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Apple kills development of Aperture and iPhoto for OS X


Apple gave developers an early preview of its upcoming Photos app this month at WWDC, but what it didn’t tell anyone is that new app for iOS will also overthrow Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture apps for OS X.

A new Photos app for OS X isn’t expected to land on Macs until next year, but in a statement released to The Loop, Apple says it has already stopped development on its professional photography application, Aperture.

Here’s the official statement:

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This iPhone app scans your videos to pull fantastic still photos


There are some fantastic photos hidden in the videos you’ve shot on your iPhone over the years. You just need to know where to look.

That idea’s the starting point for new iOS app Vhoto, which uses computer vision technology to intelligently scan through your videos to find and extract the best photographic moments.

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Leaked iPad Air 2 Panel Shows Apple Switching To Integrated LCDs


iPhone 6 component leaks have begun erupting up like wildfires the past week, setting the web ablaze with promises of a bigger iPhone, but according to some new leaked photos Apple is also tweaking the design of the iPad Air to be thinner than ever.

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Apple Buys Maker Of SnappyCam, A Hi-Speed Camera App For iPhone


Apple has acquired SnappyLabs, the small startup behind the SnappyCam iPhone app, according to a report from TechCrunch. SnappyCam gave the user the ability to shoot 20 full-res photos per second with the iPhone’s camera. By comparison, Apple’s new Burst Mode on the iPhone 5s can only capture 10 photos per second.

The price Apple paid and exact date of the acquisition remain unknown, but the SnappyCam app was recently pulled from the App Store.

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What The iPad 5 Will Look Like When It Finally Gets To The Apple Store [Gallery]


The iPad 5 is set to be unveiled on October 22nd, but thanks to all the leaks of rear shells, displays, and more, we pretty much already know what its going to look like when Cookie finally drops the curtain next week.

However, if you’re just dying for more glimpses of Apple’s new tablet before it comes out, our friend Martin Hajek has got you covered with these new renders that show what Jony’s latest slab of silicon, glass and aluminium will look like once its resting peacefully in the Apple Store sanctuaries.

Take a look:

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‘Snapshots’ Lets Everyone at an Event Pool Their iPhone Photos and Videos [Daily Freebie]


Snapshots is a fantastic idea, and one I can see being used pretty heavily at weddings — or by, say, a gaggle of journalists who shoot an event and might need to pool their images.

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Facebook For iOS Gets New Photo Viewer Button, Better Places Editing

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 14.53.20

Facebook for iOS has received another new update today, which adds a new “photo viewer button” which allows you to save and share images, and make them your profile picture. It also makes improvements to places editing, and more.

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Google+ Gets New Features, Improvements On Android & iOS


The Google+ apps for Android and iOS have today been updated with a number of new features and improvements. Both apps get user interface tweaks and the ability to re-share posts to communities, while iOS users will also see a number of Snapseed filters that will allow them to enhance their photos before they post them.

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Trygger Is A Polarizing Lens For iPhone 5 That Kills Glare & Gives You Sharper Snaps


Meet Trygger, a new polarizing lens for the iPhone 5 that was born on Kickstarter and aims to provide you with better smartphone snaps. The device clips onto your handset in an instant, then removes unwanted glare and reflections and makes your images sharper and more vibrant. 

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This Has to Be The World’s Most Impregnable Laptop and Camera Bag


One type of bag was conspicuously missing from the lineup when Pelican released its ProGear line a few months back. There was a smorgasbord-like selection of tablet- and laptop-toting bags — but nothing for camera gear. Now Pelican has filled that space, integrating their vault-like case technology in the new S130 ProGear laptop/camera backpack.

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