An Apple drone? One man dares to dream


The Apple Drone is one man's unauthorized concept. But he seemed to get the design right. Photo: Eric Huisman
The Apple Drone is an unauthorized concept, but the design looks right. Photo: Eric Huisman

We have Apple products atop our desks, in our pockets and, soon, on our wrists. As if there aren’t enough Apples in our airspace, one man is nudging his favorite company to design a quadrocopter. He’s even taken a stab at designing his dream Apple drone — and was careful to remain faithful to the Jony Ive aesthetic.

Eric Huisman presents his Apple drone concept like a classic Apple ad, with the product photographed on a seamless white background, perfectly lit, with a subtle shadow.

Huisman sees it in a white, industrial plastic with curves reminiscent of the iMac G3 from 2001.

“With the ‘Apple Drone,’ the company could usher in the next era,” Huisman writes in German on his site. “The design is in typical Apple style: A shiny white combined with dark blacks that leave the drone look very noble and high quality.”

One of four cameras in Eric Huisman's concept of an Apple drone. Photo: Eric Huisman
One of four cameras in Eric Huisman’s concept of an Apple drone. Photo: Eric Huisman

The curves of his Apple drone are not for design purposes only. His concept equips the quadrocopter with four cameras, each with an extreme wide-angle lens capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second.

The cameras would be networked to produce “breathtaking” panoramic views. Oh, and streaming to YouTube would be part of the camera function.

Huisman doesn’t mention any practical challenges like weight, a slot for a micro SD card or battery power.

But presumably, he has enough faith in Apple’s design team to make such a drone unlike any other hovering above. Seems like he just wanted to nudge them with the idea.

  • JohnyMyko

    Looks nothing like something Apple would design. People think just slapping Apple’s logo on a 3D render and make an image with the same font is enough but it isn’t. They need to learn more about how Apple and Jony Ive work.

  • Metaspan

    IMHO… You’ve missed it completely!! An Apple drone would be a circular ring with Dyson type airfoil and Bernoulli effect lift and propulsion. It would have a single high performance camera on a programable gimbal, and an all day battery life — for starters –.

    • El Moosey

      All day battery life? They still need to perfect that on the iPhones.

      • Metaspan

        Not everything can, or should be, judged against the iPhone. Plus, a drone function and physical structure would likely allow for application of totally different tech.
        Battery tech is advancing rather quickly right now; with chemistries, reaction physics, and physical states entering new and developing territory, allowing faster charging and greater capacities.
        Even fuel cell tech is making advancements in room temp reaction states and not so exotic element catalysts with equal or better results.
        Apple engineers have already shown more than capable abilities of commercializing new tech and production methods, which solve previously untenable problems. When the time is right, they will again– for the drone.

  • Reality

    If Apple puts the letter “i” in front of one more fucking thing i am going to fucking iPuke. Company should be called iJumped.