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iPad mini concept shows why it really needs to lose the bezels


iPad mini concept is cool but not happening.
An iPad mini concept drops the size of this tablet even more by cutting the bezels.
Concept: Parker Ortolani

The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch screen surrounded by bezels. Big ones. So a concept artist drew up some images that show how much smaller this tablet could be with an edge-to-edge display. The result is a device that’s nearly 20% smaller.

But Apple might be going in the opposite direction: making a mini with a larger screen.

First Apple Watch concept drawing reveals brilliance of original designs


Apple Watch concept
Imran Chaudhri drew this Apple Watch concept sketch long before the release of this wearable.
Photo: Imran Chaudhri

Imran Chaudhri, who played a pivotal role in the Apple Watch’s creation, offered an inside look into the device’s design process Friday, showing off an early concept drawing of the smartwatch’s home screen.

His sketch, shared on the 5-year anniversary of the Apple Watch launch, looks amazingly close to what is in use now. He also showed off a video of the very first Apple Watch band and talked about the history of some Watch faces.

iPhone concept with detachable display will blow your mind


iPhone concept with a removable secondary display
No content with one display, an iPhone concept suggests a pair — one removable.
Screenshot: Caviar

Rejecting the idea of flexible screens, an artist at Caviar dreamed up an iPhone concept with a detachable secondary display instead. This allows for real multitasking, or the handset to be snapped into a tablet or netbook.

Not stoping there, the artist created a concept video with multiple other innovative iPhone designs that might debut in next decade.

Watch it now:

iOS 13 concept shows how iPad file management ought to work


iOS 13 files app iPad mount an external drive
Having an iPad mount an external drive isn’t asking for too much, is it?
Photo: Daniel Korpai

A new concept video imagines Apple’s tablet without the limitations on file management that frustrate so many iPad users. In it, the designer combines his re-imagined iOS Files app with earlier work improving multitasking.

Watch his video now:

Brilliant folding touchscreen MacBook concept is almost a reality


Astro HQ’s MacBook concept has a flexible touchscreen in place of the keyboard and trackpad.
This MacBook concept has a flexible touchscreen in place of the keyboard and trackpad.
Photo: Astro HQ

Astro HQ, makers of Luna Display, dreamed up a macOS laptop concept with a foldable display that covers the entire interior of the MacBook. The design includes a touchscreen and Apple Pencil support.

Artists’ concepts are often impractical dreams for the future but a version of this can be assembled right now. Sort of.