MacBook Pro concept shows how useful an OLED touchpad will be


Siri might even find a new home on the OLED touchpad.
This is what the new MacBook Pro may look like.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple might not unveil a radically redesigned MacBook Pro at WWDC next week, but thanks to artist Martin Hajek we’ve got the next best thing: concept images.

Cult of Mac’s favorite concept artist has created a series of mockups that show just how awesome it will be when Apple adds an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro. While last week’s spy photos gave us an early look at the new MacBook Pro’s frame, Hajek’s images show how the OLED touchpad could automatically change based on the apps you’re using.

Take a closer look at the rumored MacBook Pro OLED touchpad:

This could be our first look at the iPhone 7


"Leaked" iPhone 7 with Smart Connector (left) and iPhone 6s.
Photo: Bastille Post

The iPhone 7 may come with a Smart Connector if photos of what appears to be an early iPhone 7 Plus unit can be believed.

Photos of the alleged iPhone 7, leaked by a Chinese website, show Apple integrating a dual-lens camera into the design of the rear case. If the case is accurate, it looks like Apple won’t be ditching its protruding camera lens this year.

iPhone 7 concept is a blast from Apple’s past


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 13.51.58
Your next iPhone?
Photo: Arthur Reis

The iPhone 6s is only four months old, but Apple watchers already are looking to the future and imagining what delights the iPhone 7 may hold in store.

A new concept design created mixes the present iPhone 6s design with a curvaceous back piece straight out of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs era, complete with beautifully rounded edges. Check out a concept video below.

Sleek Apple Watch 2 concept inspires hope for the future


Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric Huismann
We hope Apple takes some cues from this cool Apple Watch 2 concept.
Photo: Eric Heisuman

If Cupertino is looking for some ideas for its next wearable, this slick Apple Watch 2 concept would be a good place to start.

The mock-up comes from designer Eric Huismann, and he has some cool ideas for how the future of Apple’s smartwatches could look and behave. Along with some nice cosmetic changes, Huismann’s version of the device also boasts some of the features that didn’t make it into the first wave.

‘Leaked’ Apple ad envisions a colorful iPhone 6s


The iPhone needs a splash of color.
The iPhone needs a splash of color.
Photo: Tony Knoxville

The iPhone 6s keynote is less than a month away, and while Apple’s not expected to bring any huge design changes to its newest smartphones, the new models could be the most colorful phones out of Cupertino since the iPhone 5c.

Someone has created a fake “leaked” iPhone 6s commercial that envisions what the iPhone 6s would look like if it came in more color options than the iPod Touch. Even though the 30-second spot that supposedly comes straight from an Apple office is definitely not made by Apple, it’s interesting to see what the iPhone would look like if Apple made it as fun as the original iPod ads.

Check it out:

Apple Watch gets fashionable in carbon-fiber concept


Carbon-fiber Apple Watch concept.
Carbon-fiber Apple Watch concept.
Photo: Feld and Volk

The Apple Watch is the most functional smartwatch you can slap on your wrist, but when it comes to style, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Russian design team Feld & Volk is ready to fix that, though, with an Apple Watch concept that draws upon the latest watchmaking trends used by top manufacturers.

What iPhone would have looked like back in 1984



Apple has become the most valuable company in the world thanks to the incredible success of the iPhone. Over half a billion iPhones have been sold since the original was released in 2007, but do you ever wonder what the smartphone would look like had Apple made it back in 1984?

Pierre Cerveau reimagined Apple’s flagship product in his neat “Macintosh Phone Concept” that takes inspiration from one of Apple’s other killer products — the Macintosh 512k.

Take a closer look:

Shock horror! iPhone 7 concept takes a page out of Samsung’s playbook


Who needs a bezel?
Who needs a bezel?
Photo: Hasan Kaymak

If the multiple worlds theory of quantum mechanics is correct, there is a universe out there somewhere in which Apple slavishly copies every move Samsung makes in the handset department.

A new iPhone 7 concept by designer Hasan Kaymak shows us what that parallel world would look like by demonstrating an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display much like the one Samsung uses for its current Galaxy S6 Edge.

As pointless gimmicks go, it’s actually a pretty neat one.