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Keyhub keyboard does double duty as 9-port USB-C hub


Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub is both keyboard and hub.
The Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub combines two important accessories into one, saving on clutter.
Photo: Kolude

The Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub merges keyboard and multiport hub into one accessory — it’s right there in the name. The designers included scissor-switch keys in an aluminum casing, as well as nine ports, including USB-A and HDMI.

It extends the connectivity of Macs and iPad Pro, and all the ports are easily accessible.

“The Keyhub Keyboard is not only a very smooth, comfortable and beautifully designed keypad — it’s also a USB Hub that will make your desktop cleaner,” promises Kolude.

The KD-K1 Keyhub includes a backlit, extended keyboard, with a numberpad. There’s also a row of function keys usable with both Mac and iPad Pro. It was especially designed for Apple users but also works with Windows and Android laptops.

The outer casing is scratch-resistant aluminum, and there are versions of this product in sliver and white or black on black.

Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub is also a multiport hub

This accessory connects to the computer via a USB-C port, and there’s a second one compatible with USB-C PD 18w-to-100w charging.

Next to this is a quartet of USB-A ports. Three of these support USB 3.0, while the fourth uses the slower USB 2.0 standard. There’s also SD and microSD card readers.

In addition, the KD-K1 Keyhub has an HDMI port that offers up to 4K resolution at 30Hz.

Watch Kolude’s video of this product in action:

It’s on Kickstarter

Kolude launched this multi-purpose accessory through Kickstarter, where it’s already been fully funded. The KD-K1 Keyhub can be ordered now for $109. But this deal is going quickly. Soon the price will jump up to $119.

The drawback of funding a pre-release project like this is there’s always a wait. In this case, Kolude promises its product will ship in June.

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