Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG puts you into the story


Harry Potter
Set during the 1980s, the game lets you join the ranks at Hogwarts.
Photo: Jam City

Harry Potter is coming to iOS. Well, kind of.

In fact, a forthcoming game from Los Angeles-based developer Jam City, in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will let you create your very own Hogwarts student and then take them through the school: attending classes, learning magic, forming friendships and rivalries, and generally learning how to grow as a wizard.

It sounds intriguing, and we’re hoping it lives up to the enormous potential of its concept. Check out the first trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery below.

OurPact, Kraino, and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend, everyone!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

App Store and Google Play raked in $60 billion last year


iOS 11
iOS 11 made big changes to the App Store.
Photo: Apple

Death Road to Canada update makes a great game so much better


Death Road
Now with added chainsaw hands.
Photo: Rocketcat

The brilliant Death Road to Canada was probably my favorite iOS game to land in the App Store last year. A completely bonkers mash-up of randomly-generated zombie survival RPG, action game, and text-based interactive fiction game, it’s one of those combinations that, in a sane world, never would have worked.

This week, the game got a perfectly timed 2018 New Year’s upgrade, adding a few nifty features that promise to make a brilliant game even, err, brillianter. Check out the deets below.

Best Mac games of 2017


Best Mac games 2017
2017 brought us some terrific games for macOS.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac's 2017 Year in Review Game developers are embracing macOS like never before, which means Windows isn’t the only place to get the greatest titles anymore. The past year brought us a ton of terrific Mac games, from intense first-person shooters to gorgeous platformers filled with charm.

Here’s our roundup of the best Mac games of 2017.

Today in Apple history: Marathon is Mac’s answer to Doom


First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
Photo: Bungie

December 21: Today in Apple history: Marathon is Mac's answer to Doom December 21, 1994: Mac gamers get their hands on Marathon, a sci-fi first-person shooter designed as an answer to the massive success of PC title Doom.

Created by Bungie, the team that would later make the Halo games, Marathon introduces important features to the FPS genre. Just as importantly, it isn’t available on PC. Marathon quickly becomes a favorite among Mac gamers.

Beware the App Store’s Cuphead scam


News of this game's arrival on iOS was too good to be true.
Photo: Studio MDHR

Retro-style run-and-gun game Cuphead has landed in the App Store. Unfortunately, it’s not legit!

One of the Xbox’s best games, the retro-inspired Cuphead arrived on consoles back in September, and immediately became a massive hit — thanks to its combination of addictive gameplay and vintage 1930s-style graphics. Sadly, you’ll have to wait to play the real thing on iOS.

Nintendo doesn’t want to keep iOS users waiting for new games


Super Mario Run
Nintendo is adding more mobile developers to speed up its rate of production.
Photo: Apple

Nintendo might be delivering on its promise to bring original titles like Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to iOS, but it’s also concerned about the timetable it is able to deliver these on. Or not deliver them on, as may be the case.

According to a new report, Nintendo is looking to team up with new smartphone game developers after its partnership with current mobile dev DeNA “fell behind schedule.”

Layton’s Mystery Journey a gets a big festive discount


The latest instalment in this acclaimed series.
Photo: Level-5

With Christmas coming, it’s probably not the time of year to be spending a whole lot of money on yourself — knowing that there’s plenty of other things you may need to splash your cash on.

Which is why it’s great news that Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy, one of my previously recommended best games of the year, has slashed its $15.99 price tag for the holidays.

Apple highlights its best apps, games, movies, and music of the year


best of the year
Apple has released its 'best of' list for 2017.
Photo: Apple

Apple has released its yearly “Best of” list, highlighting its picks for the top apps, games, albums, movies, podcasts, books, and TV shows — just in time for your holiday purchasing!

As is always the case, the lists combine Apple’s own hand-curated picks and popularity-driven charts, based on purchases in Apple’s various services such as iTunes, the App Store, iBooks Store, and Apple Music.