The easiest, fastest way to stream content from your iPhone to your Mac is now 33% off [Deals]



Want to show off your vacation photos on a larger screen than your phone? Or quickly pull up a presentation that’s only on your friend’s iPad? We’ve all at some point wished there was a simple solution for streaming videos, apps, and games from a phone to a Mac or PC. Well, the AirServer is it—and we have it for $9.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

AirServer turns your computer into a receiver for AirPlay, wirelessly mirroring everything from videos and presentations to music and games from your phone or tablet to a computer, projector, or television—all with the click of a button and no complicated setup. Just install it and you’ll be able to select your computer in your phone or tablet’s Airplay menu. You can even record your mirroring sessions and add audio commentary, whether you’re creating a tutorial for work or doing a game walk-through for fun.

Simple and fast streaming from your phone to your computer? It’s a no-brainer. Get this awesome deal before it’s gone—the AirServer is $9.99 at Cult of Mac Deals now.