You can now send photo and video replies to Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories replies
Instagram Stories gets another new feature.
Photo: Instagram

Now that Stories are huge on Instagram, the company is doing all it can to maintain its incredible growth. Today, it is added the ability to send photo and video replies to your friends.

The update comes just weeks after Instagram revealed that Stories sees over 250 million users every day. In comparison, Snapchat, which introduced Stories long before Instagram ripped it off, has around 166 million users in total.

Instagram wants to make sure its feature remains top dog by making it even better. With its latest update, it has added the ability to send photo, video, and Boomerang replies — alongside regular text responses.

Simply hit the camera button in the bottom corner of the app when watching a Story and you’ll be able to snap a photo, record a video, or create a Boomerang reply. You can add resizable stickers, filters, and the Rewind effect before sending.

You reply will end up in the recipients direct message inbox. As with disappearing photos, you’ll know if your reply is replayed or screenshotted.

“Today’s update is just one of the ways we’re working to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with friends on Instagram,” the company says. You can download this update from the App Store now.