7 reasons to become James Bond and battle Spectre in Cypher 007 stealth adventure game


'Cypher 007' hits Apple Arcade later in September
Cypher 007 is more about sneaking past your enemies than shooting them.
Image: Tilting Point LLC/Apple Arcade

Blofeld, the criminal mastermind and head of Spectre, is once again scheming to defeat James Bond in Cypher 007 from Tilting Point LLC.

I’m a fan of RPGs so I loaded the action game on my iPhone. It’s also playable on a range of other Apple devices.

1. Cypher 007 fills the need for a new James Bond movie

After over 60 years of books and films, James Bond is the world’s most famous secret agent. But the last movie in the franchise was 2021. Cypher 007 is a fun alternative for anyone getting impatient.

In the game, Blofeld has utilized a brainwashing technique known as Cypher on Bond and is holding him captive in a mental prison in an attempt to turn him into the ultimate double agent. It’s up to players to foil this plot.

Fortunately, 007 has help. Q, M and Moneypenny all put in an appearance.

2. It’s about stealth, not hack and slash

As I said, I’m a fan of role playing games. In these, the objective is typically to quickly stab or shoot almost anything that moves. Cypher 007 takes a completely different approach.

You play as James Bond, who isn’t enormously stronger or faster than his digital opponents. His advantage is stealth. If Bond gets into a stand-up fistfight, he’ll win but nearby guards will notice and run over to shoot him. If Bond shoots someone, all nearby guards hear and come running, guns blazing.

So players guide 007 as he creeps up behind people and quietly knocks them out. All the while being careful to not be seen by enemy agents and the many security cameras.

The stealth requirement makes Cypher 007 different enough from my usual games that I enjoy the change of pace.

3. Requires strategy and planning

As much as a love the hack-and-slash RPGs I play with my friends, they don’t require a lot of thought. Run at any enemies, kill them as quickly as possible, and retreat only if necessary — that’s about as much strategy as is required.

Following that same strategy in Cypher 007 won’t get you past the first level. Each room requires puzzling out how to maneuver around swiveling cameras and moving guards to get to where you need to be to stealthily knock someone out. So it’s a bit of an action puzzler.

But one type of strategy is missing. This isn’t a traditional RPG because the character doesn’t level up. He’s James Freakin’ Bond — he’s already the best secret agent in the world.

But he starts out with no equipment and must acquire some as the game progresses. Weapons and other gear get gradually better, which is a bit like leveling up.

4. Cypher 007 is challenging but not frustrating

You must think your way through the game and, of course, difficulty increases as the game progresses. But don’t be concerned that it’ll become too challenging. I never found a level I couldn’t get through.

Players are given unlimited respawns of their character, and you reach frequent save points. So when James Bond gets killed, you get another chance without needing to repay large sections of the current level.

Here’s a game tip if you feel like you’re stuck: any guard you take out stays out when your character respawns. So if there are simply too many guards, start by taking one down even if you know it’ll get your character killed. You can whittle them down that way.

Playing 'Cypher 007' means learning to be stealthy
How can James Bond silently take out that guard in the next room?
Screenshot: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

5. Good graphics and mechanics

The graphics Tilting Point LLC built into Cypher 007 are more than up to the task of depicting a man sneaking through dimly lit buildings. You can easily see the map and always tell what’s going on, but at no point will you go “Hey, that looks amazing.” It’s not that sort of game.

And don’t get your hopes up for an easily seducible Bond girl — it’s not that sort of game either.

Cypher 007 isn’t an elaborate open world. You’re assigned specific missions to carry out in designated areas. The places keep changing — Swiss chalets, underground bunkers, that sort of thing — so the geography isn’t repetitive. Just don’t expect to wander around looking to see what you could find.

I prefer that. I’ve dropped out of open world RPGs because I spent too much time getting lost in the wrong places looking for things that weren’t there.

6. No irritating in-app purchases

Cypher 007 is part of Apple Arcade. That means there are no in-app purchases, and other hidden costs are forbidden.

Too many other games require players to buy gems or gear to keep going. Sometimes you absolutely need a weapon to defeat a boss that’s, realistically, only available for real-world money. That won’t happen with any title in Apple Arcade.

Speaking of which, you aren’t getting only this one game. Over 200 more are included with a $4.99-per-month subscription to Apple’s gaming service. And one subscription works for up to six family members.

7. Play it today on all your Apple computers

I played Cypher 007 from Tilting Point LLC on an iPhone, but that’s not the only option. It’s also playable on Mac, iPad and Apple TV.

Find it on Apple Arcade

External controllers are an option for any of the supported platforms. I used the game to test out a new iPhone controller from GameSir, or you can use a wireless Xbox or Playstation controller with your notebook or TV.


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