Doom cover
It still blows my mind you can play Doom on a phone.
Photo: Id Software

PS3 classic The Unfinished Swan game makes a splash on iOS


Unfinished Swan
A storybook set in a monochrome world.
Photo: Giant Sparrow

A great game is worth waiting for! Eight years after it debuted on the PlayStation 3, Giant Sparrow’s critically acclaimed 2012 game, The Unfinished Swan, landed in the iOS App Store (without much in the way of warning) this week.

A first-person puzzle adventure game set in a largely monochromatic, storybook universe, this is a gaming experience you won’t soon forget. Check out the trailer below.

Mario Kart Tour gets nostalgic in its latest update


Mario Kart Tour
Graphics sure have come a long way!
Photo: Nintendo

Way back in the grungy dark days of 1992, when A Few Good Men was playing in theaters and Rage Against the Machine was busy blasting out of the boomboxes of flannel shirt-wearing youths, the original Super Mario Kart landed on SNES.

Jump forward to the present day and Mario Kart Tour, the iOS version of the popular Nintendo kart-racer, is paying nostalgic tribute to its glorious past with a new tour and characters. Check out the details below.

Fortnite no more: Epic sends email to Apple users about end of updates


TL;DR: Epic wants fans to know Apple's the one responsible.
Photo: Epic Games

It’s the end of the line for Fortnite on iOS and Mac. For now, at least. In an email sent to users, Epic Games says that users on Apple platforms will no longer be receiving new content for the game.

And, you know, to drum home the point that, as Epic is keen to suggest, Apple’s the one entirely at fault.

Build your own Jurassic Park in latest Minecraft DLC


Jurassic Park DLC Minecraft
DLC... uh... finds a way.
Photo: Minecraft

No expense has been spared in the latest update for Minecraft, which just added a whole lot of Jurassic World-themed DLC to the mix.

If you’ve ever fancied using the popular sandbox video game to build your own prehistoric amusement park, train dinosaurs, and go on Jurassic expeditions, this is the update for you. Heck, there’s even Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm recreated in awesome pixel-art detail!

Circulous is the mind-twisting puzzle game from one of Apple’s favorite teen devs [Updated]


Puzzle game is available for pre-order today.
Photo: Chain Reaction Games

Update: Circulous launched in the App Store today, priced $4.99.

Like point-and-click adventures? Enjoy escape room puzzles? Then you’ll love Circulous — or so its 16-year-old creator Brayden Gogis hopes.

If your response to a teen creating an iOS game is “how good could it really be?” the answer is pretty darn great. Gogis has been developing games for iOS for several years, and his previous titles won kudos from Cupertino itself. Apple even referred to him as the “high school puzzle master.” Circulous is the title he’s most proud of. Check out a trailer below.

The good, the bad, and the Wario: Mario Kart Tour goes to the Wild West


Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour is going west.
Photo: Nintendo

Get ready for some high plains drifting because Mario Kart Tour is headed west. To the Wild West, more precisely!

Having travelled all over the world in previous updates, the mobile-focused version of Mario Kart is now going back in time to frontier country with its latest update. And it’s brought some appropriately themed characters along for the ride over yonder.

Pokémon Café Mix adds new orders and Pokémon to up the fun


Pokemon Cafe Mix 1
Gotta serve 'em all!
Photo: Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokémon Café Mix, the latest iOS game featuring everyone’s favorite pocket monsters, just received one of its first updates — bringing new orders and Pokémon, including the likes of Bellossom and Exeggutor.

In Pokémon Café Mix, players run an eatery frequented by Pokémon. In order to fulfill the different food and drink orders you have to solve puzzles, while also running the café. As you complete food-related puzzles, you encounter additional Pokémon, while also getting the chance to expand your business.