iPhone 7 concept is a blast from Apple’s past


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 13.51.58
Your next iPhone?
Photo: Arthur Reis

The iPhone 6s is only four months old, but Apple watchers already are looking to the future and imagining what delights the iPhone 7 may hold in store.

A new concept design created mixes the present iPhone 6s design with a curvaceous back piece straight out of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs era, complete with beautifully rounded edges. Check out a concept video below.

While Arthur Reis’ concept design is far from the most futuristic vision of the iPhone 7 I’ve seen, it’s actually one that I like a lot. It looks a lot like a thinner iPod touch, which is a design I would definitely be on board for.

Still, we’ve got nine months or so until we see whether it is anything like Apple’s real design for the iPhone 7, which reportedly will be waterproof, charge wirelessly and lack a headphone jack.

Would you go for an iPhone 7 design like Reis’ concept, or should Apple try something completely new? Or perhaps even pay homage to another of its iPhones of the past? Leave your comments below.

Via: PhoneArena

  • The Graz

    Not a fan. Maybe its just me, maybe its the horrible music they chose to play with this. Im hoping they go with that same finish. I enjoy the matte look to it. I didn’t really care for the curve of the back either. Its kinda like the 3GS. Like the flat form factor of it now.

  • igorsky

    Looks beautiful except that it would like shit after about a week of use. You’d always need a case.

    • The Graz

      Like the back of the iPod classics.

  • UZ

    No thanks. I’d like to see a carbon fibre design.

  • Don Luther

    Yeah sure, they’re going to make it more slippery and it will come with a coat of grease on it to ensure that and finger smudges. This guy also didn’t get the memo on the headphone jack.

  • Hildebrand

    Looks like a first generation iPod touch!

  • rerre

    looks like an ipod 4 sooooo ulgy

  • Michael Hartmann

    Steve would have fired the person that came up with this “idea”

  • Faslane

    no….I didn’t like the 3G 3GS form at all…..slick, fingerprints etc etc.

  • Donny Berlinger

    The reason why Apple would never use that design is because it looks like the iPod Touch 4. They wouldn’t go back on a design that they have already used and then bring it back. I don’t think I’v ever seen Apple do that anyway. This design also just seems to just show a different design of the iPhone 6S. The guy never even payed attention to the fact that their might not be a headphone jack. This is the iPhone 7. Not another design of the 6S.

  • Undivided

    The volume buttons and power buttons sitting on that slant would be extremely difficult to navigate. Reminds me of my old iPod touch. Could never navigate the volume buttons without 2 hands. Horrible design in my opinion.

  • NoNonsense74

    Agree with others… don’t like the design. anyways, focus this year will be VR and if apple sits and watches, it will be a disaster as Oculus rift will rule 2016 unlike Pebble (for watches) as they (OR) think a lot like Apple. Lot of startups have learnt a lot about thinking about the “backside of the fence”. I could be wrong, but phones are reaching a saturation to the limit.

  • Nick

    ….and the stainless steel look is a throwback to how scratched up your iPod was….yeah I think Apple has learned from that now they don’t have any stainless products (other than the Watch)

  • logankevin

    Nice concept video..Few suggestions for the concept creator..hope you don’t mind :)

    Please add a thin ‘metal bevel/chrome surface’ perimeter (similar to the 3g/3gs or iphone 5/5s) Applee bling.

    Remove the buttons on the sides (make them pressure sensitive 2d surface buttons with haptic feedback) to make the exterior seamless. Include minute led light (similar to macbook battery light) ‘pattern scrolling notification’ on the front surface (not on screen) to restrict screen reference only to important stuff(thus conserving battery).

    Remove the headphone socket, add an auto close lid to the lightning port, make the speaker holes very tiny or use a flat surface speakers/glass speakers/screen surface speaker (make the phone exterior surface as seamless as possible)

    Center align the flash light, add a second camera to the right (dual cameras with different focal length) then bring the 2 cameras closer with the flash in center.

    I wish apple makes the iphone 7s like this

  • imtough

    No headphone jack, no home button on face or GTFO.

  • Thomas

    I’m not a fan of the seize of the new iphones not even the iphone 6. If you could get the seize of the iphone 5 but more creative look it would be my dream look. By creative mean that you shouldn’t make something you’ve already made but somwthing new and exciting :D