Apple’s helpful new videos show how to get the most of iOS 11


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We're in love with the iPad Pro.
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iPhone and iPad owners can finally enjoy iOS 11 starting today and Apple’s got some spanking new videos to help you dive right in.

Apple published a series of new how-to videos on iOS 11 that cover a range of topics like converting handwritten notes into type and editing photos. The helpful new videos also cover some cool third-party apps that take advantage of the software update’s new features.

Watch them all right here:

Converting handwriting to type

With iOS 11 and the iPad Pro, you can now scribble down handwritten notes in apps like GoodNotes and then have it automatically converted into text. It’s perfect for students or anyone else that prefers writing by hand but wants a digital copy instead.

Copy and paste across devices

You can now copy and paste something on your iPhone and then paste it into notes or anything else on your iPad thanks to the new Universal Clipboard. It only takes a few steps and works with third-party apps.

Editing photos

The Photos app in iOS 11 got some big upgrades making it easier than ever to make quick edits. You can also make more advanced edits with apps like Pixelmator which lets you do stuff like erasing people out of your pics.

For more tips on how to use all of iOS 11’s new features, check out Cult of Mac’s iOS 11 round-up of how-tos and tricks.

  • Richard Ludwig

    “iOS turns the iPad into a true Mac replacement.”

    Am I alone here? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE iOS and iOS 11 is a nice update, but how does anything in iOS 11 make it any more or less of a Mac replacement than iOS 10?

    I seriously don’t see the iPad being able to do anything more than it could before except for move files around (and I have a really hard time believing that’s the big thing that suddenly makes it worthy of replacing a Mac.

    • Bespin

      It marketing speak from Tim Cook who called the Surface a toaster/fridge and the iPad the future off PCs… the problem is some people believe him.

      In the future we will be moving to fluid mobility and the devices are not the central portion of that paradigm. So the iPad will never be a PC replacement. In fact the only thing that may replace PCs is fluid mobility.

      People that try to use the ipad “pro” as a PC seem to be in denial.

    • lattermanstudio

      no kidding !!! …… it got a ways to go ………… how about letting us run a full version of osx on our ipads…. that would be perfect !!!

  • Walt Schilling

    is this that native advertising the dang kid keep telling me about?

  • Tristan Hubsch