iPhone X preorders list for crazy money on eBay


iPhone X pre-order eBay
Don't buy this.
Photo: eBay

Within minutes of iPhone X going on sale this morning, initial stock of preorder units sold out. Not everyone who secured a handset for launch day delivery plans to keep their fancy new fetish phone, however.

Lucky early birds are already listing their iPhone X preorders on eBay, with some asking for crazy money — as much as $12,000!

If you didn’t score an iPhone X in the early moments of this morning’s maddening preorder, you must wait five to six weeks for shipping from the Apple online store now. It’s likely the wait will grow even longer by the end of the day, and it’s a similar story with carriers and third-party retailers.

Your only prayer of securing one earlier is to head to your local Apple Store on November 3 in the hope that they have enough units to go around. Based on recent reports, however, Apple simply cannot produce enough to meet demand.

The other option is to buy an iPhone X from someone else — and pay an inflated price. iPhone X handsets are already flooding eBay, but sellers aren’t charging the same as Apple. They’re adding huge premiums on top to make a quick buck, and some are being incredibly greedy.

Some sellers are asking for $12,000

Many iPhone X eBay listings ask for in excess of $2,000. That’s two times the amount Apple charges for a 64GB model. Others ask for $3,500 plus $700 for shipping! Some sellers stupidly hope to collect as much as $12,000 from their units.

Not all of these will sell. But plenty of iPhone fans with oodles of cash will be willing to pay a premium to avoid a lengthy wait for Apple’s iPhone of the future. Many eBay sellers will easily double their money overnight.

Don’t be one of those iPhone fans. Sure, iPhone X looks like a spectacular upgrade, but it’s already costly at $999. Don’t pay over the odds just to get one earlier. Wait it out or try to pick one up from an authorized reseller on, or soon after, launch day.

  • You’d have to be pretty stupid, materialistic, or desperately both to get this. I know a lot of people want “to be a part of history” with this “first” gen all-screen iPhone, but…seriously? If you really want one, wait it out. Or hold off till next year when prices go down. There’s probably going to be a TON of issues with this new product, often happens (look at the Apple Watch!), better to wait and buy the next-gen…and then buy a used first gen, store it nicely, wait a few years, and then sell for a nice profit when nostalgia hits a decade later.

    • Daniel Cho

      Yes, I agree. If one was on a tight budget living beyond their means. But to wealthy people, $2k is like purchasing gum at the target counter.

    • Mill

      And nobody is truly “part of history” simply by owning something. Especially something that will be worthless in 3-4 years

  • I tried on the Apple site and got a message they couldn’t reach my carrier, and got a reservation code. I then went to my carrier site and got a confirmed sale and delivery date. Apple should allow me to cancel the reservation, but it won’t let me.

  • Daniel Cho

    Don’t underestimate the desire of people to feel they are better than others. We ALL have this desire baked into us. Some will spend an inordinate amount of money to feel exclusive. To many in the world, spending $2k or more on a phone is easy peasy. Remember, the U.S. alone has a record number of millionaires compared to recent years. If I had 2-3 million in the bank, I’d have no problems just ordering from eBay at a cost of $1500 to $2k. If I had 10-20 million in the bank, I’d pay my assistant to pre-order from Apple.

    • Mill

      You always wouldn’t be on here talking about it

  • Mill

    no, don’t be the dumbass who sells it for $20,000!! You know good and well the buyer will claim the received a tv remote control, file a claim with eBay, and then get their money back keeping your phone for free. Then they’ll send you back a worthless TV remote. Happened to me selling an xbox 360 in 2006 for $1200…

    • Daniel

      That does happen apparently! eBay favors the buyer

      • Mill

        All the time man. I sold an iPhone 4 for double what I paid for it. And same with the Xbox. It’s happened twice. I don’t sell any hot item on eBay anymore for that reason. Most people who sell these for $20k will never even see the $… very few people have that much money to waste on something that will be readily available in just a few months. Most who have the money did get one.