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Apps to build business savvy, simplify TV streaming, and discover music [Awesome Apps]


iPhone and AirPods Pro on desk with “Awesome Apps of the Week”
Your iPhone goes nearly everywhere you go, so why not let it help you with life’s biggest moments?
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Awesome Apps

This edition of Awesome Apps of the Week showcases an app to make your TV streaming life 10x easier, a gamified way to learn business, and a way to build (or grow) unique Spotify playlists.


Reelgood App Screenshots of the home screen, search for the term “finn” and the results page for actor Finn Wittrock
Whether you’re looking for something new to watch or just want to know what streaming service offers a particular TV show or movie, Reelgood delivers the info you need.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

I’ll be the first to admit that I have too many streaming services. It’s also probably safe to assume I’m not the only one. This means that every time my family wants to watch a specific movie (or show), we end up diving through five-plus apps to see if it’s available. That was until I was introduced to Reelgood.

Reelgood (available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) makes finding where movies and TV shows are available dead simple. On first launch, simply tell Reelgood what services you subscribe to. Then, any time you want to watch something new, launch the app and search for the show. Reelgood will show you all the ways you can watch, prioritizing the services you subscribe to. From there, you can tap “Play on Netflix” (or whatever service) and it will link you directly to that show or movie in the desired app.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated trying to figure out how to watch a particular film, Reelgood is a must-have! It does to streaming video what TV Guide did to broadcast TV.

Price: Free

Download from: App Store

Business Empire

Business Empire screenshots (sponsored post) of business resources, and a fantasy map
Business Empire turns learning key business skills into a fantasy game
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Sponsored: Many everyday life activities have become gamified: fitness, task management, learning — even shopping. Business Empire is the first app of its kind to gamify entrepreneurship.

It’s modeled after an RPG, where players can develop an understanding of modern business concepts and learn real-life skills in a fantasy medieval world. Instead of business classes, workshops and coaching seminars, Business Empire users can receive a higher level of mentorship, training and business resources for free.

“What makes Business Empire stand out is that it’s entirely based on turning the difficult into fun,” says Travis Fox, the game’s co-producer. “It’s real, it’s relatable, and it’s not just a game that you play to kill time and distract yourself.”

With Business Empire, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn advanced business skills through a world of fantasy gameplay. Start your entrepreneurial journey today on iOS or Android devices.

Price: Free (unlock additional content with in-app purchases)

Download from: App Store or Google Play


Screenshots from Smores - an app that makes discovering music as simple as a TikTok swipe
Get that TikTok thumb ready, because Smores makes music discovery dead simple and surprisingly fun.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Music discovery was always one of the promised perks of the streaming era. With a near-infinite collection of music, there was bound to be something new or different to listen to. With Smores, you discover new and different music like you watch TikTok.

Once you’ve connected Smores to your Spofity account, the discovery begins. Choose a genre (or go with music “recommended for you”) and start swiping, TikTok-style. Any time you find something you like, you can quickly heart it, start a station based on it, or add it to one of your Spotify playlists. And if you’re really feeling a song, tapping the Spotify logo in the corner takes you to the album to really immerse yourself.

When it comes to discovering lesser-known artists, a filter based on Spotify “followers” allows you to find indie artists, rising stars and undiscovered gems. Don’t be your parents and only listen to the things you did in high school. Check out Smores and discover new and unique music (that feels familiar) — you’ll be glad you did.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with Apple Music yet (although the Smores team is reportedly working on that.)

Price: Free (Premium subscription for $2.99 per month unlocks additional filters)

Download from: App Store

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