The Pathless offers an open-world mythic adventure on Apple Arcade


‘The Pathless’ launched November 12 from Apple Arcade.
With just a bow and an eagle, take on an epic quest in The Pathless on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Giant Squid/Annapurna Interactive

An archer and her eagle are the centers of The Pathless, an open-world adventure that debuted Thursday for iPad, Mac, iPhone and other platforms. Players take on the role of the Hunter, who travels a mystical island with her feathered companion and dispel a curse of darkness. There are monsters to slay and puzzles to solve.

Apple Arcade subscribers can play this new title at a considerable savings over other platforms.

Crazy puzzle adventure All of You egg-splodes onto Apple Arcade


‘All of You’ debuted on Apple Arcade on Friday, November 6.
All of You stars a chicken that can stop time.
Photo: Alike Studio

Some video games focus on muscle-bound warriors. Others lets players become beautiful princesses. In All of You, you’ll play as a clumsy chicken. Still, she’s a heroic hen out to save her lost chicks. Players need to solve plenty of puzzles to reunite the chicken with all her brood in a game that debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade’s South of the Circle is a playable novel of love and survival


‘South of the Circle‘ debuted Friday on Apple Arcade
South of the Circle is as much an emotional journey as a real one.
Photo: Apple/State of Play Games

South of the Circle is a narrative adventure game that starts with a plane crash in Antarctica in 1964. Its animation style results from motion-captured performances from a cast of actors.

The story begins Friday on Apple Arcade, this company’s subscription gaming service.

The best bacon-tossing game you’ll play this year gets a sizzling update


Bacon 2
Now with 30 percent more bacon-tossing.
Photo: Chris Yarzab/Flickr CC

To put it mildly, 2020 hasn’t been the best year on record. It’s been a year that, at various times, makes you mad enough to throw things — like, err, bacon?

This oddball bacon-tossing concept is at the center of a game called *ahem* Bacon — The Game. Created by the excellent indie developer Philipp Stollenmayer (Sometimes You Die), it’s a strangely addicting game which I’ve played, off and on, for the past couple of years.

Today, Stollenmayer cranked up the crispiness by adding another 30 levels to the quirky game. If you’ve not played it before, this is a great time to give it a whirl. Or a toss.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run comes to iOS in early 2021


Crash Bandicoot
Coming soon to an App Store near you. Well, relatively soon.
Photo: King/Activision

Crash Bandicoot’s first game on iOS in a decade will arrive on the App Store on March 25, 2021, the game’s developers have revealed.

The game, which is an endless runner entitled, appropriately, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, is available to pre-order in the App Store now.

Take a meditative walk through a hand-drawn world in The Collage Atlas on Apple Arcade


‘The Collage Atlas’ debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.
The Collage Atlas takes players on a hand-drawn, first-person journey through a picture book.
Photo: John William Evelyn

The Collage Atlas could be a temporary escape from 2020. It’s “a journey through an entirely hand-drawn picture-book dream-world,” according to the creator of the game, John William Evelyn.

This title launched Friday on Apple Arcade, and is available for a range of devices.

Mario Kart Tour celebrates first anniversary with new characters, courses, Auto Mode


Mario Kart Tour was 2019's most downloaded iOS game
The game recently celebrated its first anniversary.
Photo: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour recently turned one, marking its first year on iOS following its debut in September 2019. To celebrate, the game is offering a slew of anniversary themed celebrations — including new characters, courses, and an intriguing new Auto mode.

Auto Mode can be selected at the beginning of a race. You can then watch the characters speed round the course a bit like an extended demo mode. If you’re into taking screenshots of the game, it’s a good addition since you don’t have to worry about controlling the character.

Monkey pals build an island paradise in Apple Arcade’s The Survivalists


‘The Survivalists’ debuted Friday on Apple Arcade
The Survivalists challenges 1 to 4 players to survive after being shipwrecked. But there are monkeys to help.
Graphic: Team17

The Survivalists, which debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, shows that being shipwrecked on a deserted island doesn’t have to be a disaster. Players can train monkeys to make life comfortable. And there’s plenty of adventure to be found in this game for 1 to 4 players.

Take a ridiculously long sword on a Slash Quest on Apple Arcade


‘Slash Quest’ slashed onto Apple Arcade on Friday
Getting used to a talking sword that keeps growing and growing is part of the fun of Slash Quest.
Photo: Noodlecake/Apple

Slash Quest is a hero’s journey where the sword is the hero. Shep the simple shepard is just along for the ride as Swordie the talking sword sets off on a quest to save the Queendom.

Slash Quest from Noodlecake debuted Friday on Apple Arcade.