Apple sends it off the high-dive in new iPhone 7 ad


Taking your iPhone to the pool is no longer a risk.
Taking your iPhone to the pool is no longer a risk.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 7 will have you missing the warmth of summer.

The funny new ad shows off the iPhone 7’s new stereo speakers and waterproofing in a scene that follows an old man at the pool. Titled “Dive.” the ad leads up to a dramatic conclusion when the old man reaches the high dive while blasting tunes.

Check out the new iPhone 7 ad, which debuted on Apple’s YouTube channel today:

Water-resistant iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is the first Apple phone that offers water-resistance. A number of damage tests found that the device can be submerged for over 30 minutes, depending on the depth.

Nevertheless, Apple’s warranty for the iPhone 7 doesn’t cover water damage if you happen to take your device swimming for too long.

It’s also probably not a good idea to jump off high dives with it because of the impact.

Apple also added stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 for the first time. Holes at the top and bottom allow two speakers to blast music louder than previous iPhones.

Perfect for when you wanna impress the ladies while hucking dives at the pool …