. The free online tool lets you quickly and easily create lifelike digital humans.

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By selecting certain parameters, you can specify physical attributes like body type, skin color and hairstyle. And you can further customize your creation by trying out various clothing types and backgrounds. Once you finish tweaking your digital human, you can download the image to use as you wish.

But how does the Human Generator fare in real-world usage, and should you integrate it into your creative arsenal? Let’s dive in and explore how this groundbreaking tool works to let you create and easily fine-tune digital “people” for use in a wide variety of applications.

8 AI tools that change how you create content for social media


A young woman influencer works to produce video content.
AI can help you make better social media, faster.
Photo: CapCut

The AI craze is in full swing, with more and more easily accessible AI technology available online for free. One of the ways you can use AI tools yourself is for creating engaging social media content. Deep-learning algorithms can intelligently create and edit content, increasing its quality and shortening the creative process.

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Today, we’ll take a closer look at eight popular AI tools you can use to enhance your social media presence and create more trending posts.

Design tool for Mac: Lunacy explored


The Lunacy logo.
Free design app Lunacy offers a variety of high-end features.
Image: Icons8

Design tools are the digital artist’s brush, the web designer’s grid paper, and the UX/UI designer’s blueprint. They transmute raw ideas into visually captivating content that can engage, inspire and influence.

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For Mac users, the search for the perfect design tool can be as overwhelming as it is essential. Amid the clamor of options, Lunacy by Icons8 has emerged as a game-changer, bringing a fresh approach to the design landscape. This article takes you on an exploration of Lunacy, a feature-rich design tool built to create, open and edit Sketch files effortlessly, even on Windows!

Turn any video into high-quality MP4 on Mac or PC with this great app


VideoProc Converter makes video conversion easy.
VideoProc Converter makes video conversion easy.
Image: Digiarty Software

These days, many people find themselves completely immersed in online video, which often proves more engaging and easier to digest than other forms of media.

But that also brings unexpected problems. Sometimes a video recorded on iPhone won’t upload to a desktop video editor. Or YouTube won’t let you upload your favorite family vlogs. Or you can’t watch videos you downloaded online on your TV.

Luckily, Digiarty Software’s VideoProc Converter can solve all those problems and more, on either Mac or PC.

How to change your voice with different sound effects


Quickly and easily change the voice in your audio or video with Wondershare UniConverter.
Quickly and easily change the voice in your audio or video with UniConverter.
Photo: Wondershare

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Voice changer tools are among some of the most fun and innovative wonders around. Using such tools, you can easily change your voice into a different form, ranging from childish innocence to robotic monotones. The internet is filled with such voice-changing tools, but how would you know what works best?

In the following post, you will learn about the easy-to-use voice changer offered by Wondershare UniConverter, a toolbox containing everything you might need for audio and video editing. Let’s get started!

5 easy ways to transfer files between iPhone and Mac


A Mac and an iPhone with icons floating about
The DearMob iPhone management app is a good way to moves files between your Mac and iPhone, and vice versa.
Photo: Digiarty Software

This post on transferring files between iPhone and Mac is brought to you by Digiarty Software.

Transferring things like documents and photos between your Mac and iPhone can be tricky, especially when file sizes get large. Here are the top five ways to transfer files from Mac to iPhone and back again.

What you should know about Apple Support scam calls


What You Should Know About Apple Support Scam Calls: Don't fall prey to increasingly tricky scammers.
Don't fall prey to increasingly tricky scammers.
Photo: Khusen Rustamov/Pixabay License

Once technical hurdles start ruining one’s day, most people would do anything it takes to resolve them as soon as possible and get on with their merry lives. This is especially true if resolving the problem is needed to progress with the task at hand, service a client, or anything along these lines.

When there is a looming sense of urgency, you are much more likely to fall victim to a scam or buy into a false pretense that someone can help you out. What a perfect atmosphere for scammers to prosper — and they’re getting increasingly more sophisticated in their ways. Falling in line with the rest of their repertoire of methods they use to defraud you, there is the infamous Apple Support scam, the latest addition to bad actors’ bag of tricks.

What is the best PDF app for students and educators? 


Quit struggling with PDFs. An easy-to-use PDF editor like PDFelement takes the hassles out of using PDFs.
An easy-to-use PDF editor like PDFelement takes the hassles out of using PDFs.
Photo: Wondershare

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The popularity of the PDF file format increases day by day. PDFs make it simple and reliable to share documents. However, despite the file format’s many amazing features and capabilities, many users show remain reluctant to use PDF files.

The reason behind this is the rigidity of PDF files. If you don’t have a dedicated app, it can prove maddeningly difficult to make changes.  Here, we are going to introduce you to what might be the best PDF editor app: Wondershare PDFelement. This app will let you make all desired changes to a PDF file. Let’s get to know more about this app.

BookFusion iOS app: A better way to read and manage your ebooks


BookFusion can replace the apps you use for e-book reading and management.
BookFusion offers advanced features that make reading ebooks and managing your digital library easier than ever.
Image: BookFusion

This post about ebook reader and management apps is presented by BookFusion.

If you love reading, BookFusion may be the ideal app for you. It allows you to have your entire ebook collection at your fingertips on any device you own. You can easily upload, organize, sync, read and share ebooks across all your devices.

All that, and the reading experience is pretty great, too. In fact, you can replace apps like Marvin 3, Kybooks and Calibre Companion with just one iOS app — BookFusion.

Top 11 tips to edit terrific video projects using Filmora video editor


Filmora puts advanced video editing features at your fingertips.
Filmora puts advanced video editing features at your fingertips.
Photo: Wondershare

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People post videos for various reasons, either for personal journaling or professional promotions. In fact, some focus on video production and editing as a career path, creating and posting new projects frequently. For these people, it is important to find a high-quality video editor platform with good performance, a variety of features and more.

It’s a crowded field, but Filmora video editor stands out in many ways. From dynamic functions and features to a straightforward, user-friendly interface, there is little not to love about the software. If you are curious about it, read on and learn how you can edit video with Filmora.