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‘MagicPlay’ By DoubleTwist Is An Open Source Alternative To Apple’s AirPlay

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The best thing about AirPlay is that it just works. It takes about two taps to send audio from an iPhone to an Apple TV or other supported device. The downside to AirPlay is that Apple owns it exclusively, and accessory makers have to pay a licensing fee to use it in their products. That means customers pay more for an average AirPlay-capable speaker vs. a Bluetooth box.

DoubleTwist, a small developer team behind some gorgeous Mac and Android apps, has an open source alternative to AirPlay called MagicPlay.

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iOS 7 Reminds Us To Be Careful What We Wish For


It’s our own fault. We all asked Apple to dramatically change the look and feel of the iOS operating system, which, until yesterday, remained largely unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. And we all complained when it didn’t do that with iOS 6 this time last year.

But I can’t help but feel the Cupertino company is now punishing us for all those requests, and all that complaining we did before about its skeuomorphic designs.

When it comes to design, iOS 7 is vastly different to its predecessors. It still functions in much the same way — though there are some new features you’ll need to get used to — but it looks completely different. As soon as you power it up for the first time the minimalistic feel is staring back at you, but it isn’t until you’ve completed the setup process and arrived at your home screen that you want to vomit in your own lap.

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Gorgeous Wren AirPlay Speaker Might Make You Ditch Your Stereo

Gorgeous Wren AirPlay Speaker Might Make You Ditch Your Stereo

After testing AirPlay speakers against Bluetooth speakers, one thing has jumped out at me: AirPlay is way, way better. In terms of sound at least. Which is why I’m interested in the Wren v5 wireless speaker, an AirPlay speaker from an ex-president at Harman International.

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SoundCloud Gets Google+ Sign-In, Sharing On Android & iOS


The official SoundCloud apps for Android and iOS have today been updated to add support for Google+ Sign-In, allowing you to use your Google+ account in place of Facebook or Twitter. What’s more, there’s also support for Google+ sharing.

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Denon’s New InCommand Receivers With Built-In AirPlay

Denon’s new range of audio receivers, called InCommand, has support for Apple’s AirPlay built right in alongside the great sound and embarrassment of cable hookups usually found in this kind of gadget. And that’s in addition to being able to control the unit itself from a dedicated Denon app.

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Vrooooom! Single Men Everywhere Will Love The “Ferrari” AirPlay Speaker

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Hey fellas. You know what the laydeez love more than anything? Ferrari-branded gear, that’s what. When they see a man in a Ferrari jacket, or toting a Ferrari laptop, or – best of all – topped with a Ferrari baseball cap, do you know what she thinks? She thinks that you must own a Ferrari! Or that you drive one for a living, probably in those macho Formula One races.

More than anything, she can’t stop thinking about your Grand Prix.

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HBO Go Update Adds AirPlay Multitasking, Enhances Game Of Thrones Experience


The HBO Go app for iOS has today been updated to add some great new features, including support for AirPlay multitasking. Game of Thrones fans will also be able to enjoy enhancements to the interactive experience on iPad.

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Samsung Launches Copycat App Store To Combat iTunes And Google Play


We all know that Samsung loves to copy Apple more than anything in the world. It’s embarrassing  And while most of the copying has been limited to hardware, Samsung’s decided to step up its game on the software front, too.

Yesterday Samsung introduced its version of Apple’s iTunes Store, except it’s got a really bad interface and even worse name. They’re calling it “Samsung Content & Services“, and with a little magic pixie dust, Samsung hopes its customers will think it’s as good as the App Store or Google Play.

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The Libratone Zipp Will Make You Enjoy Music Again [Review]

The Libratone Zipp Will Make You Enjoy Music Again [Review]

It rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs.

Zipp by Libratone
Category: Airplay Speakers
Works With: iPhone, iPad, Mac
Price: $450 as tested

I thought I’d heard everything there was to hear from wireless speakers. I have tested everything from the smallest, crappiest pocket speaker to the big booming Big Jambox. Then I “hooked” the Libratone Zipp up to my iPhone, and I started to enjoy music again.

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YourTube Updated To Support Jailbroken Devices Running iOS 6 [Jailbreak]


YourTube, a popular jailbreak tweak that brings new features to the official YouTube app — including video downloading and ad-blocking — has been updated to support jailbroken devices running the latest iOS 6 firmwares. The latest version is available to download from Cydia now, and it’s free to existing YourTube and YourTube HD users.

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