New ways to manage HomeKit cams and settle disputes [Awesome Apps of the Week]


The best new apps and updates of the week.
From meetings and home automation to dispute resolution, these apps make things easier.
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You can get a comprehensive overview of all your HomeKit cams with Eve’s latest app update. And if you spot neighbors doing something fishy on your property, you can use Jury to settle the dispute virtually rather than taking them to court (or throwing fists like a barbarian).

Those are just two of the featured apps in our roundup of the week’s best new apps and updates.

Turn any text into an instant audiobook with this highly rated iOS app


Speechify scans and converts any text to speech so you can "read" faster and retain more.
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Reading is essential to daily life and staying informed, but so is listening. In an age of podcasts, audiobooks and multitasking, many of us have adjusted to take in information through our ears while our eyes are busy doing other things.

Plus, some people simply retain information better through listening rather than reading. That was the case with Cliff Weitzman, who struggled with learning because of dyslexia. So he built a simple but powerful tool that makes any text instantly listenable.

Tell LinkedIn users how to pronounce your name properly


Tap the little speaker icon to hear the LinkedIn name pronunciation
Tap the little speaker icon to hear the name pronunciation
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If you’re applying for jobs and want to help recruiters avoid an awkward moment as they struggle to pronounce your name, a new LinkedIn feature can help.

It just takes a minute to record the proper pronunciation of your name and add the audio clip to the networking and job-search platform. Here’s how to do potential recruiters a solid — and how to have a little (possibly ill-advised) fun if you dare.

Fancade is a massive iOS game collection app that lets you create your own


New iOS app Fancade lets you play existing games or make your own.
New iOS app Fancade lets you play existing games or make your own.
Image: Fancade

What could be better than a mobile app that lets you play masses of games, like an old-school arcade squeezed onto your iPhone? A mobile app that lets you play masses of games and make your own new ones.

That’s what Swedish developer Martin Magni created with Fancade, a new iOS app launching Thursday. It offers a huge collection of mini-games, all created using the app itself, along with a drag-and-drop game-maker that lets you create your own.

Apps to boost your work-from-home productivity


App icons for TickTick toggle outlook and dayone
It only takes a few key tools to make working remotely much more manageable.
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COVID-19 lockdown certainly brought a swift change from the norm for many people. We’re dealing with the added stress of different working situations, the struggle to get groceries, and in many cases, even acting as teachers or child care providers.

All of that can make it really challenging to feel accomplished and productive. Luckily, I finally found my groove in the last week or so, thanks to a couple of really useful apps (and some self-imposed rules).

Overcome language barriers in speech, text, images and more with this Mac app [Deals]


Lingvanex Translator: Instantly translate text, pictures and documents with this handy productivity app.
Instantly translate text, pictures and documents with this handy productivity app.
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Google Translate is great, but good luck if you want to read anything more than an email or a short article. Recordings, websites and images often show up in languages we can’t read. A tool that deciphers them all is handy indeed.

Facebook Messenger Kids expands its reach, adds new features


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Facebook Messenger Kids, the free chat app designed specifically for your little ones, on Wednesday expanded its reach to more than 70 new markets and added a number of helpful new features.

It’s now possible for parents to give kids control over their contacts (if they wish), and for kids to join approved groups. The changes come at a time when many children are out of school and unable to see friends.