Classic Marathon trilogy gets updated for iOS 12


First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
Photo: Bungie

Marathon is a game which will be as familiar to long-time Mac owners as Doom. A sci-fi first-person shooter from the 1990s, it was a Macintosh exclusive which introduced numerous important FPS features. Bungie, the team which developed it, later went onto create the Halo series.

While Marathon has been available on iOS for several years, it hadn’t been updated in half a decade. Fortunately, that all changed recently.

Nintendo spills details about Fire Emblem Heroes updates


Feh Channel
Nintendo's biggest mobile game is getting an update.
Photo: Nintendo

Tactical, turn-based role-playing game Fire Emblem Heroes has been a massive hit for Nintendo on iOS. And now we know what’s it’s got in store next.

In a YouTube video update, Nintendo shared some of the big new features for the game. These include a new Arena mode, a Pair Up mechanic, and much, more.

Monument Valley celebrates birthday with new update and videos


Monument Valley
Monument Valley was a masterpiece of design.
Photo: ustwo/Cult of Mac

It’s one thing to be reminded that Apple turned 43 earlier this week. But it’s another when a major anniversary comes around for something which, seemingly, arrived just a couple of months back.

That’s how I feel about the fifth anniversary of ustwo’s Monument Valley. One of the most stunning iOS games yet created, the beautiful puzzle game landed in the App Store this month in 2014. To celebrate its birthday, its creators have given it a neat anniversary update. And thrown in a couple of videos for good measure.

Fortnite addiction is real, health professionals warn


Fortnite 2
Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm.
Photo: Epic

Think Fortnite is all good fun? Not according to doctors it’s not. Some health professionals are likening the hit game’s addictive effects to hard drugs.

“[Players] are not sleeping. They are not going to school. They are dropping out of social activities. A lot of kids have stopped playing sports so they can do this,” Michael Rich, director of the Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital, said.

New Sonic game speeding onto iOS for Tokyo 2020


Sonic 1
A sprinter that would put Usain Bolt to shame.
Photo: Sega

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic, will be hurtling onto iOS for an upcoming mobile game to mark the 2020 Olympics.

Titled Sonic At The Olympic Games, the mobile-only title was announced over the weekend as part of Sega’s lineup of new games to coincide with Tokyo 2020.

Developers think Apple Arcade is disruptive — for better or worse


Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade has plenty of promise -- but poses some big challenges, too.
Photo: Apple

Will Apple Arcade turn out to be the game changer that developers are hoping for? According to a new report… maybe.

Speaking to a slew of developers, a news report found that many are cautiously optimistic about what Apple Arcade could mean. In particular, it could help break the stronghold of freemium titles in the App Store. But there are still potential challenges.

These are all the games coming to Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade could redefine gaming on mobile.
Photo: Apple

Apple showed off a smattering of games for its upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service at yesterday’s event. But, presumably because reeling off a list of 100 titles would’ve slowed the event to a crawl, it didn’t reveal exactly which games would be available.

One day on, we’ve got a far more comprehensive look at some of the titles which will be available for the service. Here they are:

Google Chrome now supports Nintendo Switch controllers


The Nintendo Switch's flexible Joy-Con controllers work just fine with a Mac (but not an iPhone).
What does this mean for Project Stream?
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Google Chrome now supports official Nintendo Switch controllers.

The console’s included Joy-Cons and optional Pro Controller are compatible. The surprise update comes just days before Google is expected to unveil a brand new game streaming service at GDC 2019.


Steam Link iPhone iPad Apple TV
Apple still hasn't approved Steam Link for iOS.
Photo: Valve


Hook Champ is the first title on its roster.
Photo: GameClub