$5 Friday: Tiny Bang Story Immersive Puzzle Game [Deals]



It’s $5 Friday and we’ve got our first game deal for you!

Tiny Bang Story is a complex, immersive puzzle game based on a little moon with a big problem. This Steam-powered game can be yours for just $5 today, and if you like puzzle games, that sounds like a deal to me—Your Game On With The Tiny Bang Story: Help Restore the Lost Beauty & Population of an Entire Planet](https://deals.cultofmac.com/sales/get-your-game-on-with-the-tiny-bang-story)

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games. I’m just not. Maybe I should give them another go and I’ll enjoy them more now, but hey they aren’t for everyone.

Still, if puzzle games are your thing, this game does look cool and I’m tempted to try it. Hey check out the video that goes with it:

Last thing, to download this game on your Mac or PC you’ll need a Steam account, just an important detail that I thought I’d mention.