Leaked iPad Air 2 Panel Shows Apple Switching To Integrated LCDs



iPhone 6 component leaks have begun erupting up like wildfires the past week, setting the web ablaze with promises of a bigger iPhone, but according to some new leaked photos Apple is also tweaking the design of the iPad Air to be thinner than ever.

Pictures of an alleged next-generation iPad Air LCD straight from a source in China were published by One More Thing this morning that indicate Apple will reduce the iPad Air’s thickness by moving to an integrated LCD panel.

Apple currently uses separate LCD and panel parts on the iPad Air and iPad mini but the leaked parts suggest will make the LCD part of the front panel glass.

The current iPad Air’s LCD module measures 1.5mm thick, but by laminating the LCD into the glass – similar to the process used on MacBook Pro displays – Apple could shave a few extra tenths of a millimeter off the iPad Air’s 7.5mm thin frame.

Another possibility is that Apple could just keep the iPad Air at the same thickness and use the extra room vacated by the integrated LCD to pack in a larger battery or new components. We’ll know a little more once some next-gen iPad Air rear shells leak, which at this pace, won’t be long.

Source: One More Thing