Now Is Your Chance To Learn Xcode To Make iOS Apps [Deals]



I don’t usually start off these posts with the money aspect, but in this case I think it’s essential that I do. This course is usually $497 and the deal we have here is $79. Okay? Big savings. Now the best part, this course from Udemy is a soup to nuts course on how to build iOS apps in Xcode—The Ultimate Xcode For iOS Apps Course: Build & Launch iOS Apps With The Most Comprehensive Xcode Course for Beginners.

So if you have an idea for an app, but absolutely zero coding experience…this is the course you need.

Ending Soon: Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Stylin’ Watch [Deals]



If you have a previous generation iPod nano (the touchscreen one), you’ve probably seen the straps and kits to make it a watch (you know I never did see one that made a nano look like a pocket watch). Since I had the chance while working for an Apple retailer to see lots of samples of these straps and kits, I can tell you something with authority—most of them were junk.

Most of the samples I saw looked awful on your wrist or looked cheap or…just bad. The ones that looked best were the ones that employed more “watch-like” features like…screws, links, real bands. This is what I like about the Lynk Watch Kit, it looks like a watch band—The Lynk Watch Kit By LUNATIK (Black): Get an Ultra-Lightweight, Stylish & Comfortable Watch Piece That Will Fit Any Occasion.

ClipBuddy Free Until October 31st-Powerful Clipboard Manager [Deals]



One clipboard rots. That’s all there is to it. You copy one thing, then another, and…you always need the first thing you copied again. Myself, I’ve been using the clipboard manager tool in Alfred (with the PowerPack add-on), but it’s pretty basic. So I’ve picked up ClipBuddy today because it’s free right now—Free Clipboard Manager For Macs: Automatically Organize All of Your Copied Text With an Intuitive Copy & Paste Utility.

SaneBox Turns Email Chaos To Email Nirvana Automagically [Deals]



I get a boat-load of email everyday. Every morning I have pretty much the same routine, skim through my inbox to try to find the important stuff, skip the cruft, and prioritize. After that skim, I need to delete most (if not all) of the cruft. Annoying, time consuming, and worst of all sometimes I miss important emails buried in the cruft. Now, I’m also very skeptical about services that interact (or intervene) with my email. I don’t want to lose or miss something important. I also don’t want spam, bacon, or cruft in my inbox either.

Enter SaneBox—Spend Less Time In Your Inbox With SaneBox (1-Year): Keep Your Inbox Clutter-Free & Your Mind Sane With a 1-Year Subscription—which after watching the intro video (below) I figured I’d give it a shot. Why not, I can try it for a couple weeks for free before I even have to enter my credit card. Yeah, well I’ve pushed a few email accounts through it this morning and…wow.