Opera R5 browser update for Mac offers video call popouts, pinboards and more


Opera's R5 browser update for Mac adds floating video popouts and pinboards.
Opera's R5 browser update for Mac adds floating video popouts and pinboards.
Photo: Opera

On Thursday, the Opera browser released a major update for Mac, Windows, and Linux, known as “R5.” Its top new features include a popout functionality for video calls, shareable pinboards and four added streaming music services.

Opera announced the launch and described the R5 update in a blog post.  It noted users’ increased reliance on browsers in the past 18 months.

“Our newest major release addresses changing patterns in how we use the internet with a set of features that support your key online activities: from video conferencing through entertainment to sharing ideas with others and getting feedback on them. To put it simply: We are providing smart ways to improve your online lives,” the company said.

Video-call popout windows

One of Opera R5’s major new features is a floating popout window for video calls.

“Those who spend many an hour on calls are all too familiar with video conferences hijacking their entire screen,” the company said. “And we also struggle with finding the tab with the meeting after looking something up in another tab or simply getting distracted.”

The popout feature works with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft teams. It’s designed to make multitasking easier, putting a stop to tab-juggling during calls, the company said.

“[It] pops the video out of the tab and keeps it on top of other tabs. This happens automatically when you switch to another tab, and the video pops right back in when you return to the call’s original tab. There’s also a clever option to make the floating window transparent. [It gives] you both more screen and constant contact with the people on the call,” the blog post explained.


Opera R5 now incorporates what it calls Pinboards. Similar to Pinterest functionality, they can be used to save, organize, and share various items with others. You can save websites, images, links and notes. And those with whom you share can use any device to access them and react with emojis.

More music services

Another significant update in R5 brings the tunes. Opera already featured Apple Music and Spotify integration. Now, with R5, music streaming services Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Gaana join the party.

Rounding out the mix of new features are added wallpapers designed to work well with dark and light modes.