Instagram Stories turns pretty pictures into buying opportunities


Instagram is starting to feel like a giant advertisement.
Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Your favorite Instagram Story feeds are about to get invaded by more advertisements.

The photo-sharing social network revealed today that it is expanding its shopping features beyond the regular feed and will start letting users share shopping advertisements in their Stories.

How to download all your old Instagram photos and videos


Instagram has a new tool for downloading old photos.
Photo: Instagram

Pulling your photos off of Instagram just got a lot easier.

Instagram revealed today that it is finally starting to roll out a new tool that lets any Instagram user retrieve all of the photos, videos, comments, likes and other data stored on Instagram’s servers.

Get your data by following these steps:

Twitter begins long-awaited crackdown on bots


Bad bots are getting the boot.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Twitter has finally begun its long-awaited crackdown on bots.

The company has made changes to its API that make it significantly harder for services to batch tweet to multiple accounts, retweet, follow users, and more. This puts a stop to the software that powers Twitter bots.

How to see Cult of Mac stories at the top of your Facebook feed


See posts from cult of Mac first
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Photo: Cult of Mac

Significant changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm mean you might not be seeing as much news as usual. Facebook started prioritizing posts from friends over posts from pages and publications.

While this might be a welcome move for everyone who uses Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, not everyone uses the social network with the same goal in mind. I’m sure a certain number of people still prefer using Facebook simply to keep in the news loop or interact with communities/brands who are not “friends.”

Would you rather use Facebook to keep yourself updated on all things, say,  Apple? If yes, here’s how you can make sure to see stories from Cult of Mac at the top of your Facebook News Feed.

Name your price for a social marketing master class [Deals]


Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, for whatever you want to pay.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Today, digital marketing is one of the largest and most lucrative industries. In 2018, platforms like Google and Facebook have become fundamental to marketing. So if you’re going to be successful at marketing, you’ve got to understand how to master social media.

Here’s how to post to Instagram from your Mac


post to Instagram from computer
Windowed is a free app that fakes out Instagram so you can post from a computer.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Instagram doesn’t make it easy for photographers to post pictures from a computer. However, a new computer app can fool the popular photo-sharing platform by mimicking a mobile browser.

Windowed is free and makes posting photos directly from a Mac or MacBook as easy as it is from your iPhone.

Location-based stories are coming soon to Instagram


Here's what Instagram location stories look like.
Here's what Instagram location stories look like.
Photo: Josh Constantine/TechCrunch

Instagram’s streak of sniping features from Snapchat isn’t about to stop with today’s new addition of Face Filters.

Location-based stories are set to be the next big feature Instagram adds to its toolset, only instead of just copying the way Snapchat curates stories, Instagram plans to tap into one of its ‘hidden gems’ to make stories a powerful tool for all users.

Instagram adds stickers as users flock to Stories


Add selfie stickers to your Instagram selfie to communicate with more than one expression.
Photo: Instagram

Snapchat may be popular with the young, but Instagram continues to show it can be young and fun, too.

The photo-sharing network of 600 million users rolled out new sticker tools Thursday in response to the rapidly growing number of people using the Stories feature.