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Only your ears can save you in this creepy horror game

Explore a house as a blind girl with echolocation senses might.

Explore a house as a blind girl with echolocation senses might.

Imagine exploring a creepy house full of eerie and unfamiliar sounds, supernatural horror dripping from every bannister and behind every mysterious, creaking door.

Now imagine entering such a disturbing environment when you’re blind.

Cassie is the blind young protagonist of Perception, a horror game from many of the folks that worked on Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space, and she’s been dreaming of this house for some time now. When she finally figures out it’s real, she heads off to investigate it, using only echolocation–sound into visuals–to confront and solve the ghostly mysteries within.

There’s a gloriously tense trailer, too, from the perspective of the wisecracking teen, Cassie. Check it out.

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Game devs keep it casual as they jump from console to mobile

Bad Dinos is the fourth mobile game from the veteran development company.

Bad Dinos is the fourth mobile game from veteran development company Insomniac Games.

Console game developers are trying to break into mobile, and they’re using casual genres to break into the scene.

For instance, when gamers hear about Insomniac Games, they might think of classic platform games like Ratchet and Clank, first-person shooters like Resistance: Fall of Man or next-gen console title Sunset Overdrive. What those hypothetical gamers might not think of is a match-three or endless runner iPhone game. But game makers can’t afford to ignore the mobile scene these days and Insomniac is no different, as evidenced by the company’s new tower-defense game, Bad Dinos.

“It’s obviously a huge market,” Brian Hastings, chief creative officer at Insomniac Games, told Cult of Mac, “and we’re seeing an entire generation of players who are getting into mobile first, before anything else.”

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You Must Build a Boat to survive this killer indie game

You've got to build this boat.

You’ve got to build this boat.

Luca Redwood, the main powerhouse indie developer behind EightyEight Games, has taken the last three years of his life to make a sequel to critical darling match-three game, 10000000.

Sadly, it’s not named 10000001, but rather You Must Build a Boat. In it, you actually do need to build a large, ark-like boat with all sorts of rooms and defenses and such, and you outfit your boat by running dungeons and matching items to kill baddies and get past obstacles in them.

Sound weird? It is, but it’s also going to be stupidly addictive. If it’s half as engaging as 10000000, you’ll be playing this on your Mac, iOS device, or Linux box long into the wee hours of the morning.

Check it out.

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Doom teaser is too damn short

The demons are coming.

The demons are coming.

I’m not much of a video gamer, but Doom holds a special place in my heart. It’s the first game I can remember playing on a Mac, and while the next game in the sequel has been in the works forever (see: 2008), we finally got our first look at the gristly game today.

Publisher Bethesda will show off more of Doom at E3 next month, but for now the company released a super short teaser that has everything you could wish for: shotguns, and demons with monster guns.
Check it out below:

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Why this developer is giving up on pixel art in his games

Pixel art can be beautiful, but ultimately self-defeating for game devs.

Pixel art can be beautiful, but ultimately self-defeating for game devs.

Blake Reynolds, lead artist at Dinofarm Games (Auro, 100 Rogues), has come to the conclusion that “pixel art” is over. He’s decided to hang up his digital pencil tool and create art for games that current audiences can understand.

Auro,” he writes, “is likely to be the last Dinofarm Games title to feature pixel art.”

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This has goat to be the wackiest zombie game yet


Goat brains? Photo: Coffee Stain Studios

Goat Simulator is one of the weirdest games to hit iOS since forever, but makers Coffee Stain Studios have come up with a way to make their glitch-filled title even zanier — by incorporating brain-munching zombies.

Check out the trailer below.

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Toss a Lifeline to stranded astronaut in new Apple Watch game

Taylor is uneasy about your directions. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Taylor is uneasy with your decisions. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

How do you keep a jaded gamer engaged on the small-screened Apple Watch? Strand a young astronaut on an alien moon and ask that gamer to keep the doomed traveler alive.

That’s exactly what happens in Lifeline, which is simply the best game I’ve played on the Apple Watch so far.

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Vainglory’s biggest update yet brings character skins to the MOBA-fest

Six new hero skins are here! Photo: Super Evil Megacorp

Six new hero skins are here! Photo: Super Evil Megacorp

If you’re like us, you’ve been playing the crap out of the amazingly addictive online arena game, Vainglory, since it came out for the iPad and iPhone, ganking enemies from the safety of the bushes, releasing the Kraken, and pushing down the lane to smash the opposing team’s base crystal to win the game.

While the development team at Super Evil Megacorp has released updates in the past, they’ve just dropped the most major update yet: the introduction of a character skin system to customize the look of your heroes as they dash across the map, wreaking havoc and crushing the enemy team.

There are six new heroes with two tiers of customization out in the update today, with a ton more to come.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

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Get your Mac game on with these great guides

Mac gaming just keeps getting better. Photo: Aspyr

Mac gaming just keeps getting better. Photo: Aspyr

If you’re looking for new games to explode onto your Mac, look no further than these three “best of” gaming guides from one of the most Mac-centric gaming voices on the web, Mac Gamer HQ.

Featuring the 10 best strategy games, the 10 best first-person shooters, and (just published!) the 10 best MMORPGs — all only for Mac gamers — these three lists are bound to point you in the right direction, letting you set your sights on some amazing Mac gaming experiences without having to buy and try them all yourself.

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4 episodic games for players who love cliffhangers

Don't worry; we'll resolve all of this next week. Photo: Capcom

Don’t worry — we’ll resolve all this next week. Photo: Capcom

You don’t always have to sit down to an epic, 100-hour slog to get your gaming in. Developers are delivering plenty of great bite-size, episodic games that (usually) release one part at a time.

If you’re looking for something you can play in installments, here are four great places to start. These games are all fully released, so you won’t have to wait for the next episode if you can’t stand the suspense. This is great if you’re like me; I watched all of Breaking Bad in a week once it was all up on Netflix. That’s just how I roll.

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