Pixelmator’s image editing app is now available for iPhone

Your new photo studio.
Photo: Pixelmator

As one of the best Photoshop competitors on Mac and iPad, the superb photo editing tool Pixelmator is finally available for iPhone.

Promising to be more powerful than other iPhone image editing apps, Pixelmator’s universal app boasts support for layers, in-depth color adjustments, pro-level photo retouching, real-time photo warping, and even digital painting.

Check out a preview video below:

Pixelmator integrates with new MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad


A staple Mac app now supports Apple's new trackpad. Photo: Pixelmator
A staple Mac app now supports Apple's new trackpad. Photo: Pixelmator

The new MacBook has been out for a couple of weeks, and OS X apps are starting to take advantage of its Force Touch trackpad.

Pixelmator, a popular photo editor and Photoshop alternative on the Mac, is an early example of how third-party developers are utilizing Force Touch. The app recently added support for the pressure sensitive trackpad along with a number of other improvements.

How To Easily Change The File Type Of A Folder Full Of Images [OS X Tips]


Batch Processing Pixelmator

One of the things we get a lot here at Cult of Mac, especially in our coverage of games, is folders full of promotional images. Now, for a variety of reasons, we often need to change the type of those images from, say, PNG to JPG files.

You can use Preview, of course, opening them all at once, and then selecting them all, then exporting them all to a new folder with a new image type. It’s workable, but it’s tedious.

Using Pixelmator, an affordable image editing program for the Mac, Automator (no relation), a scripting app bundled in Mac OS X, and Alfred, a pretty slick app launching application, you can make these changes much faster.

Here’s how.