BodyGuardz Moxy Earbuds With Mic [Ending Soon]



Oh sure now Apple decides to improve their ear buds! I haven’t tried them, but I’m not convinced. Regardless of the hype around the new Apple earbuds (I’ll have to try the new design, right now my Apple ear buds are purely “backup” when all other options aren’t available), I think it’s worth checking out earbuds from folks who just do earbuds.

We’ve had BodyGaurdz here before, but I think this is the first time we’ve had a pair with a mic—BodyGuardz Moxy Earbuds With Mic—which is a must-have for me. See I don’t want to carry a set of earbuds for music and something else for calls (or worse have to use the iPhone or iPad mic for calls when using earbuds). It’s about having a compact kit, you know?

Like our other physical item deals, these earbuds are available to ship to the Continental U.S. only (just to get that out of the way first folks). You can pay extra to have them shipped internationally if you’d like though…

Regardless, these are earbuds with attention to detail. Cloth-covered cords (which I haven’t had on a pair of earbuds until recently and I appreciate them every time I use them), angled for comfort not just style, and a good mic.

So, upgrade your ears for only $35 (that’s half off), even if this is just an extra pair to have around, this is good.

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