Here’s how to post to Instagram from your Mac


post to Instagram from computer
Windowed is a free app that fakes out Instagram so you can post from a computer.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Instagram doesn’t make it easy for photographers to post pictures from a computer. However, a new computer app can fool the popular photo-sharing platform by mimicking a mobile browser.

Windowed is free and makes posting photos directly from a Mac or MacBook as easy as it is from your iPhone.

Location-based stories are coming soon to Instagram


Here's what Instagram location stories look like.
Here's what Instagram location stories look like.
Photo: Josh Constantine/TechCrunch

Instagram’s streak of sniping features from Snapchat isn’t about to stop with today’s new addition of Face Filters.

Location-based stories are set to be the next big feature Instagram adds to its toolset, only instead of just copying the way Snapchat curates stories, Instagram plans to tap into one of its ‘hidden gems’ to make stories a powerful tool for all users.

Instagram adds stickers as users flock to Stories


Add selfie stickers to your Instagram selfie to communicate with more than one expression.
Photo: Instagram

Snapchat may be popular with the young, but Instagram continues to show it can be young and fun, too.

The photo-sharing network of 600 million users rolled out new sticker tools Thursday in response to the rapidly growing number of people using the Stories feature.

Oh Snap! Instagram just got easier to use


Going between permanent and fleeting image messages is now seamless on Instagram.
Going between permanent and fleeting image messages is now seamless on Instagram.
Photo: Instagram

Instagram has retooled its Direct feature so that users can combine disappearing photos and videos with permanent text and image messages in the same thread.

The new Direct is the latest in a series of upgrades Instagram has made to reverse a dip in daily engagement and take on its biggest competitor, Snapchat.

4 biggest surprises from Apple’s totally unsurprising update


Will we get more than the iPhone 7 next week?
None of today's announcements were keynote-worthy.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s “surprise” announcement of new products and software wasn’t all that surprising if you’ve been keeping up with the latest rumors.

Today’s updates were practically announced yesterday when the company said its store would be down in the morning for “maintenance.” Despite all the rumors of new iPads and RED iPhones that have been out for weeks, Apple still managed to sneak in a few surprises that were both good and bad.

We’re eagerly awaiting Apple’s rumored April keynote, but here’s the biggest, most surprising news from today’s teaser.

Snap Inc.’s IPO soars but will it ever make money?


Spectacles are no longer a U.S. exclusive.
Spectacles are no longer a U.S. exclusive.
Photo: Snap, Inc.

The photo sharing and messaging app Snapchat is a hit with kids, but on Thursday its parent company was fun for investors who made it the day’s most heavily traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

Snap Inc. made its debut with shares priced at $17, but high investor demand quickly raised it to $24, putting the tech company’s value at close to $33 billion, according to reports.

Tim Cook warns that world needs to fix ‘fake news’


Apple's Q2 earnings weren't that impressive.
Apple wants to tamp down on fake news.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Alternative facts and fake news have become so pervasive in the the we consume lately that Apple CEO Tim Cook says it’s “one of today’s chief problems.”

During an interview this week in the U.K., Cook talked about the challenges tech companies face on how to combat stories that perpetuate false information without hurting the free flow of ideas on the internet.