iPhone gets reincarnated in Apple’s new Earth Day ad


L.I.A.M. works his magic in the new Apple ad.
L.I.A.M. works his magic in the new Apple ad.
Photo: Apple

Earth Day 2017 festivities ended over a month ago, but that’s not stopping Apple from busting out another one of the quirky cartoon videos it made for the holiday.

Apple published a new Earth Day video today that highlights the problems it faces in regards to recycling materials from old iPhones. The ad explains how iPhone parts get a second life after Apple’s robot Liam has stripped them all away.

Apple released the ad today to promote its attendance at the Sustainable Brands 2017 conference in Detroit. Sarah Chandler, Apple’s director of operations and environmental services, gave a presentation at the conference. Most of her remarks covered how Apple is working to create a closed-loop supply chain.