Shock horror! iPhone 7 concept takes a page out of Samsung’s playbook


Who needs a bezel?
Who needs a bezel?
Photo: Hasan Kaymak

If the multiple worlds theory of quantum mechanics is correct, there is a universe out there somewhere in which Apple slavishly copies every move Samsung makes in the handset department.

A new iPhone 7 concept by designer Hasan Kaymak shows us what that parallel world would look like by demonstrating an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display much like the one Samsung uses for its current Galaxy S6 Edge.

As pointless gimmicks go, it’s actually a pretty neat one.

While a lot of people would cite this as an example of Apple borrowing a Samsung innovation if it did happen, the reality is somewhat different.

As it happens, Apple has actually explored the concept of “bezel-less” wraparound displays for some time and has filed multiple patents that predate both the Galaxy S6 Edge and the earlier Galaxy Note Edge.

In reality, I don’t expect a wraparound iPhone display to happen anytime soon, but at least we know it’d look pretty sweet if Apple decided to move in that direction.

Via: iClarified