Take home a lifetime iOS first-aid kit for $70 with this iMobie app bundle


Diagnose and solve iOS problems from home.
Bring the Genius Bar to your living room with an at-home iOS repair kit.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Apple’s high-end products command high-end price tags. And fixing them can prove just as expensive. But with the Essential iMobie for iOS Lifetime Plan Bundle, you can repair your iPhone problems from home for just $69.99 — for life!

Stream thousands of TV shows and movies, plus live TV, from one app, for less than $80 for life


Spend less time scrolling and more time watching with this smart TV app.
This smart TV app lets you watch hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows.
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How many streaming services do you use? And how much time do you spend scrolling through each one before deciding what to watch? Now, you can spend less time searching and more time watching with the super-smart Select TV Streaming App. And we found a lifetime subscription on sale for just $99.99 (regularly $478).

But wait — there’s more! This deal comes with $20 to use in store credit at Cult of Mac Deals. And you can grab an additional 20% off for a limited time when you enter the code STREAM20 at checkout. That brings the price down to just $79.99.

Apple opens first Developer Academy for iOS apps in Detroit


Apple's new educational program teaches skills for iOS app development.
Apple's new educational program teaches skills for iOS app development.
Photo: Apple

Apple welcomed 100 students, aged 18 to 60, to its first Developer Academy this week, located in Detroit. The academy offers students courses on coding, design, marketing and project management.

It’s “an effort to address systemic racism and expand opportunities for communities of color across the country,” the Cupertino tech giant said Thursday.

Make your iPhone work like new with this top-rated smart cleaner, now less than $40 for life 


This top-rated iPhone storage cleaner will make your device run like new.
This iOS storage cleaner loved by millions of users will make your iPhone run faster than ever.
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The only thing worse than getting the “Storage Full” notification on your iPhone or Mac is witnessing your device slow down and become unusable as a result. Thankfully, you can avoid both of those situations forever with Smart Cleaner for iOS.

And, for a limited time, a lifetime subscription to this lifesaving app is on sale for just $39.99. That’s a huge 73% discount off the regular price of $149, and a priceless addition to your digital arsenal.

Save on software and services that will change your life


Change how you do things with these 7 tech deals.
These seven awesome deals are just too good to pass up.
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Knowing you can improve yourself — or the world around you — and actually doing it are very different things. As much as you might want to learn new skills or upgrade your technology, actually figuring out how to do it can be the most difficult part.

So, isn’t it great that you can get a running start toward hacking your productivity and improving your technology with these really great (and really time-sensitive) deals on software and e-learning?

Picture-in-picture, video editing in your pocket, and another great email app [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Awesome Apps of the Week
YouTube finally gets a much requested feature, Clips can make you a short-form video star, and another email app is a contender.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Maybe it’s the impending iOS, iPadOS and macOS updates, but in checking out the App Store this past week, everything seemed to be “bug fixes and stability improvements.” Those are great things to have, but they aren’t as cool or exciting as fresh features or hot new apps!

Fortunately, a long-awaited feature is finally coming to the YouTube masses. Plus, I found another email app worth checking out. And, if you’re hoping to become an influencer, we’ve got an app to help you level up your videos in this week’s Awesome Apps of the Week.

Learn up to 14 languages for life with the world’s top-grossing language app, Babbel


Babbel language learning is on sale for all 14 languages
With Babbel, you can learn 14 languages and access more than 10,000 hours of language education online.
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If you’ve started and stopped trying to learn a new language multiple times, then you know how hard it can be. Learning a language isn’t just about mastering new words. It’s picking up new grammar, new ways to move your mouth you haven’t had to before — even new ways of structuring how you think. And all that’s really hard to learn without individualized instruction and a lot of chances to practice.

Babbel is the No. 1 way to pick up a new language — 14 new languages, actually. During the Babbel is Back promotion, you can get a lifetime of Babbel Language Learning for just $199. 

8 apps and services you’ll use every day, on sale for an extra 30% off


These awesome apps are all on sale.
Optimize your device with some great software on sale.
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The right software can make the difference between your Mac or iPhone being a diverse tool for any situation or a really expensive paperweight. The problem is that finding high-quality apps and software can be really hard. And what you find might end up being more expensive than you’re willing to pay.

With that in mind, here are some affordable apps that you will find useful every day. And they’re all 60% off if you use the code ANNUAL60 during our Semi-Annual Sale event! 

Wipe out 99% of spam calls for 2 years with the RoboKiller app


Get 2 years without spam calls for $40
Turn the tables on spammers with this deliciously devious app.
Photo: IAC Applications

How annoying is it when you think you’re about to get an important call, but it turns out to be spam? Think of how much time you’ve lost — and how much stress you’ve gained — from thinking you’re getting a call from work or family, but it’s actually some spammer asking if you’re satisfied with your car insurance.

RoboKiller Spam Call and Text Blocker will eradicate those time-sucking spam calls from your life. For a limited time, you can get two spam-free years for $39.99. That’s 24 solid months without robots asking for your credit card information every day.

Plus, with RoboKiller’s answer bot, you can flip the script and start wasting spammers’ time for a change!