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Apple Releases Mac Pro Cinema Teaser Ad To YouTube


Apple began running its Mac Pro teaser ad in theaters before showings Jobs last week, but now that no one is up to seeing Kutcher doing his worst Steve impression, Apple’s pushed the ad out onto YouTube.

The ad is essentially the same as one that was shown during the Mac Pro announcement at WWDC, except they’ve added some new cinematic-styled text at the end.

Here’s the full teaser:

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Almost Half Of Top iPad Apps Are Unavailable Or Unoptimized For Android Tablets [Report]


Almost half of the top 50 apps on iPad are unavailable or have not been optimized for competing devices that run Google’s Android operating system. That’s according to a new report from Canalys, which believes Google should be doing more to encourage top developers to build high-quality tablet apps for its platform.

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Apple Promotes FaceTime In New iPhone 5 Ad [Video]


Apple has uploaded a new iPhone 5 ad today to its YouTube channel that showcases FaceTime video calling. Entitled “FaceTime Every Day,” the one-minute clip continues the “Every Day” series which began earlier this year, promoting features that are more popular on the iPhone than on any other smartphone.

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T-Mobile: AT&T’s Early Upgrade Program Is ‘Calculating, Sneaky, Underhanded’


AT&T’s new early upgrade program is “calculating, sneaky, underhanded,” according to a new print ad from T-Mobile that will be published in USA Today.

AT&T Next is designed to let customers upgrade their smartphone more often — once every 12 months — and it is a direct competitor to T-Mobile’s new Jump plan. But T-Mobile has been quick to make its feelings about Next clear, accusing AT&T of trying to take more money from its customers.

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In Case You Didn’t Already Get Enough Spam, Google Will Deliver Ads To Your Gmail Inbox


I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time deleting spam messages from my inbox — despite using a junk mail filter. But the issue is about to get a whole lot worse, with Google gearing up to deliver adverts to our Gmail inboxes. The messages will appear under the new Promotions tab that was recently introduced in a Gmail update, and Google is testing them on a small number of users now.

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Samsung Airs Weird Galaxy S4 Ad In Iceland With Another Unsubtle Stab At Apple

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.28.58

Samsung has produced a new Galaxy S4 commercial for Iceland, and it’s possibly one of its weirdest smartphone adverts yet. It features some really strange dancing from a bunch of unconvincing ninjas, and a less than subtle dig at Apple using real apples.

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Nokia Depicts iPhone Owners As Brain-Dead Zombies In Awful New Lumia Ad [Video]


Nokia has a new ad out for its latest Lumia 925 smartphone, and it attempts to praise the handset’s camera abilities by depicting iPhone owners as brain-dead zombies who have to use flash to take photos in the dark. Yeah, it makes no sense to me, either. Check it out below.

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Microsoft Mocks The iPad (Again!) In New Dell XPS Ad [Video]


Microsoft just loves to poke fun at the iPad, doesn’t it?

It has already aired a number of commercials for the Asus VivoTab that mock its size, weight, lack of Office support, its inability to run two apps simultaneously, and most of all its price. And now the software giant is doing the same on behalf of Dell.

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Apple Explains Why It Designs Products [Video]

Apple kicked off its WWDC keynote yesterday with an animated video explaining the philosophy behind its design process. Now the segment has been uploaded to Apple’s YouTube channel for the world to see.

“Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.” The video is very much about the company’s core values, like the ad we showed you yesterday.

Bloomberg says that “ads coming this summer won’t focus on the iPhone or any other single product, instead promoting Apple’s brand appeal and its collection of products that work seamlessly together.” The most recent TV ads to come out of Apple have focused on specific aspects of the iPhone, like music and photography.

Apps Help Google Triple YouTube Ad Sales On Mobile


Google’s YouTube apps for Android and iOS have helped the company triple advertising sales on mobile in the past six months, the company has said. Mobile ads now contribute an estimated $350 million to YouTube’s revenue, with around a quarter of the site’s 1 billion users accessing videos on smartphones and tablets.

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