Dig into a gold mine of books, audio books, articles and more from your iPhone [Deals]


Save 25% or more on 6 month and year-long access to a million books, audiobooks, articles, and more.
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The world is awash in great writing and journalism, from books to articles on the internet. That leaves a ton of stuff to sort through. So having it all in one place makes it easier to find the best content, and saves lots of time.

Scribd offers access to a vast library of content straight from any device, via the app or a web browser.

Enhance your iPhone with sweet savings on 4 awesome apps [Deals]


iOS Apps Main
Save big on private phone numbers, VPN protection and more for your iPhone.
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Your iPhone comes out of the box full of potential. But a lot of that potential requires having the right apps. To put you on the right track, we rounded up some of the best iOS apps around — and all at the best prices.

From consuming content offline, to staying safe and anonymous online, to getting a secondary “burner” phone number and more, these top apps give your iPhone new capabilities. And they’re all going for anywhere from half to more than 90% off their usual prices.

Score a refurbished Magic Mouse, keyboard and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Deals of the Week
We've rounded up some of the very best deals in the Cult of Mac Store this week.
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This has been a banner week at the Cult of Mac Store, so we’ve rounded up some of the best deals we saw. Below you’ll find massive discounts on refurbished Magic Mouse and Keyboards, 12-minute book summaries, access to vast stock photo libraries, and a powerful personal finance tool. You’ve gotta see these deals …


Use Dashlane password manager to double down on iPhone security.
Use Dashlane to double down on iPhone security.
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Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files easier


Dropbox Transfer
Rather than store or share files, Dropbox Transfer is about distributing them.
Photo: Dropbox

The latest update to Dropbox for iOS is the first with with support for this company’s new system for sending files up to 100GB in size. The goal of Dropbox Transfer is to simplify handing off these huge files, without having to deal with the 25GB limit of many email systems.

How to quickly add contacts with Cardhop


Cardhop will make you stop hating your contacts.
Cardhop will make you stop hating your contacts.
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Apple’s Contacts apps are terrible. On both iOS and Mac, they’re opaque, confusing and frustrating to use. Cardhop is a brand-new contacts app for iPhone and iPad that is better than the built-in app in almost every way.

Here’s how to add a new contact without typing a thing.