Apple’s touching Mother’s Day ad was shot on iPhone

Apple's new ad is all about moms.
Apple's new ad is all about moms.
Photo: Truman P/Youtube

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and to celebrate, Apple has published a new video ad that spotlights mothers across the globe.

The new ad was shot entirely on iPhone, only instead of hiring a high-profile filmmaker to shoot the touching commercial, Apple compiled a collection of photos and short videos of moms shot by amateur photographers and iPhone users.

Watch it below:

Google takes a subtle swipe at Apple in new Android ad


"Be together. Not the same."
Photo: Google

Google takes a leaf out of Samsung’s marketing playbook in its latest Android ad, with a subtle swipe at Apple and the lack of choice you get when you choose iOS.

“Monotune” is part of the company’s “Be together. Not the same.” campaign, and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

Twitter doesn’t force ads upon ‘VIP’ users


I'm not famous enough to lose promoted tweets.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Our Twitter timelines have become swamped with ads and sponsored tweets, but if you’re famous enough, you don’t have to see them.

To provide its “VIP” users with a greater experience, and to prevent them from wandering to rival services, Twitter has all but stopped injecting ads into their timelines.

Apple Music ad goes backstage on Kenny Chesney’s tour


Who knew Kenny Chesney is an Apple fanboy?
Who knew Kenny Chesney is an Apple fanboy?
Photo: Apple

Apple Music has gone country in the streaming service’s latest ad that debuted last night during ABC’s broadcast of the Country Music Awards. The new ad gives viewers a backstage peek at Kenny Chesney’s ‘No Shoes Nation’ tour as the country singer uses Apple Music to create playlists, and discover new tunes

Along with waxing philosophical about the ‘human element’ Apple Music offers, the one-minute ad also features the Apple Watch that’s worn by Chesney to track his workouts as he slams medicine balls into the ground while aspiring to become a bull rider.

Watch the new ad below: