Doom and Doom II updates bring even more content to iOS


Doom cover
With his face mask and aggressive social distancing, Doom's protagonist was ready for lockdown.
Photo: Id Software

Trapped in an oppressive single location, allowing no-one to get within breathing distance of you, while the apocalypse teeters ever closer on the horizon… Life in coronavirus lockdown? Maybe. But it’s also an apt description of Doom and Doom II, the classic first-person-shooters which just got a nifty update on iOS.

With a variety of improvements and more than 30 new levels to enjoy, there’s never been a better (or more appropriate) time to check out or revisit this grisly duo of classic 1990s blasters.

Lara Croft Go goes free for quarantined tomb raiders


Lara Croft Go
And all without unnecessarily raiding your pocket.
Photo: Square Enix

At five years old, Square Enix’s Lara Croft Go is a comparative oldie, but a goodie. The tomb-raiding puzzle game is also now free to download — making it perfect for a time when many of us are stuck in the proverbial (definitely not literal) tombs that are our apartments and houses.

What better time to play a globe-trotting, death-dodging, brain-tickling action game?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night gets a surprise release on mobile


Castlevania- Symphony of the Night
Well, that's my Wednesday sorted!
Photo: Konami

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, probably the most beloved entry in the action-adventure gothic Castlevania franchise, got a surprise release on mobile Tuesday.

Originally released on PlayStation in 1997, Symphony of the Night changed the series’ direction. It did this by borrowing not from the existing Castlevania formula, but by augmenting it with RPG elements from games like Zelda II and Metroid. It’s pretty darn great.

Mario Kart Tour is finally getting multiplayer for everyone March 8


Mario Kart Tour multiplayer mode
Get ready for some head-to-head battles with up to eight players.
Photo: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour‘s multiplayer mode is finally rolling out to everyone — and you don’t need to pay up to play it.

The popular Nintendo kart-racing game debuted its first multiplayer beta test in late 2019. However, only players who subscribed to the game’s $4.99 a month Gold Pass could play it. A public beta process took place in January.

Long-awaited Crossy Road follow-up comes to Apple Arcade


Long-awaited Crossy Road sequel coming to Apple Arcade
It's like Frogger but set in a castle. And without the cars or frogs.
Photo: Hipster Whale

Crossy Road Castle, the long-awaited follow-up to Hipster Whale’s 2014 game Crossy Road, landed on Apple Arcade on Thursday.

The game takes the same updated Frogger concept that made the original such a hit, but swaps out the roads and cars for a procedurally generated endless castle tower the player must climb. Check out the trailer below:

If David Lynch made an iOS game it would look a lot like Path to Mnemosyne


Path to Mnemosyne screenshot
A puzzle game full of dreamlike (and sometimes nightmare) imagery.
Photo: DevilishGames

Path to Mnemosyne, an esoteric puzzle game featuring gorgeous hand-drawn grayscale art, is coming to the App Store. And it’s a doozy.

Having previously made waves on Steam in late 2018, in addition to launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the critically acclaimed game’s forthcoming arrival on iOS will open it up to a whole new audience. If David Lynch made an iOS game it would probably look a lot like this.


Get the latest and greatest installments of the classic Civilization strategy game.
And there goes your entire weekend.
Photo: Aspyr Media

Smash hit Alto’s Odyssey sandboards onto Mac


2018's App Store stunner is finally available on Mac.
Photo: Snowman

Two years after it debuted in the iOS App Store, Alto’s Odyssey has finally arrived on Mac.

The long-awaited follow up to 2015’s brilliant Alto’s Adventure endless snowboarding game transposes the action to a desert sandboarding setting. The resulting game is a luscious graphical stunner that will keep you playing for hours!

Sonic at the Olympic Games will race into App Store in time for Tokyo 2020


Sonic 1
When it comes to the speediest around, Usain Bolt better watch his back!
Photo: Sega

It’s the Olympic Games this summer — and Sonic the Hedgehog and friends are ready to help mark the occasion.

Coming to iOS May 7, the game will pit Sonic against the villainous Dr. Robotnik/Eggman in a battle for, err, sporting excellence in Tokyo. It sounds kind of crazy, but looks like it could be a fair amount of fun. Check out the trailer below.

Mario Kart heads to Vancouver on next stop of its world tour


Mario Kart Tour was 2019's most downloaded iOS game
Mario is continuing his trip round the globe.
Photo: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour is certainly living up to its name. Having taken players to Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, alongside seasonal courses based on Halloween, winter and Valentine’s Day, the hit Nintendo racer now has a new destination: Vancouver.

Its new Vancouver Tour is the first time Mario Kart Tour has headed to Canada. And it’s throwing in new character costumes Aurora Rosalina and the hilarious Hiker Wario for the ride. Check out the trailer below.