Lara Croft is back with major Tomb Raider GO update



Back in 2015, Square Enix Montreal released Tomb Raider GO, an audacious attempt to reimagine the Lara Croft franchise by turning it into a fun, turn-based isometric puzzle game.

By all rights, it totally shouldn’t have worked, but it did — and the results were excellent. Now the game has been given an overhaul with new levels, courtesy of the Mirror of Spirits update.

Check out the trailer below.

Popular PC game Total War: Warhammer is coming to Mac


Coming soon to a Mac near you...
Photo: Total War: Warhammer

The excellent empire-building and battling sim Total War: Warhammer is coming to Mac later this month.

Taking the turn-based strategy and real-time battles formula behind games like Total War: Rome II and adding a fantasy element, this is one of the best Warhammer games I’ve ever played. Check out its trailer below.

Superb space flyer Hyperburner goes free on iOS


This great iOS game makes you feel like the hero in your very own sci-fi blockbuster.
Photo: Hyperburner

The only thing better than a great iOS game is a great free iOS game, and thanks to a new special offer, space flight simulator Hyperburner now fits the bill.

Launched in June last year, Hyperburner is a futuristic sci-fi jet simulator that’s bound to please any fans of Wing Commander or the classic WipeOut series, with its fast-paced, responsive, obstacle avoidance gameplay. And if dodging obstacles is your thing, now you can dodge paying for it, too!

Hot Hands is Ellen’s fun, voice-activated quiz app


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 14.05.20
Just like on TV, only with less people watching!
Photo: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is in the illustrious company of Kim Kardashian as one of a small number of celebrities-turned-“developers” who have successfully launched their own apps.

Having previously launched the smash hit Heads Up!, Ellen’s now back with a new iOS game based on a segment from her TV show. Called Hot Hands, it’s a game which flashes up images of celebrities, and then asks players to say their name as quickly as possible.

And thanks to some nifty voice recognition tech, it actually looks pretty good fun!

Cuzzle is an isometric puzzle game that gets your gray cells going


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.51.18
Keep your mind active this weekend!
Photo: GalacticThumb

There are plenty of gorgeous puzzle games available on iOS, but GalacticThumb’s new entry Cuzzle is well worth adding to your collection.

It’s an isometric puzzler game, heavily inspired by Sokoban, the 1981 transport puzzle game in which the player has to push crates around a warehouse to get them into different locations. However, onto this formula GalacticThumb has added collapsing floors, switches, and some beautifully minimalist graphics.

Check out the trailer below.

Ms. Pac-Man invades Google Maps for April Fools’


google maps pacman
Get your PacMan fix in Google Maps.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

There’s just one day left in March which means a cornucopia of horrible tech “pranks” are about to be unleashed on the internet. Google is getting its gags out early and this year, the company’s April Fools’ Day prank is actually a lot of fun.

Google Maps added a new feature for users this morning on both iOS, Android and the web that allows users to turn city streets into a giant game of Ms. Pac-Man.

Death Road to Canada, and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend everyone!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s morphin’ time on iOS with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 13.35.56
Go go App Store downloads!
Photo: nWay Inc.

I’ll admit it: I was a massive Power Rangers nerd back in the day, which is why I’m tentatively excited to see the new blockbuster reboot, and very happy to see a new game in the franchise arrive on iOS.

Called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, it’s a real-time mobile fighting game, which should please fans of the series by incorporating a wide range of locations and characters not just from the new movie, but the years of TV shows as well.

Check out the trailer below.

Super Mario Run gets new playable characters, more free stages


Super Mario Run on iOS
Nintendo's hit game just got a big update.
Photo: Apple

Haven’t played Super Mario Run since the first few weeks after its release? Nintendo is hoping to lure you back, as well as recruiting fresh players, with the 2.0 upgrade of its endless runner game.

The update beings new playable characters, new courses in Toad Rally, new buildings, greater ease of play, and assorted other changes and improvements.