Souped-up selfie stick wants you to look good


selfie stick with light
This little light shines.
Photo: Pictar

Tel Aviv-based Pictar wants to shine a light on your obsession for the perfect selfie.

Its new Smart-Light Selfie Stick comes with a detachable light plus a control panel in the handle to control camera functions and adjust the tilt of your iPhone.

This is Pictar’s sixth product launch on Kickstarter. The brand, formerly known as Miggo, launched its company thanks to the success of the other five campaigns, which featured waterproof camera bags, a first-generation selfie stick and other accessories.

Early backers can get the new light stick for $85.

If the price raises your hackles, stop comparing this accessory to the janky, dollar store stick that just popped into your head. That selfie stick telescopes and holds a phone.

Pictar’s smart stick exists to make you look good.

The compact light appears flattering in the promotional video and will come in handy when posing or vlogging in low or contrasty light.

selfie stick with detachable light
A motorized title and detachable light.
Photo: Pictar

The grip holds all the smarts on this stick. A button activates a tiny motor in the head to adjust the angle of the camera. Other controls work in concert with the Pictar app so the user can control camera functions like zoom, brightness and a switch from front to rear camera. No need for retracting the stick.

The operation of the rechargeable smart stick does not draw on the phone’s battery at all, according to the company, It uses an ultrasonic wave connection to avoid the need for Bluetooth.

Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick from Pictar on Vimeo.