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How To Pre-Order The iPhone 5c At Midnight Tonight The Right Way [Guide]


Apple isn’t allowing pre-orders on the iPhone 5s this year, but if all you want is the colorful new iPhone 5c, Sprint and Verizon have already confirmed pre-orders will begin by 12AM exactly… the same time iPhone 5 preorders started last year.

The iPhone 5c is likely to be one of Apple’s most wildly in-demand phones ever, thanks to its cheaper price and variety of colors, and while Apple is attempting to balance the crush on their website by starting pre-orders in the middle of the night, it will, in all likelihood, still be a madhouse when Apple starts selling iPhones later tonight.

Hence this guide. We’re going to walk you through the the most efficient ways to absolutely ensure you get your iPhone 5c pre-ordered at the stroke of midnight so you can get back to sleep and enjoy your device on Friday.

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Slick Task Management With Mailbox, Drafts, Gmail And (Maybe) IFTTT [How To]


Cult of Mac reader James Broccoli asks:

My answer was “Sure!”

. And if you don’t like this post, make sure to address all your complaints to Mr. Broccoli.

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Wrangle Your Whole Family’s Photos Into One Place Automatically Using Photosync 2.0 [How To]

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.

This post is as much for our Dear Leader Leander Kahney as much as it is for you, our wonderful and ever-curious reader. It solves a problem Leander struggled with for a full thirty seconds before tossing it to us minions in the Cult of Mac HipChat room.

The problem: How to get all the photos snapped by Leander’s twelve or so children into the same Photo Stream on the main family iMac.

For the solution, read on. Hint: it doesn’t need Photo Stream, and it uses a great feature of PhotoSync v2.0.

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Grab Ad-Hoc Geotags For Camera Photos With Your iPhone


One of the best things about shooting with the iPhone is that it automatically puts all of your photos on a map. This is even better when you’re traveling, as you can relive the trip with a virtual tour, or use the geolocation data to check where that awesome restaurant was where you got poisoned.

It’s easy. Sadly, the same can’t be said about pictures snapped with a regular camera. But there’s an elegant solution that uses your iPhone, and without worrying about recording and importing GPS tracks.

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Clean Dust And Dirt Out Of Your iPhone 5 Camera With These Simple Tools [iOS Tips]

Mine isn't quite *this* bad.

Mine isn’t quite *this* bad.

My iPhone 5 camera has gotten some grime inside it, and my pictures are all yucky because of it. I’ve procrastinated taking it to the Apple Store to get cleaned out because, hey, I’m busy lazy.

Luckily, there’s a guy on YouTube whose buddy had the same problem, and he put up a video showing how to clean out the iPhone 5 with a tiny screwdriver, suction cup, can of air, and a plastic non-marring tool.

A quick disclaimer: if you choose to try this fairly simple iPhone 5 surgery, you’re responsible for any damage that might occur. Please don’t email us asking for a replacement iPhone.

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How To Set Up Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot On iPhone, iPad With Cellular Data [iOS Tips]

Personal Hotspot

If you have the time and inclination, and a certain sense of daring, you can share your cellular data as a Wi-Fi signal for free, without connecting through your data carrier. I’m not a huge fan of jailbreaking, per se; even the non-jailbreaking solution seems a bit technical, and some folks might see it as borderline unethical.

If you fall into either camp, and want to set up your qualifying iOS device via your cellular data carrier, here’s how.

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Use Automator, ImageMagick And Shell Scripting To Easily Splice iPhone Screenshots And Other Pictures [How To]

Use Automator, ImageMagick And Shell Scripting To Easily Splice iPhone Screenshots And Other Pictures [How To]

This is what happens if you run the workflow on all the pictures in this post.

Today’s how-to will show you how to install the command-line picture-manipulation tool ImageMagick, and how to build an Automator system service using shell scripting. The Service will take any number of pictures and make one long photo that contains them all. It’s as if you laid them out in a row on a table, only without a table, and with a computer.

Amazingly, it’s all pretty easy.

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Downgrading Your Airport Firmware Is Dead Easy — And May Help Fix Connectivity Troubles

According to the denizens of the Internet, the Airport Extreme you have sitting in your hallway or – nerd! – in your bedroom might be experiencing dropout. According to Marco “I just sold [x]” Arment of Instapaper fame, this problem might have something to do with the latest 7.6.3 firmware. The good news? Downgrading is stupidly easy.

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Make Real-Life Analog Filters From Old Negatives And Candy Wrappers

You know what’s great? Magnets. You know what’s equally great? Filtered photos. Which makes this little DIY project – using both magnets and homemade filters – double great, right? Right guys?

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Design Your Own Custom Movie Subtitles In iOS 7

Years ago, I submitted a bug report to Apple. The problem? Teeny, tiny subtitles in the iOS Videos app, so small that even an eagle with binoculars couldn’t read them. I got a mail from Apple to follow up, and then, just one or two releases later, subtitles got big enough to read (the Lady and I have different native tongues so we usually watch everything with subs).

Now, in iOS 7, they’re not only big but completely customizable.

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