$5 Friday-Logoist Logo Creator [Deals]



Quick, you’ve got five minutes and no budget and you need to great an interesting logo/graphic/text graphic for a presentation. Now generally I’d say you’d be hooped, however if you had taken a couple minutes and $5 today, I’d say you’ll probably be okay.

See, today’s $5 Friday app is Logoist—Easily Create Stunning Images With Logoist: Develop Professional Quality Images With Ease—and I remember trying this out a while back for a regular priced deal. I spent about 5 minutes and had something that I would be happy with for a presentation or a website mockup. Therefore, if you take a moment and grab this deal now, you’d got another tool in the kit. Another Hawkeye coolio arrow in your quiver to pull out when the need arises.

Instead of waxing poetic about Logoist, which is more than well worth the $5 it’s on sale for today, let me talk about having tools in your kit. Not your go bag (or GTFO bag), but more like the apps you have installed to be able to tackle things day to day.

In my day job I’m the “Chief Geek” for a social media agency, which essentially means that I need to make sure everything tech related works and stays working. Which also means that it’s my job to make sure that I can create, edit, alter, and awesome-fy any file or whatever thrown my way. Which means that I need a power toolkit. So, I make sure that when I see apps like Logoist on sale, I pick them up because the price is right for “well I might not need this today, but I certainly might need it in the next two months…” purchases.

I’ve picked up a bunch of apps this way, especially apps in bundles, that didn’t come in handy right away but certainly bailed me out a little later. Apps like Jaksta from the Name Your Own Price bundle, I didn’t need it when I bought it, but when I needed it…it was perfect.

Think about it. Five bucks now or complete panic later.