Pixelmator for iOS costs a mere 99 cents right now

Pixelmator for iOS costs a mere 99 cents right now


Get the best image-editing app on iOS for under a dollar.
Photo: Pixelmator

Pixelmator, one of the simplest yet most powerful image editing apps for iOS, costs a mere 99 cents for a limited time only. The discount saves you $4 and makes Pixelmator an even more affordable alternative to Photoshop.

If you haven’t already heard of Pixelmator, you must be new to iOS. It puts all the tools you need for photography, painting and graphic design in your pocket, giving you the ability to enhance your favorite images, bring your sketches to life, and create advanced image compositions.

It’s incredibly powerful, with a plethora of impressive features and tools, yet wonderfully easy to use. The app is also fully compatible with Apple Pencil, and it takes advantage of the latest iOS technologies, including Metal.

It’s basically Photoshop designed to work better on iOS and at a fraction of the cost. It uses iCloud instead of a propriety (and costly) syncing service, so you can easily transfer your work between iPhone, iPad and macOS. You can also share it to services like Flickr and Facebook.

Pixelmator supports PSD, JPEG, PNG and lots of other image formats. You can even open, edit and save Photoshop images with multiple layers.

At 99 cents, this is the cheapest Pixelmator has ever been on iOS. Go grab it now before the price goes back up!