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iPhone 16 could feature a new capacitive Capture Button


iPhone 15 in hand
Apple could also switch to a capacitive Action button with the 2024 iPhones.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple reportedly plans to introduce a new capacitive button on next year’s iPhone 16 lineup. Known as the “Capture Button” internally, the button is currently in the testing phase.

With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple replaced the mute switch with the Action button. It enables additional functionality that was previously not possible.

Today in Apple history: Apple denies Steve Jobs’ love of ninja stars


Today in Apple history: Apple denies Steve Jobs' love of ninja stars
Jobs apparently tried to take one of these on his private jet.
Photo: SecretNinjaNews

September 14: Today in Apple history: Apple denies Steve Jobs' love of ninja stars September 14, 2010: Security workers reportedly stop Steve Jobs at Japan’s Kansai International Airport. The reason? The Apple CEO supposedly tried to bring ninja throwing stars onto his private plane while heading home from vacation.

It’s one of the most bizarre Jobs stories ever. Apple, however, quickly spoils the internet’s fun. Cupertino issues a statement describing the reports as “pure fiction” (although Apple acknowledges that Jobs visited Japan over the summer).

What to expect from Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 [Updated]


What to expect from Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2
We already know quite a bit about What to expect from Apple Watch Series 9. And Apple Watch Ultra 2 as well.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

Apple will unveil the next generation of Apple Watch on Tuesday at its Wonderlust event, but you don’t have to wait to find out what the new wearables will offer: Many of the details have leaked out already.

Here’s what we know about Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the next Apple Watch SE.

Why iPhone 15 will be Apple’s cheapest since 2007


Take an early look at the likely iPhone 15 color options
The "standard" iPhone 15 will cost less, in real world terms, than any predecessor for many years.
Photo: Sonny Dickson/Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

Those ordering an iPhone 15 can do so knowing they’ll pay less for it in real-world cost than for any just-launched Apple flagship handset since the original.

But that doesn’t mean there’s a giant price cut coming. The magic words here are “adjusted for inflation.”

What to expect from the iPhone 15 series: USB-C, titanium and more [Updated]


What to expect from the redesigned, faster iPhone 15
The iPhone 15 series is only a days away, but you don't have to wait for the details.
Image: Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

Apple will launch the iPhone 15 on September 12 at the Wonderlust event, but you don’t have to wait — leaks have revealed plenty of details already. This year’s models will allegedly be faster in multiple ways, plus there’ll be design changes, including USB-C and the Dynamic Island for everyone.

Here’s everything we’re expected from Apple’s new-for-2023 iPhone lineup.

Apple ‘Wonderlust’ event predictions and last-minute leaks! [The CultCast]


Apple Wonderlust event predictions on The CultCast episode 611.
Who will rack up the most correct predictions? We'll know Tuesday!
Image: Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: We’re putting our million-dollar reputations on the line with predictions for Apple’s upcoming “Wonderlust” event. Who will come out on top when the truth is revealed on September 12? (See Griffin’s scorecard for our picks.)

Also on The CultCast:

  • A last-minute leak gives us a solid look at the camera systems on the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro might get an upgrade that makes it even more MacBook-like.
  • And speaking of MacBooks, will Apple really release a cut-rate laptop to compete with Chromebooks? A MacBook SE sounds plausible …

Listen to this week’s episode of The CultCast in the Podcasts app or your favorite podcast app. (Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you like it!) Or watch the video live stream, embedded below.

What to expect at the Apple ‘Wonderlust’ event on September 12


Apple clearly hopes we'll love the iPhone and Apple Watch coming at its September event.
There should be plenty to love at Apple's September 12 event.
Image: Cult of Mac
Wonderlust 2023

Apple’s biggest event of the year is only a few days away. On September 12, Tim Cook and Co. will reveal at least six new Apple products and possibly more.

The event is titled “Wonderlust” — Apple clearly hopes the new iPhone 15 series and fresh Apple Watch models will fill us with an uncontrollable desire to buy.

Can’t wait to find out what’s coming? We don’t blame you. Here’s everything that leaks already revealed about the handsets and wearables on Tuesday’s agenda.

All AirPods might get USB-C charging in 2024


Apple AirPods 3 Review
An AirPods 3 charging case with USB-C might be on Apple's radar.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple could release charging cases that use USB-C for lower-priced AirPods in 2024, according to an unconfirmed report. A similar case for premium AirPods Pro 2 is expected at Apple’s September event next week.

And Apple might bring USB-C to AirPods Max next year, too, as part of a general move away from Lightning.

iPhone 15 Pro might not get a price bump


iPhone 15 Concept
iPhone 15 Pro could ship with 8GB RAM but base storage could remain unchanged.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Contrary to rumors, research firm TrendForce thinks Apple will not hike the iPhone 15 Pro’s price. Instead, only the Pro Max model will see a price bump.

The Taiwanese firm predicts the iPhone 15 Pro Max will start at $1,199, a $100 increase from the 2022 model.