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Have a ball with Football Manager 2023 on iPhone and Mac


Have a ball with Football Manager 2023 on iPhone and Mac
Show you have the chops to manage a world-class football club.
Photo: Sega

With the FIFA World Cup a week away, the latest version of the Sega’s hugely popular sports management game Football Manager 2023 launched for a range of Apple devices. Play to find out if you have what it takes to take a club to the top.

It’s available as a stand-alone app or as part of Apple Arcade.

Basketball fans can jump into the action in NBA 2K23 on Apple Arcade


Basketball fans can jump in the action in 'NBA 2K23' on Apple Arcade
Don't just watch the games. Get into the action in NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition.
Photo: 2K

Basketball season starts today, and that brings the launch of NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition. In the new version, players can take on “Greatest of All-Time” NBA players. That includes Michael Jordan, Shaq and more.

The game is now available on a range of Apple devices for subscribers to Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade collection of classic games keeps growing


Puzzle with time in 'The Gardens Between+'
The Gardens Between+ is one of four classic games recently added to Apple Arcade.
Photo: Voxel Agents

Apple Arcade subscribers can now enjoy The Gardens Between+, which challenges player to solve puzzles by manipulating time. It’s a classic title joining Apple’s game service.

In recent weeks, Gris+, Gin Rummy Classic+ and Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ also joined Apple Arcade.

Clever side-by-side iPhone game controller has no problem with bulky cases [Review] ★★★★


Clever side-by-side iPhone game controller has no problem with bulky cases [Review]★★★★
Play games on the Gamevice Flex without taking off your iPhone case.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Gamevice Flex is an iPhone game controller that mimics the design of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con with the controls set on either side of the display. Similar iPhone controllers make you take the case off your handset to play but the Flex wraps around the handset even if it’s in a protective case.

The wired controller includes a full set of buttons, sticks, bumpers, etc. so you can enjoy games like Fortnite from Xbox Cloud Gaming or similar services, or almost anything from Apple Arcade.

I spent quite a few hours testing Gamevice Flex – here’s why I like it.

Delve into adventure in Shovel Knight Dig on Apple Arcade


Shovel Knight Dig is now on Apple Arcade
The shovel is mightier than the sword!
Photo: Yacht Club Games/Apple Arcade

Fans of classic arcade games should enjoy Shovel Knight Dig, a retro adventure game that launched Friday. Players guide a hero down deep into the earth to fight monsters and win treasure with the aid of his trusty Shovel Blade.

The latest offering from Yacht Club Games debuted Friday on Apple Arcade for a range of Apple computers.

Believe it or not, Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are coming to FIFA 23


Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are coming to 'FIFA 23'
Ted Lasso's relentless optimism has taken him to a brand new venue.
Photo: Electronic Arts

Ted Lasso‘s AFC Richmond will be fully integrated into Electronic Arts’ FIFA 23 when it kicks off later in September. Lasso, Coach Beard and the biggest stars of the hit Apple TV+ show have all been digitized.

Mac, iPad and iPhone users will be able to play the upcoming sports title though Google Stadia cloud-gaming service.

New Apple Arcade game Garden Tails is painfully cute


New Apple Arcade game 'Garden Tails' is painfully cute
A new match-3 game includes plenty of fuzzy bunnies.
Image: Playdots

Garden Tails: Match and Grow is a new match-3 game for nature lovers who are looking for a calming time-killer. Play through a series of levels to unlock flowers, bushes and friendly animals.

It debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, and there are versions for a range of Apple computers.

Horizon Chase 2 retro racer zooms onto Apple Arcade


'Horizon Chase 2' retro racer zooms onto Apple Arcade
Dodge your rivals in a new retro racer for Apple computers.
Photo: Aquiris Games

Race around the world in a custom car in Horizon Chase 2, the latest addition to Apple Arcade. The retro racer offers beautiful visuals and online multiplayer for all game modes.

The title is available to download now for Apple computers big and small.

Make iPhone gaming more fun with this Xbox-style controller [Review] ★★★★


PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus review★★★★
The PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus game controller works beautifully with a range of Apple devices. And there's an iPhone mount, too.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The PowerA Moga XP5-i Plus has the same basic design as an Xbox controller, but with a focus on Apple devices. Put your iPhone in the adjustable mount, or remove the mount for iPad or Apple TV gaming.

It stands out from the crowd with a built-in battery for recharging your handset while you play. Plus, PowerA added a couple of useful extra buttons.

I’ve enjoyed gaming on the Moga XP5-i Plus for a few weeks now. Here’s why.