Pink iPhone 6s revealed in new leaked images


Looks pretty, right?
Photo: Daliulian

Photos showing a supposed pink iPhone 6s have popped up on Chinese social media — and the positive response from users has been enormous.

Hundreds of thousands of people have shared the pictures, which appear to confirm rumors we’ve heard dating back as far as March.

Check out more of the photos below:

Looks pretty, right?



Apple has, of course, had a pink iPhone before, with the iPhone 5c offering a hot pink color as one of its available options. However, the shade of pink shown in the new pictures is more subdued, similar to the rose gold color Apple debuted with the Apple Watch.

Seeing as Apple isn’t offering any major (visible) external changes for the iPhone 6s, it would make sense to debut a new color device for those people who care more about the appearance of their handset than how it actually works.

And if the pictures are fake? Well, judging from their popularity, Apple would be foolish if it didn’t roll out a pink iPhone in the near future.

Would you buy a pink iPhone 6s? Leave your comments below.

Source: Daliulian

Via: i4u

  • TJ

    Could just as easily be one of those top chinese knock offs that have been doing the rounds in pink lately.

  • looks okay but we need blue.. and red.

    • AKC322

      Why am I reminded of Pepto-Bismol? I want mine in matte-black plastic.

      • Jim

        I don’t know why, its not even close to the same shade. Does any pink color remind you of Pepto? That sucks…

      • MaskedRacerX

        He has several recurring GI issues …

    • Officer Dribble

      Red…hell yeah!

  • Scott Howard

    Anyone could change the colors from Gold or Silver iPhones to pink with just a few clicks in most photo editing apps

    • FredSter


    • Simon Paffage

      Incorrect, it’s not that easy. More than a few clicks anyway especially the one with the reflection.

  • Jim

    Looks fantastic actually. If it’s real, and I hope it is, my wife will definitely choose this over the gold one.

  • UZ

    If they’re gonna do pink, please also can we have purple.

  • Stev0

    Fake …the ring at Touch ID should be rose as any other iPhone 6 like gold and space gray …
    And the bottom screws of I think they are fake

    • Charlie Currie

      Good eye. Someone got cute with a silver phone in photoshop (or the chinese PS equivalent).

  • Sam Del Valle

    We need blue and red!

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  • Tushar Sharma

    Gosh! I really wish if Steve Jobs was alive, even that Gold iPhone 6 with white antenna strips looks horrible to me.

  • kimiller

    but what’s the point when you have to cover it up with a case to protect it?!

  • Jorge Viani

    Wouldnt buy one, but is better looking than that pissed colored golden one

  • Craig

    You can already buy the 6 and 6+ here in China in this color, along with Blue, Orange, green etc. It is a custom back plate this is not 6S.