Week’s best Apple deals: Low prices on MacBook Air, iPhone 6 and more


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If you want a MacBook Air, now's the time to get a deal.
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With the announcement of a new iPhone (and who knows what else) barely two weeks away, Apple deals are a little scarce this week, but we still found some good ones. Get apps at the best prices we’ve ever seen, $25 off a brand new MacBook Air and more.

Manage projects of any size with Project Planning Pro for Mac


Project Planning Pro
Project Planning Pro is a great tool for keeping your projects on track.
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Which calorie-tracking app should you count on?


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A 10-mile run or a tasty bun — track your calories in and out.
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Calorie-tracking apps like MyFitnessPal and MyNetDiary are no fun to use. Logging all your meals is a tedious chore, and unlike fitness apps that praise you for your hard work, diet apps tend to just tell you off for eating too much.

But when you are trying to lose or gain weight, these apps provide indispensable insights into where your calories are coming from and how you can optimize your diet to get the best results. So I’ve compared the leading calorie trackers to find out which one you should count on.

Fun new iOS app is like karaoke for movie fans

Actor Edward Kerr brings stardom - or just fun - to the small screen with his iOS app ROLR.
Actor Edward Kerr brings stardom - or just fun - to the small screen with his iOS app ROLR.
Photo: ROLR

A star of silver and television screens wants to help others become stars of the small screen – their iPhone screens that is – with an iOS app that lets users act out their favorite movie scenes.

Actor Edward Kerr on Tuesday rolled out ROLR, a new video collaboration app he created to help people connect around the world through a universal love of films. An in-app teleprompter feeds you your lines from scenes from a selection of classic films, you record your part and then invite members of ROLR community to be your co-stars.

Fitness apps obsess over running, but is it really good for you?

To run, or not to run? That is the question.
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Millions of people go running with their iPhone or Apple Watch every day. Logging runs is one of the main features of just about every fitness gadget on the market.

So should you join the sweaty masses and start using a running app? Not so fast. Not everyone is suited to running, and it won’t develop all aspects of your fitness. Plus, there are loads of other kinds of exercise you could be doing instead. What makes running so special?