Upcoming iPhone XI gets third eye in intriguing new renders


This weird design looks kind of cool.
Photo: MKHBD

With renders and dummy units showing how a third rear camera might look on 2019 iPhones, there’s still some debate about how the new lens array will look on the final product.

Notorious smartphone-leaker Ben Geskin tweeted a few images this morning showing a different take on the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max than we’ve seen before. Instead of having a giant black tile in the back, Geskin suggests Apple may not hide the lenses at all. Instead, the three-lens array would be on full display.

Is this what the iPhone XI will really look like?

Video showcases all this year’s new iPhone models


2019 iPhone
Get ready for the 'bug eye' camera setup.
Screenshot: Marques Brownlee

A new video serves up what could be the best glimpse so far at Apple’s next-gen handsets.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee gives his thoughts on dummy models of the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R. While these aren’t working units, they are dimensionally correct mockups created for iPhone case-makers. As such, you can put decent stock in these being pretty accurate.

No, Apple hasn’t canceled its AR glasses project


Apple glasses
Apple Glasses could be the next big thing.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Production of Apple’s upcoming augmented reality glasses has supposedly been “terminated,” according to one of the worst sources of Apple rumors on the internet.

A number of websites have taken DigiTimes’ dubious report of the canceled Apple smart glasses as fact. However, after digging into iOS 13’s assets, one of the best Apple sleuths in the world says there’s still a lot of evidence that the AR glasses might come even sooner than expected.

Awesome new iPad lineup could already be in production


Evidence that Apple is prepping new iPad tablets is popping up around the world.
Photo: Apple

The first details about multiple unannounced 2019 iPad models are leaking out. Several Apple tablets just appeared in a Eurasian intergovernmental agency’s database.

And production for at least one of these devices begins this month, according to a source in Asia.

New iPhone 11 processor should smoke Android’s best


TSMC 7nm processor
Transistors just 7nm apart are the secret of the Apple A13’s speed.
Photo: TSMC

This fall’s iPhone models will supposedly include a processor able to outperform any Android handset. It apparently won’t be just a little bit better, either. The source for this unconfirmed report on the A13 chip says it will offer “a one-year advantage” in graphics performance. Multi-core performance supposedly will get a large boost, too.

16-inch MacBook Pro could arrive sooner than you think


A concept for how a next-gen MacBook Pro could look.
Photo: Viktor Kadar

A new 16-inch MacBook Pro is coming this fall, according to analysts at IHS Markit. This would give it the largest screen size of any MacBook Pro model currently available. (Although it still would be smaller than the dearly departed 17-inch model.)

The analysts claim Apple will unleash the new laptop at the company’s September media event alongside the new iPhone.